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Ohio psychic stole $1.5 million in cash and cars from clients
Gina Miller conned nearly a dozen clients at her Mentor studio 20 miles northeast of Cleveland, prosecutors said.
94 points by Daily News | Jury Criminal law Money Luxury vehicle Chief of police Allegation Theft
Embattled Chicago cop: 'These are families, and I'm here to protect them'
With his career on the line, embattled former Chicago Police Cmdr. Glenn Evans took his case to the public on Thursday, saying he can no longer quietly allow the agency that investigates the most series police misconduct allegations, among others, to "malign" him. Surrounded by supporters at a...
-1 points by Chicago Tribune | Commander Pleading Cause of action Allegation Criminal law Legal terms Police brutality Crime
Bel Air man indicted in $50 million telemarketing swindle
A Harford County man is one of two people facing federal mail fraud charges for allegedly masterminding a direct marketing swindle involving the sale of light bulbs and cleaning products to businesses and nonprofits that prosecutors say netted co-conspirators more than $50 million. An indictment...
-1 points by Baltimore Sun | Mail fraud Supreme Court of the United States Allegation United States district court Victim Plea Fraud Grand jury
Fraud lawsuit against Bronx Dems won’t halt election
Fraud allegations won’t stop the Democratic Party primaries from rolling on in the Bronx — at least for now.
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Rabbi & Orthodox Jew arrested for 'chilling plot' to kidnap & murder man whose wife wanted divorce
A rabbi and another Orthodox Jewish man have been arrested in New York for an alleged plot to kidnap and murder a man whose wife wanted to divorce him, according to federal officials. Read Full Article at
239 points by Russia Today | Orthodox Judaism Judaism Crimes Murder Pleading Allegation Cause of action Marriage
Ex-O.C. court clerk accused of fixing hundreds of criminal and traffic cases for bribes
A dozen men have been charged in a massive bribery scheme allegedly run by an Orange County court clerk accused of forging records in hundreds of cases to get drunk drivers and other violators off with little or no punishment. Federal prosecutors on Wednesday announced a 38-count racketeering indictment...
1334 points by Los Angeles Times | Jury Judge Capital punishment Court Criminal law Allegation Orange County California United States
Woman swindles more than $1M from N.Y. movie producer: suit
A real-life femme fatale bilked a film producer out of more than $1 million in a lonely-hearts scam straight out of a B-movie noir.
114 points by Daily News | Pleading Allegation Film Film producer Executive producer Filmmaking Cause of action National Film Registry
‘Pizzagate’ gunman pleads guilty, faces up to 7 years in prison
A North Carolina man has pleaded guilty to opening fire in the pizzeria at the center of the fake news 'Pizzagate' scandal involving former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Read Full Article at
25 points by Russia Today | President of the United States United States presidential election 2008 Hillary Rodham Clinton United States Constitution United States Allegation Washington D.C. Crime
French elections: Hollande rejects claim he orchestrated media leaks to derail Fillon’s campaign
French President Francois Hollande has rebuked accusations by conservative presidential candidate Francois Fillon, who accused him of ordering leaks of compromising materials about Fillon’s wife getting a “fictitious” job as a parliamentary aide. Read Full Article at
-1 points by Russia Today | Vladimir Putin President of the United States Nicolas Sarkozy National Front Dmitry Medvedev President Allegation 1954 births
Three more firefighters say they were hazed by FDNY members
Three more FDNY firefighters have stepped forward to claim they were hazed and humiliated by fellow smoke-eaters, The Post has learned. The individuals contacted attorneys in the wake of a series of Post reports on a rookie firefighter who charges he was sexually assaulted and tormented at his midtown firehouse, and another who says he...
820 points by New York Post | Pleading Bullying Abuse Discrimination Racism Allegation Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Cause of action
Daughter of Paul Walker says Porsche covered up 'dangerous' cars
Meadow Walker says Porsche Cars of North America "improperly redacted" damaging information from emails and documents.
31 points by Daily News | Porsche Carrera GT Porsche Porsche 911 Sports cars Pleading Allegation Porsche Cayenne English-language films
Ticketmaster Accused of Hacking Rival Firm’s Database
A few years ago Ticketmaster, the dominant player in concert ticket sales, faced a threat from a handful of startup companies. One of them was CrowdSurge, which focused on allowing artists and bands to sell directly to their fans. According to an amended complaint filed Wednesday in federal court, Ticketmaster hired one of CrowdSurge’s top... Read more »
44 points by Variety | Pleading Live Nation Entertainment Cause of action Allegation
Lawsuit: MSU coach defended Nassar’s treatment
Woman is the third alleged victim to come forward accusing former MSU coach of being aware of alleged sexual abuse        
-2 points by The Detroit News | Pleading Allegation Cause of action Gymnastics Michigan State University Gymnastics at the 2008 Summer Olympics Child pornography Child sexual abuse
3rd allegation emerges against ex-MSU gymnastics coach
Former MSU women's gymnastics coach Kathie Klages told the mother of a current gymnast in December that the child pornography the FBI said it found on Larry Nassar's computers and hard drives may have been planted, an attorney confirme        
-2 points by Detroit Free Press | Pleading Police Federal Bureau of Investigation Human sexual behavior Michigan State University Allegation Sexual intercourse Cause of action
MSU gymnastics coach Kathie Klages retires as allegations stack up
The woman, identified as Jane IMSU Doe, is the second alleged victim to make allegations against Klages in recent weeks.        
-2 points by Detroit Free Press | Police Pleading Criminal Investigation Department Federal Bureau of Investigation Michigan State University Allegation United States Constable
MSU gymnastics coach Klages retires amid more allegations
That lawsuit filed, Jan. 10 in federal court in Grand Rapids, is the largest of the six filed agaisnt the former MSU doctor and the two filed against the university.        
-2 points by Detroit Free Press | Police Pleading Michigan State University Criminal Investigation Department Federal Bureau of Investigation Allegation Constable United States
2 middle school coaches, 4 students arrested after sexual behavior captured on bus video
Two middle school coaches and four students have been arrested following allegations of sexual misconduct on a school bus ride Jan. 26.
451 points by The Houston Chronicle | High school Middle school Secondary school College Three-tier education Sexual intercourse Human sexual behavior Allegation
Woman who livestreamed rape of teen gets 9 months in jail
COLUMBUS, Ohio — An Ohio woman accused of livestreaming images of a man raping a 17-year-old girl has been sentenced to nine months in prison. Nineteen-year-old Marina Lonina was sentenced Monday in Columbus after pleading guilty to one count of obstructing justice under a deal with prosecutors. She initially faced other charges, including rape and...
43 points by New York Post | Columbus Ohio Rape Lawyer Plea Allegation Pleading Cause of action Sexual intercourse
Customs officer busted for letting smugglers through JFK airport
A customs officer has been arrested for allegedly trying to let smugglers sail through inspections at JFK airport.
2498 points by Daily News | U.S. Customs and Border Protection Allegation Smuggling New York City Mule Law enforcement agency powers Duty Crime
Ohio woman who livestreamed teen’s rape gets 9 months in prison
Marina Lonina was sentenced after pleading guilty to one count of obstructing justice under a deal with prosecutors.
882 points by Daily News | Columbus Ohio Rape Lawyer Plea Allegation Pleading Cause of action Sexual intercourse
Man sends ‘help me kill my wife’ text to former boss by mistake
A 42-year-old Washington state man accidentally texted his former boss asking him to help him kill his wife, authorities allege.
972 points by Daily News | Life insurance Marriage Text messaging Murder Wife Accident Allegation Snohomish County Washington
Trial opens for former hotel security guard accused of raping 2 guests
A former Las Vegas hotel security guard took advantage of two intoxicated women and raped them in their rooms, prosecutors said Friday.
33 points by Las Vegas Review-Journal | Lawyer Prosecutor Rape Jury Court Law Allegation English-language films
University of Illinois investigates reports of sexual assaults at fraternities
Police at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign are investigating reports this week that allege two students were sexually assaulted at fraternities, according to two campus safety alerts posted this week. Campus police received the most recent report Thursday, which alleged a student...
48 points by Chicago Tribune | Rape Fraternities and sororities Allegation Police
CCSD records raise further questions in probe of Trustee Kevin Child
Records released by the Clark County School District on Wednesday portray Kevin Child as an arrogant and intimidating trustee, but the 23 heavily redacted pages raise even more questions about the scope of Child’s actions — and when officials first knew his behavior in schools was a problem.
10 points by Las Vegas Review-Journal | Pleading Las Vegas metropolitan area Cause of action Police Allegation Las Vegas Sun Las Vegas Review-Journal Trustee
Legal financial advance firm accused of scamming 9/11 heroes, NFL players
Federal and state officials say RD Legal lured consumers with misleading loan contracts         
-2 points by Arizona Republic | New York City Pleading New Jersey Civil procedure Respiratory disease New York Finance Allegation
Authorities sue company for allegedly scamming 9/11 responders, NFL concussion victims
New York and federal authorities sued a company Tuesday that they say scammed sick 9/11 responders and NFL players who are receiving payouts for concussion-related injuries.
1 points by Las Vegas Review-Journal | Pleading Finance U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Cause of action Allegation Funding Hedge fund Legal terms
Company accused of scamming 9/11, NFL concussion victims
NEW YORK (AP) - New York and federal authorities have filed a lawsuit against a New Jersey-based company that they say scammed sick 9/11 responders and NFL players who are receiving payouts for concussion-related injuries. In their lawsuit, the New York Attorney General and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau allege ...
1 points by The Washington Times | Pleading Washington D.C. Federal Bureau of Investigation Finance Lawyer Interest rate New York Allegation
Ex-Warren student sues over sexual assault probe
The student alleges the district failed to notify her of her rights or conduct a Title IX investigation        
2 points by Detroit Free Press | Pleading High school Human sexual behavior Federal Bureau of Investigation Sexual intercourse Cause of action Allegation Warren Consolidated Schools
SEE IT: Clinton takes dig at Trump, urges women to 'speak out'
Hillary Clinton, in her first public statement since President Trump's inauguration, declared "the future is female."
446 points by Daily News | President of the United States Human rights Hillary Rodham Clinton Election George W. Bush President Woman Allegation
BuzzFeed sued for Trump dossier story by Russian tech firm
A Russian tech firm has filed a defamation suit against BuzzFeed News.
21 points by Daily News | Publishing Pleading Russia President of the United States Publication Allegation Mass media Cause of action
David Beckham blasts ‘deliberately inaccurate’ leaked emails
“This story is based on outdated material taken out of context," his rep told Page Six.
162 points by New York Post | English-language films David Beckham Allegation Knight Victoria Beckham Charitable organization Los Angeles Galaxy Real Madrid C.F.
Cops: Sara Packer cashed in after daughter's killing

-2 points by The Philadelphia Inquirer | Bucks County Pennsylvania Montgomery County Pennsylvania Allegation English-language films Delaware Valley Lehigh County Pennsylvania Rape
Tyson Beckford pulls gun on process server
The model claims he only did so because he was spooked when the man showed up at his door and acted aggressive.
66 points by New York Post | Concealed carry in the United States Weapon Gun Firearm Thomas Jane Pleading Das Model Allegation
‘Nonsense & downright lie:’ Mexico denies Trump threatened to send troops against ‘bad hombres’
After the AP and Mexican media reported that Trump had threatened to send the US military to chase “bad hombres” out of Mexico in a phone call with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, the Mexican government has slammed the claim as “a downright lie.” Read Full Article at
1056 points by Russia Today | Illegal drug trade President of the United States Drug cartel Mexican Drug War Allegation President The Wall Head of state
Montco judge to hear arguments on Cosby's request to move trial

-2 points by The Philadelphia Inquirer | Jury Legal terms Court Trial Rape Bill Cosby Judge Allegation
Troubled VA center's director gets new post while under investigation
The move follows months of employee complaints, including to Trump VA nominee David Shulkin.       
10513 points by USA Today | Pleading United States Senate United States Department of Veterans Affairs President of the United States Allegation Cause of action Advice and consent Donald Trump
Hazing cost me my eye: Student’s $8.3M lawsuit
A Linfield College student who claims he lost his eye in a hazing incident has filed an $8.3 million lawsuit against his school and the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. Kellen Johansen claims he participated in a hazing ritual last February in which he was pressured to drink alcohol while underage and run naked through campus,...
215 points by New York Post | Fraternities and sororities Allegation Pleading Misdemeanor North-American Interfraternity Conference University The Incident Cause of action
Man suing noisy neighbor for screaming profanities in NYC co-op
A noisy downstairs neighbor has been an ongoing nuisance to a newcomer in a West Village co-op.
20 points by Daily News | Pleading Cause of action Legal terms Allegation
Officials: Detroit mom left 2 girls alone in unfit home
Sara Maria King is charged with two counts of second-degree child abuse in connection with the alleged incident        
-2 points by The Detroit News | Allegation Judge Parable of the Good Samaritan Probable cause Samaritan Gospel of Luke Magistrate Theology of relational care
Apparent noose found in bathroom of Royal Oak school
Royal Oak Schools dealing with second controversial incident at its middle school since last week        
-2 points by The Detroit News | High school Allegation Abuse School American Civil Liberties Union Education
Investment firm ousts mentally ill and Latino families to flip Koreatown buildings, lawsuit alleges
After a lifetime of riding the trains in the summer and wintering at the missions on L.A.’s skid row, Arthur Rivera ended up in a Santa Monica gutter. Then a case manager with Step Up on Second, a mental health services agency, obtained a rental subsidy for him. In 2011 Rivera moved into a single apartment...
1874 points by Los Angeles Times | Pleading Plaintiff Landlord Allegation Renting Leasehold estate Eviction Lease
Young girl fondled by Rice University piano teacher, police say
A longtime Rice University piano instructor is in jail after police alleged he fondled a young girl who came to his home for a piano lesson, which he denied. Daiusz Pawlas, 50, has been charged with indecency with a child. The student's mother told police she stepped out of the room to make a phone call during her young daughter's piano lesson at his west Houston home, according to the criminal complaint filed this week. He had taught the girl for about three years.
22 points by The Houston Chronicle | Pleading Cause of action Teacher Pedagogy Legal terms Allegation IPod Touch Education
‘Figment of imagination’: Russian military slams US State Dep. spokesman Kirby over hospital claims
The Russian military has dismissed allegations from the US State Department accusing Russia of bombing “hospitals” and “a mobile clinic” in Syria as “figments of the imagination.” Read Full Article at
115 points by Russia Today | Syria Russia Allegation Damascus United States Department of State Iraq War Golan Heights Aleppo
Pennsylvania township official acquitted in teen rape case
CLEARFIELD, Pa. (AP) - A western Pennsylvania township official has been found not guilty of rape, statutory sexual assault and related charges stemming from his allegedly sexual relationship with a girl from age 13 to 16.
-2 points by The Philadelphia Inquirer | Sexual intercourse Human sexual behavior Rape Legal terms Police Sexual assault Allegation Assault
Alleged gunrunner says he's father of slain tot Zymere Perkins
The man wants to take a DNA test to prove he's the 6-year-old's dad — so he can sue the city over the boy's death.
487 points by Daily News | DNA Father Mother Prison Allegation Necessary and sufficient condition Judge Endangerment
Detroit woman charged in daughter’s abduction
Marquita J. Dupree was charged with one count of kidnapping — child enticement        
-2 points by The Detroit News | Family AMBER Alert Legal terms English-language films Foster care Allegation
HSBC accused of overlooking British customers with ISIS links
US regulators are set to accuse HSBC of failing to take action against British terrorism suspects who banked with the company, according to a leaked report. Read Full Article at
77 points by Russia Today | European Union European Commission Euro United Kingdom Bank Allegation Crime European Council
State Dept dismisses question from RT, says won’t treat it like other media
RT has asked the US State Department for specific information concerning allegations that Russia is targeting hospitals in Syria. The response was a reiteration of those allegations and a refusal to treat RT in the same way as other media outlets. Read Full Article at
4644 points by Russia Today | Russia Syria Mass media Allegation RT History of Syria State Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov
Woman claimed she couldn't fight off Cleaves
Testimony continues Wednesday in the preliminary hearing for former MSU basketball player Mateen Cleaves        
-1 points by The Detroit News | Rape Pleading Allegation Cause of action Sexual intercourse Mateen Cleaves Genesee County Michigan Informed consent
Anthony Weiner’s latest sexting scandal probed by NYPD
That could mean federal or state charges for the 52-year-old former Congressman.
1002 points by Daily News | Huma Abedin Human sexual behavior Anthony Weiner Allegation Cyrus Vance Pleading Marriage Hillary Rodham Clinton