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Philly420: Medical marijuana could be thriving business in Philly

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California high school football players surprise cheerleader battling leukemia

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Wis. teen's battle to stop treatment isn’t unique
A Wisconsin girl’s plan to halt treatment of her incurable disease has again raised the thorny issue of how much say minors should have in making life-and-death decisions.         
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Star 94.1’s Jenn Hobby’s 11-month-old daughter now in chemotherapy at CHOA

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Wisconsin teen's battle to stop treatment isn’t unique
A Wisconsin girl’s plan to halt treatment of her incurable disease has again raised the thorny issue of how much say minors should have in m...       
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University Hospitals receives 'celebration bells' for cancer patients who complete treatments (video)
Breast cancer survivor Ann Gillespie and her husband, Robert, donated money for University Hospitals to purchase 'celebration bells' for patients to ring once they finish their treatment. The bells are at 16 UH Seidman Cancer Center locations throughout Northeast Ohio. Watch video CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Very soon, cancer patients at University Hospitals' chemotherapy and radiation centers will mark the end of their treatments by ringing a "celebration bell." The brass ship bells, to be installed at 16 UH Seidman Cancer Center locations across Northeast Ohio, are a gift from Gates Mills breast cancer survivor Ann Gillespie and her husband, Robert. The bells are about seven inches high, including the hanging bracket, and about five inches wide. They are mounted on plaques that will affixed to a wall in the treatment centers in the coming week. "I am so pleased that our gift will enable all future patients to celebrate their final treatment by ringing the bell," Gillespie said in an interview at the Seidman Cancer Center at UH's main campus in Cleveland. There, a welded and forged steel 'Cromwell Bell' by Seattle-area artist Tom Torrens sits in the Mary and Al Schneider Healing Garden for cancer patients. Gillespie said the gift isn't just for patients who ring the bell. "It's for everybody who hears the bell ring and is still in treatment." Gillespie, 71, once taught voice at the Cleveland School of the Arts. Her husband is a former CEO of KeyCorp. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014 following a routine mammogram that revealed cancer in her left breast. She went through six chemotherapy treatments over five months, followed by a mastectomy, and then 25 days of radiation treatment over five weeks. "On my last day [of treatment] I was taking off that little pink robe that they give you and dropping it into the laundry basket, and all of the sudden I was overcome with emotion," she recalled. "I just started sobbing, which is not like me at all. So I went back into that little (changing) room and cried my eyes out because I realized I was finally done." The next day Gillespie received a text from a friend who was in radiation treatment at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. The friend sent a picture of a bell for cancer patients at Johns Hopkins to ring, celebrating the end of treatment. "I thought, 'What a great idea,'" said Gillespie. "It would be fabulous to have that here." Gillespie called a friend who is affiliated with UH, and that got the ball rolling. "Everybody loved the idea," said Gillespie. "So now we have a bell and a plaque at all 16 locations in Northeast Ohio that offer chemo and radiation treatments. The plaque reads, 'Ring this bell, three times well to celebrate the day! My treatment is done! This course is run! And I am on my way!' " In honor of the gift, the Seidman Cancer Center is hosting a private ceremony this evening in which the bells will be dedicated. Said Gillespie, "We invited women [breast cancer survivors] up to years back to come ring the bell." Dr. Nathan Levitan, president of UH Seidman Cancer Center, expressed gratitude to the Gillespies. "When one of those bells rings, everyone will know that another patient has reached an important milestone and moved on to the next stage of their journey," Levitan said in a release. "With this special gift, Ann will inspire current and future cancer patients with encouragement and hope."
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SEE IT: Football team honors cheerleader diagnosed with leukemia
A high school football team showed their school spirit by honoring one of their cheerleaders, recently diagnosed with leukemia.
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Pfizer makes investment in Pitt spinout company
Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc. has taken a stake in a new University of Pittsburgh spinout company, the third Pitt biotech outfit in recent years to quickly spark investor interest.
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Hugh Jackman reveals cancer treatment
Hugh Jackman's defense against skin cancer continues as the actor posted his latest warning Monday about wearing sunscreen.
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UM softball player provides 'miracle' gift to sister
Aidan Falk, a junior first baseman, was a match to be a bone marrow transplant for her sister Emma, who was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.        
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We never saw the cancer diagnosis coming. And all I can ask is: 'Why her?'
Routine day. Used the last of the Christmas stamps to pay some bills. The mortgage, for one. I bank online, but for some reason prefer to mail in the mortgage, a tactile celebration. Like reading a good newspaper. The afternoon rain was steady and now routine. The new puppy liked going out to lick...
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New MSU drug offers hope to stop spread of skin cancer
Potential drug is two to five years away from human trials, but the discovery is hailed as promising against disease        
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Gaza's cancer patients: 'We are dying slowly'
The Gaza Strip does not have adequate resources for medical treatment, but Israel prevents patients from leaving.
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Leader of Maryland's black lawmakers outraged by medical marijuana plan
The leader of Maryland's Black legislative caucus was outraged Friday that medical marijuana regulators would select potential dispensary operators while the process is mired in controversy. Black lawmakers felt they already had grounds for a Civil Rights fight because firms owned by African-Americans...
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Depressed women less likely to get best breast cancer care: Study
HealthDay News Breast cancer patients with a history of depression are less likely to receive recommended care for their disease, a new study finds.
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Shannen Doherty undergoes reconstructive surgery
Doherty was first diagnosed with breast cancer last year.
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EXCHANGE: Woman had no risk factors before cancer struck
GALESBURG, Ill. (AP) - Chantel Williams did not have any warning signs for breast cancer. "I am fully representative of the person that should not have gotten breast cancer. I had no risk factors: I was young; I wasn't overweight; I exercised regularly; I ate right; I never had hormone ...
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Family braving through daughter’s leukemia treatment
When a family faces a daunting challenge, it’s the little things that make a difference.
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In Chesco, a carnival joins the fight against cancer
After moving out of their home in Phoenixville and taking time to grieve, the parents of Gabby Vogel, who at age 5 lost her battle with a rare form of brain cancer, made a commitment: They would do all that they could to save other parents from such a tragedy.
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More breast cancer patients should get radiation, new guidelines say
Kathleen Doheny, HealthDay News New guidelines issued by three leading cancer organizations suggest that more breast cancer patients should consider radiation therapy after a mastectomy.
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Company that didn't win medical marijuana license sues state commission
A company that was bumped out of the running for one of Maryland's lucrative medical marijuana grower licenses is suing the state commission that issues the permits, throwing the already delayed program into further uncertainty.Bethesda-based GTI Maryland contends that the Maryland Medical Cannabis...
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Young basketball coach isn't letting breast cancer win
BAY ST. LOUIS, Miss. (AP) - Our Lady Academy's gymnasium was packed recently. Not just because rival Hancock was in town. Or because the Lady Crescents volleyball team is once again off to an incredible start. Both usually equate to a packed house. The game was especially big because the ...
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Philly mulls home delivery of medical marijuana

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Cancer-stricken 9/11 hero beats the odds with signs of remission
He survived two terror attacks at the World Trade Center, stared down Hurricane Sandy, and now he's about to vanquish his biggest foe yet.
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After months, Shannen Doherty's cancer treatment nearing end

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Communication between cancer patients, doctors needs to improve, study says
Stephen FellerROCHESTER, Minn., Sept. 9 (UPI) -- Specialized training for doctors and patients to promote better communication about cancer diagnosis and treatment can benefit both, according to a study.
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