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Customers band together to buy wheelchair for beloved worker
YORK, Pa. (AP) - A Pennsylvania store greeter with cerebral palsy has learned how much he means to his customers, who banded together to help fund a new wheelchair for him.
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'Speechless' hopes to be the new family comedy that gets people talking
When it comes to writing, people love to advise “write what you know.” But Scott Silveri, creator and showrunner of ABC’s new family comedy “Speechless,” would be the first to tell you that crafting a narrative out of your own experiences is nowhere near as easy as it seems. “It’s like where comedy...
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British Paralympian claims Adidas, Nike discriminating against her

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Progress & prejudice: The trials & tribulations of Russia’s ‘teen genius’ cerebral palsy sufferer
Dozens of articles have been published about Ivan Bakaidov, a St Petersburg schoolboy with cerebral palsy (CP), who has learned how to program, and ride a trike. But the plaudits lay bare the obstacles and low expectations faced by the disabled in Russia. Read Full Article at
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How the Sitcom ‘Speechless’ Understands Families Like Mine
Characters and actors with disabilities are rare on TV, which makes ABC’s “Speechless” all the more important to our critic.
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