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Treasure: Etching likely of 19th-century Dutch origin
The small print features a group of women in costume, possibly in a court setting        
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In rare reversal, March is about to out-chill February; but check out 1890
Some years, the atmosphere has no respect for the calendar.
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An explosive start to the Chinese New Year in Taiwan
In this 19th-century festival, legend has it, cholera ravaged Yanshui until the god of war was summoned with fireworks.
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German firm refuses key component for US grenade launcher over 1868 international law
A German arms producer has refused to deliver key components for a new US grenade launcher, citing an 1868 convention prohibiting grenades being fired straight at a person. The German company is now facing penalties. Read Full Article at
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Upset vegan demands banning of ‘fox killing’ kids' song
Hearing the lyrics of an old children’s song about a fox being shot led a vegan in Germany to request the song be banned from being played in public. Not wanting to seem unkind, the local mayor has temporarily granted the request. Read Full Article at
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UK: Science Museum show charts robots' 500-year history
New London exhibition features more than 100 objects to create world's most significant collection of robots ever shown.
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Activists fight to preserve Chelsea Underground Railroad landmark
Activists urged the NYC's Landmarks Preservation Commission to block the additional renovation from NYC's last shelter site for slaves.
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Crumbling historic Madison Freight Depot bulldozed after many attempts to save it (photos)
Madison has 33 registered historic buildings, but a few have fallen in recent years, including the Madison Freight Depot, bulldozed in August, 2016. MADISON, Ohio -- Locals have preserved many beloved buildings from the 19th century here, but they miss one that recently got away. After years of efforts to save it, the decaying Madison Freight Depot was bulldozed on August 8, along with an adjacent Norfolk Southern warehouse. Left behind was a seeded patch of dirt and a gap in one of Ohio's more historic villages. "That was a neat little historical landmark," said Brenda Baltus, a 31-year local breakfasting at Maggie's Doughnuts last Friday. "Every time you go over the tracks and don't see it, it's sad," The long-defunct depot and warehouse are believed to have been built in the late 1800s, along with a passenger station razed long ago. For years, officials of Madison Village cited the crumbling red depot for building code violations but tried to save it. They hoped to move it to a nearby park and use it for public events. Now instead, they'll be putting up a memorial to the depot at the park. "We explored every possibility and kept running into hurdle after expensive hurdle," said Dwayne Bailey, village administrator. The Madison Community Improvement Corp. raised about $10,000 for the building, but officials found that preserving it might cost some $50,000. Crews would have had to remove lead and asbestos and to replace more than half the building's timbers. Said Bailey, "It just wasn't meant to be." Virginia King, a Norfolk Southern property agent in Columbus, said the depot "was full of junk and dilapidated and about to fall over." It was also closer to the tracks than the current standard of 25 feet or more. Said King, "We worked with the village for years. They never could come up with a plan and the time and the money." In May, the advocacy group Preservation Ohio listed the depot among 16 of the state's most valuable but endangered historic sites. Bailey said the publicity boosted donations a little, but not nearly enough. Among other handicaps, depot diehards found themselves competing for funds with the Unionville Tavern of 1798 in adjoining Madison Township. The state's oldest tavern recently won $160,000 in state funds and matched them with two big donations. Madison Village in eastern Lake County has a lush historic district with 33 registered buildings. But four local schools have fallen in recent years. Nancy Hearn, president of the Madison Historical Society, said, "We're losing some history." For more about the depot, see its Facebook page. For more about its selection by Preservation Ohio, see
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