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Richard R. Beeman, 74, Penn history professor, Constitution Center trustee
Richard R. Beeman, a University of Pennsylvania historian and a trustee of the National Constitution Center who revered America's founding document and spent decades teaching its creation and complexities, died Monday. He was 74.
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Gabon election: Jean Ping challenges result in court
Jean Ping lodges complaint with Constitutional Court contesting the official results of last month's presidential vote.
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Critics sue Uptown redevelopment agency, calling it unconstitutional
The city's Uptown Redevelopment Authority and the economic development zone that feeds it were created in violation of the Texas Constitution, two critics allege in a new lawsuit, seeking to void all resulting actions and block Uptown from collecting or spending another dime.
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Marsy's Law for Ohio begins campaign for crime victim ballot initiative
Marsy's Law for Ohio, a proposed constitutional amendment granting crime victims rights, has the support of a bipartisan group of prosecutors, law enforcement officials and sexual assault victim advocates. COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A proposed Ohio constitutional amendment granting rights to crime victims has the support of a bipartisan coalition of prosecutors, law enforcement officials and advocacy groups. Supporters of the amendment, called Marsy's Law for Ohio, said crime victims' rights currently included in the Ohio Constitution aren't equally enforced across the state. Marsy's Law would expand the rights granted by a 1994 constitutional amendment and allow victims' attorneys to file a motion in court if they feel their rights have been ignored. They could then appeal the judge's decision. "This provides an additional protection of enforcement and that is largely one of the benefits I support," O'Brien, a Republican, said at a Wednesday news conference. Marsy's Law also has the support of Franklin County Sheriff Dallas Baldwin, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence, Ohio Victim Witness Association, Parents of Murdered Children and other domestic violence and sexual assault advocates. Rights for victims The amendment would enumerate 10 rights for victims, including to be present at court proceedings and provide input before a plea deal is struck, be notified of changes in an offender's status, have a prompt conclusion to the case without unreasonable delay and receive restitution. Anna Herb of Columbus said the right to a prompt conclusion would have helped her during a sexual abuse case that stretched over two years. Herb, who was in high school at the time, said the numerous continuances granted to her abuser dragged out the case and prevented her from healing and moving on. Herb was also not allowed to sit in the courtroom during proceedings. "You have no voice, you have no rights, you have nothing yet he gets the rights to a speedy trial," Herb said. "He's the one that's protected. What about us?" Concerns from defense attorneys Public defenders and defense attorneys are concerned the amendment could give victims, who are not parties to criminal lawsuits, more rights than defendants. The constitutional amendment would override state law, which contains many rights for crime victims and the accused. Barry Wilford, public policy chairman for the Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, said that would eliminate judges' ability to weigh and balance rights of victims and defendants. And he questioned whether the proposed right to refuse an interview or other discovery request would defeat a defendant's subpoena power. "This is overkill," Wilford said in an interview. "It's a good cause, but putting it in the Constitution would be a drastic mistake." The campaign The Marsy's Law for Ohio campaign has the help of experienced Columbus consultants and lobbyists who have worked on successful statewide ballot issues. Supporters began collecting the nearly 305,600 signatures of Ohio registered voters to qualify for the November ballot. The campaign will largely use paid signature gatherers to complete the effort by the July 5 deadline, spokesman Aaron Marshall said. Marshall also said the campaign will have "sufficient" funding to educate voters ahead of the November election, thanks to California businessman Henry Nicholas. Nicholas' sister Marsalee (Marsy) was stalked and killed in 1984 by an ex-boyfriend. The ex-boyfriend was released from jail one week later, and Nicholas and his mother only found out after seeing him at a grocery store.
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Scott Baio comes for Trevor Noah over Nordstrom joke
Noah cracked that Nordstrom would "have to find another cashier" after Baio joined boycott.         
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Letter: Last line of defense
Last line of defenseDavid Brooks’s Feb. 6 front-page article on New Hampshire’s commendable record in settling hundreds of refugees throughout the state, particularly Concord, which took in 1,513 persons over the past seven years, stands in stark contrast to Trump’s deplorable executive order bannin...
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Muslim teacher who didn’t get job at Berlin school because of headscarf wins €9K compensation
A Muslim teacher who wasn’t hired by a Berlin school because she was wearing a headscarf will receive €8,680 (US$9,250) in compensation for discrimination, a German court has ruled. Read Full Article at
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President Erdogan approves constitutional reform bill
Government says the changes will provide stability, but opponents fear they may eventually usher in a one-man rule.
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Justice minister Florin Iordache resigns after protests
Florin Iordache, co-architect of controversial corruption measure that set off rallies, resigns citing 'public opinion'.
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Zimbabwe: 'Unfit to rule' case against Mugabe dismissed
Constitutional court rejects case questioning president's fitness to lead the country, but opposition vows to appeal.
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Romanian protesters call for resignation of PM Sorin Grindeanu
Andrew V. PestanoFeb. 7 (UPI) -- Protesters in Romania have been demonstrating for nearly week and are now calling for the resignation of Prime minister Sorin Grindeanu.
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Senate rules change sparks partisan fight for Nevada lawmakers
Partisan divides percolated on the opening day of the Nevada Legislature on Monday when Republicans and Democrats in the Senate clashed over rules that will govern how the session is conducted.
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Trump may as well ignore these facets of our nation as well
What is our country coming to when we can't dispense with the Constitution at the whim of a mercurial President?
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Barcelona: Thousands protest as Artur Mas stands trial
Ex-Catalonia head on trial for organising a symbolic independence referendum in 2014 despite a ban by Spanish courts.
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Romania protests continue against government 'thieves'
Romanians turn out for more protests despite a government promise to repeal legislation that decriminalised corruption.
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'We woke up in 1989: Romanian graft decree turns back the clock
BUCHAREST (Reuters) - When fire tore through a Bucharest nightclub in 2015, victims were rushed to the city’s Floreasca hospital - but its newly-built, multi-million-euro burns unit was standing idle and could help no one.
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Maryland Democrats present legislation billed as curbs on Trump
In a challenge to Gov. Larry Hogan, General Assembly Democrats unveiled a package of initiatives Tuesday they billed as a defense of Marylanders' rights against the actions of President Donald J. Trump.The measures include expanding the authority of Maryland's attorney general to take legal action...
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Sorin Grindeanu defends graft decree despite protests
Hundreds of thousands rally as Sorin Grindeanu says government to 'press ahead' with decree decriminalising corruption.
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After Trump and Brexit, All Eyes Are on Italian Referendum
Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s Dec. 4 referendum—on changes designed to make it easier to pass laws—is the next opportunity for voters in a major economy to give the establishment another kicking.
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Judge dismisses challenge to N. Carolina gay-marriage law
RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — A federal judge has dismissed a challenge to a North Carolina law that says magistrates with religious objections can refuse to marry same-sex couples.
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Don't believe lies; gun rights aren’t going anywhere
Hillary Clinton cannot get rid of the Second Amendment, as Donald Trump claims, and neither could all the liberal judges she …
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