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Conor McGregor is a total phony — and it’s just what UFC needs
It was the fight that stopped the world. Conor McGregor dropped Jose Aldo in a record 13 seconds after months of hype, trash-talking and debauchery led the two to the Octagon to battle at UFC 194. McGregor’s taunting was arguably the kryptonite to Aldo’s psyche, ribbing him with jeers like “little Brazilian” and famously stealing...
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How iPhone 7 stacks up vs. the competition
How does Apple's new baby stack up against the rest of the field?         
369 points by Arizona Republic | IPhone Mobile phone Camera Photographic lens ARM architecture Photography Angle of view Telephoto lens
Detroit, Comcast to expand Green Light camera program
The city's Project Green Light puts high-definition cameras at city businesses that police use to monitor, solve crimes.        
-1 points by Detroit Free Press | Crime Police Camera Filling station Coney Island hot dog Kwame Kilpatrick Stations of the Cross Constable
How iPhone 7 stacks up against the competition
How does Apple's new baby stack up against the rest of the field?         
-1 points by Arizona Republic | IPhone Mobile phone Camera Photographic lens ARM architecture Photography Angle of view Telephoto lens
How the iPhone 7 stacks up against the field
How does Apple's new baby stack up against the rest of the field?         
-1 points by Arizona Republic | IPhone Mobile phone Camera Photographic lens ARM architecture Photography Angle of view Telephoto lens
How the iPhone 7 stacks up vs. the competition
How does Apple's new baby stack up against the rest of the field?         
-1 points by Arizona Republic | IPhone Mobile phone Camera Photographic lens ARM architecture Photography Angle of view Telephoto lens
How the iPhone 7 stacks up against the competition
How does Apple's new baby stack up against the rest of the field?       
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In 'Cameraperson,' life seen through an intrepid lens
NEW YORK (AP) — Kristen Johnson, leaning forward in a Manhattan coffee shop, isn't entirely sure what to call her film.
-1 points by Arizona Daily Star | Film Film director Cinematography Documentary film Film crew Camera Relationship
Detroit, Comcast partner to expand Project Green Light
Comcast offering businesses lower upfront costs, monthly fees to use crime-fighting technology        
-1 points by The Detroit News | Supermarket Valero Energy Corporation Camera Parking lot Crime Closed-circuit television Parking Video camera
Last Celebrate Michigan photos selected for finals
Prize winners will be announced Wednesday, Sept. 14        
-1 points by The Detroit News | Upper Peninsula of Michigan Michigan Ontonagon County Michigan Detroit Mackinac Island Photography Camera Water
Police: Anne Arundel economic development chief arrested in break-in
Robert Hannon accused of rifling through neighbor's underwear drawer, police say charges coming
-1 points by Baltimore Sun | Left-handedness Annapolis Maryland Economic development Public relations Chest of drawers Police Academy Award for Best Picture Camera
Apple unveils iPhone 7 but some still waiting for iPhone 8
Apple Inc unveiled an iPhone 7 with high-resolution cameras and no headphone jack at its annual launch event Wednesday, though the biggest surprise was the debut of a three-decade-old Nintendo game franchise, Super Mario Bros, on the smartphone.
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Help Celebrate Michigan
Four final finalists are named        
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Sisters give birth to girls minutes apart
Their doctor was busy sprinting between the deliveries of their babies.       
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Paris terror suspect to face anti-terrorism judge for interrogation
PARIS — The only surviving suspect in last November’s attacks on Paris is set to face an anti-terrorism judge for interrogation, after refusing past questioning in frustration at 24-hour video surveillance of his prison cell. A helicopter circled over the Palace of Justice in central Paris as a car believed to be carrying Salah Abdeslam...
7 points by New York Post | Law enforcement Video camera Prison Penology Camera Closed-circuit television Prison cell Mass surveillance
French stud is Dos Equis’ new ‘Most Interesting Man’
There’s a new “Most Interesting Man in the World” – and he’s a lot younger and actually speaks Spanish. Dos Equis unveiled its new pitchman in the popular, long-running beer ads Wednesday as 41-year-old French actor Augustin Legrand. The rugged and bearded actor is taking over the “Most Interesting Man in the World” role months...
336 points by New York Post | Vice President of the United States Advertising Teaser trailer Gender role Brand World Camera Meaning of life
Finding pain and peace at Northside Common Ministries
Northside Common Ministries is housed in a big former church on Brighton Avenue. Post-Gazette photographer Steve Mellon drove by it all the time.
-1 points by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | Camera Executive director Homelessness AVE House The Residents Homelessness in the United States Gloria Gaynor
Mitch Albom: Video exposes Bangor teachers, but who's holding camera?
Michigan teachers and secretary in trouble over six-minute video and 'MFK' discussion at local restaurant        
-2 points by Detroit Free Press | Mitch Albom Robert Huber Camera
Coco Austin's daughter makes runway debut at NYFW
Annie MartinFeb. 16 (UPI) -- Coco Austin and Ice-T helped daughter Chanel model for Nike in the Rookie USA show at New York Fashion Week.
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'Hot convict' Jeremy Meeks makes New York Fashion Week debut
From orange jumpsuit to designer threads.
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Ask Amy: Security system reveals neighbor’s habit
Dear Amy: My husband and I recently installed a security system with cameras. One of the cameras captures a view of the driveway and street in front of our house, as well as a partial view of my neighbor’s driveway. My neighbor is a single mom with a teenage son. One day my husband was […]
3 points by The Denver Post | Marriage Wife Camera Family Husband Spouse Want WANT
Helping to shrink digital cameras wins a big prize for Dartmouth professor
When you’re talking to a guy who won what is sometimes called the Nobel Prize of engineering for helping make smartphone cameras possible, you want to hear a good “Eureka!” story.The first (and still the best) of such stories, of course, came when Archimedes leapt from his bath and ran down the stre...
6 points by Concord Monitor | Nobel Prize Digital camera Digital single-lens reflex camera Camera Digital cameras Image sensor Pixel Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom
Finding their way Expert cast navigates emotional twists in ‘Missing’
Two young girls, one in France, one in Germany, disappear in 2003.Alice Webster, the British girl in Eckhausen, Germany, was skipping school and walking by the side of a road when a van stopped and the driver yanked her into the back.In 2014, a young woman stumbles out of the frozen woods and collapses in the middle of Eckhausen.She says she’s Alice — and that she was held captive with the other girl all these years.Her return ignites a quest across the globe to find her kidnapper.
4 points by Boston Herald | Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Girl Tchéky Karyo Horror fiction Goethe's Faust Kidnapping Keeley Hawes Camera
Open carry stunt at Michigan police department backfires
An on-camera stunt apparently designed to make a point about civil liberties ended in the arrest of two men Sunday.
-2 points by Arizona Daily Star | Firearm Machine pistol Constable Handgun Police Michigan Gun Camera
Business Q&A: Kate Schwindt Photography, Highlands Ranch
Local photographer mentors young adults, not only in photography, but also in life.
48 points by The Denver Post | Cosmetics High school Photography Cosmetology College Employment Educational stages Camera
'Honest' photos of most famous faces

1033 points by CNN | Photography Subject Image Person Psychology Camera 2007 singles Photograph
100 years of fashion photography
An exhibition showcasing 100 years of fashion photography from the Condé Nast magazine stable -- ranging from 1920s shots of Broadway actresses to some of the most recognizable photos of the supermodel era -- has opened in Beijing.
537 points by CNN | Photography Model Photograph Camera Fashion journalism Edward Steichen Future Model
Armed men in tactical vests arrested at Dearborn PD
The men allegedly walked into the Dearborn Police station wearing tactical vests and armed with an AP-14 and handgun        
-2 points by The Detroit News | Police Firearm Constable Camera Officer Assault rifle Sergeant Law enforcement
Redflex to pay $20 million to city to settle lawsuit over bribery scheme
Chicago's beleaguered former red-light camera vendor, still reeling from a $2 million bribery scandal that nearly brought down the business and rippled across the globe, has agreed to pay $20 million to the city to settle its lawsuit over the company's admitted fraud. In a 12-page settlement agreement,...
381 points by Chicago Tribune | Rod Blagojevich Contract Chicago Chicago Tribune Rahm Emanuel Camera Tribune Company Breach of contract
Lawyer convicted of secretly filming teen girl undressing at fitness center
A Crystal Lake attorney was convicted of a child pornography charge Friday after a judge determined he secretly videotaped a teenage girl undressing. McHenry County Judge Michael Feetterer said the video appeared to have been shot by a "voyeur" and was "intended to illicit a sexual response." Authorities...
100 points by Chicago Tribune | Prosecutor Voyeurism Lawyer McHenry County Illinois State's Attorney Camera Prosecution Change
Your guide to Snapchat, Snap Inc. and the IPO
Full coverage: Snap I.P.O. Feb. 3, 2017, 7:50 a.m. Snapchat app maker Snap Inc. filed papers Thursday to move forward with what's expected to be the biggest initial public offering ever for a Los Angeles company. Follow our coverage here. All updates From the filing The founders Feb. 3, 2017, 7:50...
34 points by Los Angeles Times | Stock market Stock Initial public offering Stock exchange New York Stock Exchange Camera Google Snaps
Officials celebrate 100th Green Light site
The latest location is at Seaway Market Place on West Chicago        
-2 points by The Detroit News | Crime Municipality Camera Councillor City council Violent crime Mayor Light
Confessions of a ‘Vampire Documentalist’ Roaming New York’s Subways
BYDGOSZCZ, Poland — Polish documentarian and cinematographer Piotr Stasik seems to relish breaking conventions, having shot “21 x NY” on New York subways, without permits, filming with his lens unattached and handheld while finding random interview subjects willing to talk about love, sex and obsession. Describing himself as “a harmless vampire documentalist,” he admits his... Read more »
55 points by Variety | Film Camera Documentary film Protagonist Feeling Antagonist
Dante Spinotti on Technology, New Workflow, Directors’ Personalities
BYDGOSZCZ, Poland — Dante Spinotti, who served as a jurist on this year’s Cinematographers’ Debuts Competition at the Camerimage film festival, is a firm believer that changing technology benefits filmmaking at all levels. The Italian-born DP, who has credits that go back to the 1970s, says that the advent of digital tools has democratized entry... Read more »
8 points by Variety | Camera Film director Federico Fellini Frame rate Digital cameras Cinematographer Digital single-lens reflex camera Stanley Kubrick
This is what your photo stream looks like when you're a NASA astronaut
Since 1996 NASA astronaut Donald R. Pettit has racked up 370 days aboard the International Space Station and 13 hours of space walking. Along with conducting scientific experiments, taking photographs is part of the job - and that's just fine with Pettit, an enthusiastic snapper since he began...
99 points by Los Angeles Times | International Space Station Camera Mir Photography Earth Light Brownie NASA
IDFA Film Review: ‘Machines’
What outwardly seems like the most prosaic of titles turns out to be bristling with angry human-rights subtext in "Machines," first-time helmer Rahul Jain's gliding, quietly mesmerising documentary portrait of working rituals and conditions at a textile factory in the Gujarat state of western India.
273 points by Variety | Camera
Grab a Canon camera and two lenses for only $369
If you're looking for a small, light camera, there are so many excellent options out there. What's tricky is spending as little as possible. That's why we're stoked about Canon's current 2-lens deal through its own refurbished store . You get the...         
18 points by Arizona Republic | Digital single-lens reflex camera Single-lens reflex camera Nikon Zoom lens Digital camera Camera Binoculars Canon
Alan Parker on the Curse of Video Village, Working With DPs, Actors
BYDGOSZCZ, Poland — Alan Parker’s remarkable record of critical and audience successes — an unlikely feat considering he’s made just 14 films since 1976’s “Bugsy Malone” — also display a surprising range of style and genres from musicals, including “Fame” and “Evita” to actor vehicles “Birdy” and “Angel Heart,” and fact-based political stories such as... Read more »
-2 points by Variety | Actor Film director Film Cinematographer Film crew Cinematography Camera Michael Seresin
While illuminating, Tulsa videos leave out key details
Police in Tulsa, Oklahoma, broadly released dashcam and aerial footage, 911 calls and police radio traffic with unusual swiftness following last Friday's shooting death of an unarmed black man by a white officer. But what actually transpired ...
-1 points by Las Vegas Sun | Tulsa Oklahoma Gun Officer The Police Left-handedness Officer Camera Clear
Remarkable images from blind photographers
How do they do it?
1162 points by CNN | Photography Camera Photograph Image Abstraction Photographer The Blind Value
NYPD adding cameras to all prisoner vans
A police spokesperson said that the move was "not a direct result of the Freddie Gray situation," but rather was
1692 points by Daily News | Book of Optics Source Camera Police
GOING TO A RAMS GAME: A guide to the Coliseum

-1 points by Los Angeles Times | Latin Camera Colosseum Los Angeles Broadsheet
Helmet cam captures mountain biker’s death defying desert jump (VIDEO)
An extreme mountain biker has shared incredible footage of a nerve shredding ride through the Utah desert. Read Full Article at
-1 points by Russia Today | English-language films Camera Slope Liam Neeson
AP photographer recalls drama of Mediterranean rescue
OFF THE COAST OF LIBYA (AP) — When the camera's viewfinder is in "night vision" mode, a hidden world appears that is invisible to the naked eye in the darkness of night. Bathed in green, the view is even more…
-1 points by Arizona Daily Star | Mediterranean Sea Libya Camera Tripoli Rescue
How to make sure iPhone photos are getting backed up in Google Photos
We have successfully uploaded the photos from my iPhone 4 to Google. These photos were on the Camera Roll. How do we upload the ones that are just in Photos?
5 points by The Denver Post | IPhone Google App Store Camera Apple Inc. Cloud computing MobileMe Photography
Ferndale hit-and-run victim in critical condition
The woman was crossing Woodward with several others when a vehicle pulled off with a green light at Nine Mile Road        
-1 points by The Detroit News | Traffic Camera Buick Traffic law English-language films Metro Detroit Oakland County Michigan Film noir
Video shows truck ran over signs, fences at drive-in cinema
MENDON, Mass. — Police are searching for the operator of a truck who was caught on video driving over property at a Massachusetts drive-in cinema.The Milford Daily News ( ) reports that footage from a video camera taken Tuesday shows the truck enter the Mendon property, drive over some fencing and signs and leave the scene without stopping.Police Chief David Kurczy says police are working to track down the driver and expect to press charges.
-1 points by Boston Herald | Worcester County Massachusetts English-language films American films Mendon Massachusetts Massachusetts Camera Drive-in theater Constable
Emanuel to offer reviews on 1.5 million traffic camera tickets, but refunds could be hard to come by
As he tries to get in front of a lawsuit, Mayor Rahm Emanuel plans to offer nearly 1.5 million people who got traffic camera tickets a second chance to contest the validity of those fines. But City Hall's top lawyer doesn't expect many of the tickets to be overturned on appeal — from the city's...
-1 points by Chicago Tribune | Judge Rahm Emanuel Time Red Light Traffic enforcement camera Law Camera Requirement
Judge rejects request to delay Boston police bodycam program
BOSTON (AP) - A judge has rejected a request by Boston's largest police union to delay the start of a body camera program, paving the way for 100 officers to begin wearing the cameras next week. The program has been delayed repeatedly while the Boston Police Patrolmen's Association negotiated with ...
-1 points by The Washington Times | Mark Millar Delay Camera The Washington Times TheStart Tom DeLay The Authority English-language films