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Long after Hawaii attack, chaplain's remains identified
DUBUQUE, Iowa (AP) - Dubuque resident Dr. Steve Sloan never met his great-uncle Chaplain Aloysius Schmitt. But in many ways, he feels like he knew the man. Stories about Schmitt's life - and the heroism he displayed on the day of his death - were recounted at seemingly every family ...
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WWII camps: Japanese-Americans recall grim time
Actor and activist George Takei recalls the day his life changed forever.
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Pennsylvania library waives $554 fee after book returned 75 years late
Ben HooperFeb. 17 (UPI) -- A Pennsylvania library said it waived the $554 late fee for a book returned by a man whose father checked it out of the facility more than 75 years ago.
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Letter: Nothing in common
Nothing in commonIn an “apples to oranges” attempt to compare the airport chaos caused by Trump’s sudden Muslim ban to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s executive order in response to Japan’s sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, a reader accused the Monitor (Monitor letters, Feb.7) of editorial hypocri...
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Capt. John S. 'Jack' Slaughter, Naval Academy graduate in 1937, dies
Capt. John S. "Jack" Slaughter, a retired career naval officer who at his death was the last surviving member of the Naval Academy Class of 1937, died Feb.1 at Roland Park Place of complications from a fall. He was 103. The son of John James Slaughter, a co-owner of the Oklahoma Rig and Supply...
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A lesson from America's Japanese internment camps
'Japanese Americans will be allies of Muslims. We know civil rights can be overridden in a climate of fearmongering.'
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Winant becomes WWII ambassador to Great Britain
On Feb. 6, 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt appointed New Hampshire’s John Gilbert Winant ambassador to Great Britain.Winant assumed the post under difficult conditions, as Britain and Germany had been at war since 1939. Britain was the only nation left fighting Germany by 1941 and was in critical...
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Takei: Muslim registry open 'wounds' of Japanese internment camps
George Takei warns that Trump's proposed Muslim registry is not unlike the profiling of Japanese Americans during World War II.
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The U.S. military expected a Japanese attack in 1941 - but not in Hawaii, explains 'Countdown to Pearl Harbor'
As Hollywood regularly reminds us, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii on Dec. 7, 1941, was an act of duplicity so monstrous that President Franklin D. Roosevelt called it a “day which will live in infamy.” Japanese warplanes appeared without warning early that Sunday, sinking or disabling...
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Books on the Pearl Harbor attack and its aftermath for kids and teens
On Dec. 7, the United States will observe the 75th anniversary of the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, in which more than 2,400 Americans were killed and 1,200 wounded. The following day, President Franklin Roosevelt asked Congress to declare war on Japan. Brewing anti-Japanese sentiments boiled...
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Matthew Dallek: Japanese internment vs. a Muslim registry
One of the most disturbing moments from a deeply disturbing campaign was when Donald Trump praised...
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75 years after Pearl Harbor, Hawaii keeps war memories alive
For early risers at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel on Dec. 7, 1941, there was puzzlement. Why were all those airplanes flying so low over the water just off Waikiki Beach? Even as the first Japanese bombs dropped on Ford Island, soldiers there figured they had missed the memo about some sort of drill....
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Trump supporter: Internment camps 'precedent' for Muslims
A supporter of Donald Trump said Wednesday that Japanese internment during World War II could serve as precedent for the President-elect's hard-line immigration policies -- drawing immediate condemnation from both Fox News host Megyn Kelly and a Japanese-American member of Congress.
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Trump supporter likens Muslim registry to WWII internment camps
"We did it during World War II with Japanese," the Trump supporter said.
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Archive: Anonymous villains and civilian targets add to 9/11 evil

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