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Belarus: Will new elections yield new results?
Parliamentary elections to take place on September 11 in Belarus, Europe's "last dictatorship".
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Guardian calls Belarusian act at Rio Paralympics ‘mutiny,’ elicits scorn from Russian FM spox
A Guardian article which criticizes the Belarusian Paralympic team for displaying the Russian flag at the opening of the Rio Paralympic Games is a display of “modern fascism,” the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson has said. Read Full Article at
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IPC revokes Paralympic accreditation of Belarus official who carried Russian flag
The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has rescinded the accreditation of a member of Team Belarus who carried a Russian flag during the opening ceremony of the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Read Full Article at
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Belarusian booted from Paralympics for carrying Russian flag
RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) - A Belarusian sports ministry employee who marched with a Russian flag in Wednesday's opening ceremony has been booted out of the Paralympics. The International Paralympic Committee says "the individual was quickly identified during the ceremony as a guest of the Belarus secretary general who should ...
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‘We will never forget’: Hockey world remembers 2011 Lokomotiv air disaster
Russia and the entire hockey world are marking the 5th anniversary of the 2011 plane crash that claimed the lives of almost the entire squad of the Russian Lokomotiv Yaroslavl hockey club that was at that time one of the leaders of the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL). Read Full Article at
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Belarus to get Russian Mi-8 helicopters in April
Russian Helicopters, a subsidiary of Russia's state-owned Rostec, is preparing to deliver a second batch of Mi-8 aircraft to Belarus in April.
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Eastern Ukraine ceasefire starts Monday, Russia says
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told reporters on Saturday that a ceasefire will go into effect for eastern Ukraine on Monday.
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Where the booze can kill, and Putin is a ‘good czar’
IRKUTSK, Russia — The overworked cleaning woman realized that her grown son was not just sleeping off his habitual hangover in the Siberian city of Irkutsk when she discovered that he had quietly gone blind.
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Ukraine’s war-torn Donetsk commemorates 2nd ‘anniversary’ of Minsk agreements (DRONE VIDEO)
Thousands of people have rallied in Donetsk to remind the world about the second anniversary of the Minsk II Protocols, urging Kiev to deliver on its long-overdue obligations and put an end to the bloodshed in the east of Ukraine. Read Full Article at
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Moscow's position on E. Ukrainian regions seeking autonomy hasn't changed – Lavrov
President Vladimir Putin's decree legalizing some documents issued by authorities in Donetsk and Lugansk, in the territory of Russia, does not signal any change in Moscow's stance on the conflict in eastern Ukraine, Russia's Foreign Minister has said. Read Full Article at
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Ukraine truce renewed at Munich security conference
Russia, Ukraine and allies agree to ensure peace in eastern Ukraine as Kremlin indirectly recognises breakaway regions.
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Russia, Belarus mean trouble in the Union State
"The sooner we all start speaking Russian, the faster we shall build communism." — Former Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev Many in the West don't realize that after the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia and Belarus, its smaller neighbor to the west, set up their own mini-political combination, dubbed the ...
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Russia denies that intelligence agents were in contact with Trump's campaign team
Lawmakers call for investigation into Flynn's contacts with Russia Feb. 15, 2017, 5:50 a.m. A look at President Trump's administration and the rest of Washington: Democrats push for an independent inquiry into White House ties with Russia Ethics office recommends inquiry into Kellyanne Conway 's...
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Pranksters seek US congresswoman’s support amid ‘Russian hacking’ of elections in fictitious land
Two Russian pranksters have called US Congresswoman Maxine Waters posing as the Ukrainian PM seeking reassurances in the wake of Moscow’s most recent “invasions” across the globe and impudent “hacking” of presidential elections in a fictitious country. Read Full Article at
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Death throes of Russia's iconic countryside
Rapid urbanisation and industrial farming has led to a catastrophic situation in Russia's poverty-stricken hinterlands.
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‘Russian troops’ in E. Ukraine no obstacle for local election – German ambassador
Local elections in Donbass may be held despite Kiev’s intent to “raise Ukrainian flags at each city council” and the “Russian presence” in the region, Germany’s ambassador said, triggering outrage and a reprimand from Ukraine's Foreign Ministry. Read Full Article at
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Putin scrambles Russian air forces to check readiness
MOSCOW (AP) - President Vladimir Putin has put the Russian air force on high alert, the latest in a series of drills amid tensions with the West. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the drills launched Tuesday will check the air force's readiness and its ability to repel an enemy ...
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Ukraine as testing ground for Kremlin-Trump 'dialogue'
If Ukraine turns away from the Minsk Agreement, there will be no Western leverage to put pressure on Russia.
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Loss of Russian market costs Ukraine $15bn
The barring of Ukrainian businesses from the Russian market has inflicted losses on the country of at least $15 billion, according to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. Read Full Article at
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Eastern Ukraine city in crosshairs of renewed fighting
A 'forgotten war' has ravaged the area for nearly three years of on-and-off shelling.       
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Russia produced $4bn worth of food since banning Western imports
The introduction of a limited Western food embargo three years ago has increased domestic production, said the deputy head of the Russian Agriculture Ministry Yevgeny Gromyko. Read Full Article at
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Is Russia testing Donald Trump in eastern Ukraine?
Pro-Russian separatists and government troops blame each other for increasing ceasefire violations.
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Renewed Fighting in Eastern Ukraine Presents Challenge for Trump's Plans With Russia
A reprise in deadly fighting between Moscow-backed separatists and government troops in eastern Ukraine may provide the first major test for President Donald Trump’s plans to warm relations with Russia’s Vladimir Putin.
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Civilians killed as eastern Ukraine violence flares up
Friday's fatalities bring total death toll of latest wave of violence to 34 after relative calm in 33-month war.
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‘Not a single tank’? Kiev rep draws own picture of E. Ukraine town despite OSCE, BBC evidence
A Ukrainian official has denied that Kiev has tanks in the eastern Ukrainian community of Avdeevka as the OSCE claims the opposite and a BBC reporter provides video of the hardware there. Read Full Article at
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Putin on E. Ukraine flare-up: Kiev trying to extort US, EU cash by playing the victim
The Kiev government provoked the latest escalation of violence in east Ukraine as it needs money from its Western partners, which is easier to achieve when a nation pretends to be a victim and facing aggression, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said. Read Full Article at
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Belarus official to give opening ceremony flag to Russian Paralympians
Belarusian Sport and Tourism Ministry member Andrey Fomochkin has said he intends to give the Russian flag he controversially unveiled at the opening ceremony of the Rio 2016 Paralympics to Russian athletes. Read Full Article at
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Voting Vader: Chewbacca, Pink Panther cast ballots in Belarus election (VIDEO)
In Belarus' parliamentary election, every vote counts. Just ask Darth Vader, Chewbacca, and the Pink Panther – all of whom cast their ballots at the polls. The results were almost as fascinating, with two opposition leaders managing to win seats. Read Full Article at
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With eye on West, Belarus votes in slightly freer election
MINSK (Reuters) - Lawmakers loyal to hardline Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko look set to retain power in an election on Sunday, but the easing of restrictions on opposition candidates could help the ex-Soviet nation further improve ties with the West.
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Kremlin warns of retaliation after US expands sanctions list
The US move to expand its sanctions list to target Russian companies is not in line with proposed cooperation in sensitive areas, which the leaders of the two nations discussed at the G20 summit in China, the Kremlin said, warning of possible retaliation. Read Full Article at
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