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Severe weather likely for Saturday, calm by Sunday: Working for your weekend forecast

This Saturday, Northeast Ohio is in a region of risk for severe weather, but as the trigger for thunderstorms pushes east, it will leave behind cool, pleasant weather for Sunday. CLEVELAND, Ohio - The perfect environmental conditions for severe storms on Saturday are all lining up and ready to hit: a cold front, deepening low pressure system, and lots of atmospheric moisture to act as fuel to storms. Model forecast: 3 p.m. - 7 pm. of precipitation for Saturday.Kelly Reardon,  But Sunday is a much better story. As the front pushes east it will leave behind significantly cooler temperatures and sunny skies. Model forecast of temperatures this weekend.Kelly Reardon,  Saturday High temperature: 86 degrees Low temperature: 69 degrees Chances of rain: 60 percent in the afternoon through evening Humidity: 65 percent Wind conditions: 16 mph Sunday High temperature: 72 degrees Low temperature: 60 degrees Chances of rain: near zero Humidity: 60 percent Wind conditions: 11 mph The How As the cold front pushes east the moist air ahead of it will produce possible severe strength storms, but will leave behind dry, sunny skies for Sunday.Kelly Reardon,  A very strong cold front is expected to pass through Northeast Ohio bringing in plenty of rainfall and heavy storms for Saturday. Why? Cold fronts are the perfect trigger for thunderstorms because they cause rising motion in the atmosphere. As air rises it becomes unstable as is cools to its dew point forming condensation and rain. But there's more. This weekend a deepening low pressure system is yet another trigger for thunderstorms, and with heavy atmospheric moisture to support development storms could become fairly strong. The Storm Prediction Center has us in a region of slight risk for severe weather Saturday, so make sure to have government alerts enabled on your smart phone so you can be notified of any warnings from the National Weather Service. NOAA's Storm Prediction Center severe weather analysis for Saturday.National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration  Flash flooding risk for Saturday.National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration  Keep checking for twice daily weather updates for Northeast Ohio, and don't forget to submit any weather questions you may have! Kelly Reardon is's meteorologist. Please follow me on Facebook and Twitter @kreardon0818. Read more..

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