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Aoun, Hariri's Hezbollah comments lay bare Lebanon's political divide
BEIRUT (Reuters) - Lebanon's Prime Minister called Hezbollah's arms illegitimate on Tuesday after its President said the group's military wing was vital to its security, spelling out the country's political divisions more clearly than at any time since they took office.
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World Bank gives Lebanon $200 million to upgrade roads
BEIRUT — The World Bank says it has earmarked $200 million for repairing Lebanon's unsafe roads.It said in a statement Tuesday that the funds will be used to repair around 500 kilometers (312 miles) of roads in the first phase of a broader government plan "to revamp the country's crumbling road sector."It said the Roads and Employment Project was approved Monday by its board of directors.
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Images of Hezbollah ‘parading US armored vehicles’ emerge online, sparking controversy
Lebanon’s Hezbollah militant group, recognized as terrorist organization by the US, has been allegedly spotted parading a vast number of US-made military vehicles in Syria, triggering questions about how they ended up in the militants’ hands. Read Full Article at
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