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Trump's plan to defeat ISIS slammed
A retired army general is slamming Donald Trump's remarks that as President he will ask the US military to come up with a plan within one month to defeat ISIS.
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Is fact-checking helping Trump?
Was President Trump's declaration that the media is deliberately not covering terror attacks in Europe another example of his off-the-cuff, fact-free pronouncements? Or more evidence that he and his team understand how to exploit the press? Maybe it's both.
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Alex Jones doubles down on ‘completely fake' Sandy Hook claims
Jones' diatribe comes as a Sandy Hook victim's daughter called on Donald Trump to disavow the controversial radio host.
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Shoppers' guide to avoiding toxic chemicals
Just in time for your holiday shopping, a new toxic chemical report card rates top retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart, Best Buy and Costco on their efforts to reduce unsafe chemicals in the products you buy.
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CNN reporter hit by protester, knocked over
CNN's Ed Lavandera was hit by a protester after chaos erupted in Charlotte, North Carolina, in response to the fatal shooting of Keith Lamont Scott.
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Sikh man discovered US bombing suspect
What Harinder Bains did isn't unusual: He saw something suspicious and called police.
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Trump: Let's debate with no moderator
Donald Trump said he'd like to do away with debate moderators and simply engage in a one-on-one discussion with Hillary Clinton.
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Analysis: Donald Trump calls for no debate moderators a week after praising them
Monday Donald Trump is having a debate with Last Week Donald Trump about whether he's satisfied with his debate moderators. In an interview with CNBC on Monday morning, Trump said the presidential debates should feature no moderators, because he knows before the debates are even held that they...
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Donald Trump calls for no debate moderators a week after praising them, because Donald Trump
The debate before the debate: Donald Trump Last Week vs. Donald Trump Now
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Where is Melania Trump?
Where has Melania Trump been since her speech at the Republican National Convention? CNN's Randi Kaye reports.
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