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Israeli police shoot dead Palestinian in Jerusalem camp
Israeli forces shoot dead man after alleged car ramming attack, an account denied by the victim's family.
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Away from the Front Lines, Another Islamic State Battleground Grows
Near Syria’s borders with Jordan and Israel, the jihadist group attracts a following, many of them former fighters of a Western-backed rebel group, writes Yaroslav Trofimov.
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Gere Pic Sends Helmer Cedar to Top of Israel’s Biz List
  Joseph Cedar, the New York-born, Israel-raised golden boy of the cinema of the modern Jewish State, bursts firmly onto the international scene this festival season with “Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer,” his new Richard Gere-toplined feature. The film has its international premiere in Toronto on Sept. 12... Read more »
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Israeli troops photographed beating unarmed Palestinian during 'routine check'
Israeli soldiers have been photographed brutally detaining a Palestinian man in Hebron on Tuesday. One of the five troops in the vicinity could be seen kicking the man, while another soldier pinned the Palestinian to the floor with his knee. Read Full Article at
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Israel pounds Syrian govt positions in Golan Heights with retaliatory fire
The Israel Defense Force has targeted Syrian army positions in the government-controlled area of the northern Golan Heights, it confirmed Sunday. The retaliatory fire caused “material damage,” according to Damascus. Read Full Article at
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Security threat? Egypt court strips man married to Israeli of citizenship
An Egyptian court has decided that marriages between Egyptians and Israelis constitute a risk to national security, saying that this offence is grave enough to cause a person to lose Egyptian citizenship. Read Full Article at
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