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‘Peace in Syria can’t be reached through Western interference’: UK’s Baroness Cox tells RT
Bashar Assad has enormous support both from his people and unarmed opposition groups for his fight against Islamic State, despite the West’s push for regime change in Syria, says Baroness Caroline Cox. The UK House of Lords peer was speaking to RT after meeting the Syrian leader. Read Full Article at
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Top Syrian Rebel Commander Killed in Airstrike
Abu Omar Saraqib was meeting with other rebel commanders on the outskirts of the embattled northern city of Aleppo when the attack occurred.
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U.S. unsure of deal as Kerry arrives for Syria talks
The talks between Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov aim to produce a nationwide cease-fire in Syria        
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U.N. says U.S.-Russia talks on Syria crucial as aid stops rolling in
GENEVA (Reuters) - The Syrian government has effectively stopped aid convoys this month and the besieged city of Aleppo is close to running out of fuel, making U.S.-Russian peace talks in Geneva on Friday even more urgent, the United Nations said.
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Kerry and Lavrov holding talks on Syria ceasefire deal
Washington says snap meeting will cover how to put an end to fighting and further humanitarian aid for Syrian people.
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Times reporter abducted and shot in Syria says his kidnapper now US-backed rebel
A Times reporter who was kidnapped and twice shot in the leg in Syria claims to have recognized his abductor on a recent Facebook video, which shows him in the ranks of a US-backed “moderate” opposition rebel group. Read Full Article at
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Fighting in Syria's Hama displaces 100,000: UN
Fighting in Syria's western Hama province displaced an estimated 100,000 people between Aug. 28 and Sept. 5, the United Nations said on Wednesday, citing the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and the governor of the province.
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US air raid kills Syrian rebel commander, rebels say
Abu Hajer al Homsi, a founding member of Jabhat Fatah al-Sham, is killed in suspected US strike, rebel source says.
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Kerry tries again with Lavrov on Syria; U.S. warns patience not infinite
GENEVA (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry flew into Geneva on Friday for a new round of talks with Russia on a Syrian ceasefire, with U.S. officials saying they believed a deal was still possible, but warning that the talks could not go on forever.
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Turkish leader calls for U.S.-Turkey 'joint operation' in Syria
A key political ally of Turkey’s president says defeating the Islamic State in Syria will require U.S. troops joining Turkish military forces on the ground inside the war-torn nation — a move that would require a significant shift in the Obama administration’s current policy. “I don’t ...
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Russia: Israel, Palestinian leaders to meet for talks
Wide gaps between the two sides left it uncertain if or when the meeting will take place.        
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Over 70 aid groups say U.N. allows Syria to manipulate relief
More than 70 humanitarian organizations are accusing the United Nations of allowing the Syrian government to manipulate relief efforts and deprive thousands in besieged areas of help. The aid groups working in Syria ...
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Syria's war: Blasts hit Tartous, Homs, Hasaka
At least 48 killed, dozens wounded in five blasts in mostly government-held areas, including in Homs and Damascus.
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In Syria talks, Russia holds the key
Ahead of renewed peace talks between US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov there is a sense of foreboding.
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In about-face, Kerry heads to Geneva to meet Russia's Lavrov
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will meet Russia's foreign minister in Geneva about a ceasefire deal for Syria, the State Department said on Thursday in a sudden about-face after saying it did not believe a meeting was worthwhile.
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Syria's war: Aid agencies suspend cooperation with UN
More than 70 groups sign letter saying Syrian regime has influence over UN and Red Crescent operations, demand probe.
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Faulted by charities, U.N. plans to keep up relief work in Syria
LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The United Nations plans to keep working with charities in Syria despite a decision by more than 70 relief groups to suspend ties with the U.N. for its links to the Syrian government, officials said on Thursday.
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Syria ready to cooperate with U.N. watchdog on gas attack accusations
AMMAN (Reuters) - Syria said on Thursday it was ready to cooperate with the global chemical weapons watchdog over accusations it had used poison gas against insurgent held areas.
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In fairness to Gary Johnson, even NY Times is clueless about Aleppo
After Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson embarrassingly admitted he didn't know what the Syrian city of Aleppo was during an interview, the New York Times tried to ridicule the incident, but instead made three major errors of its own. Read Full Article at
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Bashar al-Assad's Texas-sized victory against ISIS
Imagine a war raging in central Texas, stretching eastward. San Antonio lies in the southwest of our fictional battlefield, Austin is 80 miles to the north, and Dallas sits 200 miles farther along the same highway.
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Why a new opposition road map isn't the breakthrough negotiators are seeking in Syria
In most parts of the world, the unveiling of proposals for a negotiated solution to a ruinous civil war might be viewed as progress. Not so when it comes to Syria. Recent battlefield successes have left President Bashar Assad little incentive to consider the road map to a political transition presented...
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The next US president needs to know about Aleppo
Presidential candidate Gary Johnson's question 'What is Aleppo' disqualifies him from becoming president, says Frida Ghitis. Will it transform the race?
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Oliver Stone: Clinton 'scares me' and Trump is 'too erratic'
The controversial director predicts more war and violence under a President Clinton.       
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THIS is Aleppo
It wasn't the best look for a presidential candidate. Libertarian Gary Johnson was on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on Thursday when he was asked a simple question with an ever-so-complicated answer.
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Russia, US: What do they agree on?
US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov are meeting in Geneva to try and thrash out a deal on Syria, but after round after round of failed talks, can they really find common ground this time?
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Syria activists: Warplanes dropped chlorine bombs in Aleppo
Syrian activists and rescue workers in the rebel-held part of the contested city of Aleppo said that government warplanes dropped suspected chlorine bombs Tuesday on a crowded neighborhood, injuring dozens. The report could not be independently verified and it was not clear how it was determined...
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Syrian army and allies regain important Aleppo district: monitor
BEIRUT (Reuters) - Syria's army and its allies have regained control over the whole Ramousah district of Aleppo, a monitor and pro-government media reported on Thursday, building on an advance last week that reimposed a siege on rebel areas.
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Aleppo bombed as U.S. and Russia plan Syria talks
An airstrike near in Syria killed at least 10 civilians as U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov agreed to meet this week for extended discussions on ending the civil war.
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Vulnerabilities exposed at the Trump-Clinton forum
Both candidates came under fire for their past actions and future plans at the Commander-in-Chief forum.
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The town where children attempt suicide
The besieged Syrian town of Madaya has seen a "worrying increase" in child suicide attempts as the long war takes its toll, a rights group warned.
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Syria's war: Use of chemical gas to be investigated
Probe announcement by chemical-weapons watchdog comes as bombing kills at least 29 people in Tadif and al-Sukkari.
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Defense secretary warns Russia to stay out of U.S. elections
OXFORD, England — Defense Secretary Ash Carter lashed out at Russia on Wednesday, accusing the government of President Vladimir Putin of demonstrating a “clear ambition to erode” international order and warning Russia to stay out of the American elections.
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At least 24 killed in northern Syria airstrikes, monitor says
BEIRUT — At least 24 civilians were killed Wednesday in air raids on a rebel-held area of Aleppo and an Islamic State-held village nearby, a Syrian monitoring group said.
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Syrian rebel wants 'safe zone', says it needs deal with Russia
BEIRUT (Reuters) - Turkey-backed Syrian rebels would like to see a "safe zone" set up in areas of the border they are capturing from Islamic State, but this would need an agreement between the United States, Turkey and Russia, a rebel commander said on Tuesday.
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Syria deadlock: Why can't US, Russia agree?
The kaleidoscope of Syria's multi-sided war is changing daily and the latest casualty is hope of a US-Russia agreement that would bring about a truce and humanitarian relief.
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'No miracles' in Geneva talks as Syria fighting rages
A fifth round of UN-backed Syria talks is under way in Geneva amid low expectations as violence on the ground escalates.
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Geneva talks resume as fighting rages in Hama, Damascus
Hopes for breakthrough or concessions from either side remain low, amid ongoing violence in Damascus and Hama.
-1 points by Al Jazeera English | Bashar al-Assad Syria Hafez al-Assad Staffan de Mistura Aleppo History of Syria Iraq Damascus
The voices missing from Syria's peace talks
As negotiations on the war in Syria resume in Geneva, civil society groups say their voices are not being heard.
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Fierce fighting in Syria as talks restart in Geneva
A fifth round of Syria talks in Geneva kicks off on shaky ground as clashes increase in Hama and Damascus.
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Syrian army prepares Hama counterattack ahead of renewed peace talks
BEIRUT (Reuters) - Jihadists and other rebel groups made advances against the Syrian army north of Hama on Thursday, a monitor said, part of their biggest offensive for months, underscoring bleak prospects for peace talks that resume later in the day.
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Turkish President Erdogan eyes Kurdish town in Syria
Eric DuVallFeb. 18 (UPI) -- Turkey said it will attack a Kurdish held town in Syria, setting up a potential confrontation between a NATO ally and a stable partner for U.S.-led forces.
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Security Council resolutions to be 'Geneva talks basis'
Elections, new constitution and governance to be on the agenda of forthcoming meeting in Geneva of Syrian factions.
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Aoun: Israeli threats to Lebanese sovereignty will meet 'appropriate response'
BEIRUT (Reuters) - Lebanese President Michel Aoun said on Saturday that any Israeli attempt to violate Lebanon's sovereignty would be met with the "appropriate response", in a statement released by his office.
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Fighting intensifies in Syria's Deraa
Heavy Russian attacks reported after rebels try to obstruct Syrian government bid to retake strategic border crossing.
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As talks falter, Moscow finds brokering Syria peace trickier than waging war
ASTANA (Reuters) - With its show of military force, Russia changed the tide of the Syrian civil war. It is finding the next phase -- brokering an end to the fighting -- a tougher proposition.
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Trump and his aides offer mixed messages on Russia
Insisting he would “love to get along with Russia,” President Trump strongly defended his attempts to seek warmer ties with Moscow on Thursday even as three top advisors raised major caution flags about cooperating with President Vladimir Putin’s autocratic government and military. Questions about...
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Syria’s Assad lashes out at France’s Hollande
Syrian President Bashar Assad is aiming to revamp his image in the West.       
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G-20 meeting: Tillerson, Lavrov to attend
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford meet face to face with their Russian counterparts Thursday, as the Trump administration evaluates the future direction of US-Russian relations.
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After Years of War, Syrians Are Big Fans of the Board Game Risk
The 1957 Hasbro war simulation, in which multiple factions vie for territory, strikes a chord with Syrians inside and outside the country, who gather late into the night to play; ‘everyone wants to be green.’
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Trump, Netanyahu to rekindle US-Israel bond
President Donald Trump is hosting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House Wednesday for the two leaders' first in-person meeting since Trump took office.
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