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Lib Dems recycle discredited claim they opposed Iraq War
Britain’s Liberal Democrat party is still using the discredited claim that it opposed the Iraq War, as part of an attempt to insist that only it can deliver a coherent foreign policy. Read Full Article at
30 points by Russia Today | 2003 invasion of Iraq Tony Blair Liberal Democrats George W. Bush Iraq War United States Gordon Brown United Kingdom general election 2005
Germany's SPD unchanged in Forsa poll, lag Merkel's conservatives
BERLIN (Reuters) - Support for Germany's Social Democrats is unchanged from a week ago at 31 percent, a poll showed on Wednesday, as their support stagnated after a surge following the nomination last month of Martin Schulz as party leader for September's federal election.
-2 points by Reuters | Gerhard Schröder Social Democratic Party of Germany Angela Merkel German federal election 2005 Christian Democratic Union Tony Blair Chancellor of Germany Bundestag
'Is Germany tired of Merkel?' asks mass-selling newspaper Bild
BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany's mass-selling newspaper Bild openly questioned whether voters have had enough of Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday after a poll showed the Social Democrats (SPD) pulling ahead of her conservatives.
-2 points by Reuters | Gerhard Schröder Germany Social Democratic Party of Germany Coalition government German federal election 2005 Bundestag Angela Merkel European Parliament
May's Brexit plan under pressure ahead of parliamentary test
LONDON (Reuters) - Pro-Europe MPs' efforts to temper Theresa May's Brexit plan gained traction on Sunday when a member of her own party broke ranks to criticize her strategy before parliamentary votes that will test her government's slim majority.
-2 points by Reuters | United Kingdom United Kingdom general election 2005 Labour Party Reuters Tony Blair House of Lords House of Commons of the United Kingdom Conservative Party
Poll gap between Merkel's conservatives, Social Democrats shrinks to 4 points
BERLIN (Reuters) - The lead in voter support for German Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative alliance over the center-left Social Democrats (SPD) shrank to a multi-year low of 4 percentage points, an opinion poll showed on Sunday.
-2 points by Reuters | European Parliament Reuters Angela Merkel Social Democratic Party of Germany Thomson Reuters Political party German federal election 2005 Coalition government
‘Stop Trump’: Celebrities lead campaign to block state visit
British campaigners including musicians, comedians, politicians and trade unionists have joined forces to oppose Prime Minister Theresa May’s plan to welcome US President Donald Trump with a formal state visit. Read Full Article at
367 points by Russia Today | Labour Party Liberal Democrats House of Commons of the United Kingdom Plaid Cymru United Kingdom general election 2005 Wales Bianca Jagger Liberal Party