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Why marijuana legalization in liberal Mass. might be a tough sell
Deep-blue Massachusetts has a recent history of marijuana-friendly votes. In 2008, voters turned out in droves at the ballot box to decriminalize possession of less than an ounce of pot. Four years later, advocates were rewarded with a landslide victory to legalize medical marijuana in the state. The third act is set for November, when Massachusetts voters will […]
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State audit finds 200 questionable votes in Detroit
State audit found “no evidence of pervasive voter fraud” or that voting equipment failure led to the imbalances”        
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Canterbury town crier for Feb. 6, 2017
CANTERBURY Have fun at the Cabin Fever Reliever There will be a public hearing on the town budget today at 5:30 p.m. at the Meeting House. See the Town Newsletter for the issues on warrants. Thank you to Chris and Beth Blair for the lights on the gazebo in town, much appreciated.On Wednesday at Belm...
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The Chicago Teachers Union's vote charade
Chicago Public Schools teachers began voting Wednesday on whether to authorize a strike if contract negotiations collapse. A 2011 state law says at least 75 percent of Chicago Teachers Union members must approve a strike before a date can be set. We'll save you the suspense: CTU members will authorize...
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Phantom voters, smuggled ballots hint at foul play in Russian vote
UFA/SARANSK Russia (Reuters) - Voters across Russia handed a sweeping victory to President Vladimir Putin's allies in a parliamentary election on Sunday. But in two regions Reuters reporters saw inflated turnout figures, ballot-stuffing and people voting more than once at three polling stations.
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Sticky scandal: Austria's re-run election postponed due to faulty glue on ballots
The blame game is expected in politics, but when it comes to Austria's presidential race, the most hated player is... glue. Faulty ballot seals have caused a re-run election to be postponed, becoming a real sticking point in the race. Read Full Article at
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Just won’t stick: Bad glue might delay Austrian presidential re-run
Austria might not be able to stick to the date it has set for its presidential election rerun due to faulty postal ballot papers that simply won’t seal. The embarrassment has already become the subject of online ridicule with the web community. Read Full Article at
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