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Two years after cease-fire weary Ukraine still at war
The gray-bearded officer’s summary of the war in eastern Ukraine is terse with weariness.“We stand in place. We shoot over there, they shoot back from over there,” Mykhailo Gaiduk said. “It’s just burning up time.”The area that Gaiduk calls “over there” is territory controlled by Russia-backed separ...
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Car blast in E. Ukraine kills militia commander, Lugansk blames Kiev’s ‘hit squad’
2 people, including the chief of the Lugansk People's Republic (LPR) Militia Office, were killed in a car blast in the republic’s capital, Lugansk. The Lugansk People’s Militia says the blast was a terrorist attack carried out by Kiev’s secret services. Read Full Article at
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Dealing with damage: Locals in Donetsk clear debris after days of shelling (EXCLUSIVE)
The eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk is dealing with extensive damage done by days-long shelling. RT travelled to the city to find out about the plight of the locals. Read Full Article at
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Kiev’s ‘barbaric’ attack on Donetsk in E. Ukraine violates Geneva convention – Russia
There is no excuse for the recent “barbaric attack on Donetsk,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said, adding that Kiev broke “all moral norms” in attacking civilians during the night with Grad missiles. Read Full Article at
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BBC reporter films Kiev tanks in residential area on E. Ukraine frontline (VIDEO)
A video showing Kiev’s troops and tanks in the eastern Ukrainian town of Avdeevka emerged online, posted by a BBC correspondent working in the area. Earlier, the OSCE warned tanks were headed there, slamming the move as a violation of withdrawal lines. Read Full Article at
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Russian investigators launch probe into civilian deaths from fresh Ukrainian shelling
Russia’s top federal investigative agency has begun a criminal case into the deaths of civilians in Donetsk that were reportedly the result of shelling by Ukrainian government forces on February 1-3. Read Full Article at
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