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Supreme Court declines to outlaw Michigan straight-ticket voting
Eric DuVallWASHINGTON, Sept. 9 (UPI) -- The Supreme Court on Friday declined to hear a request by the state of Michigan to enforce a 2015 law that bans straight-ticket voting.
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Tie broken: Incumbent wins special election after tie vote
FARMINGTON, Mo. (AP) - An incumbent county commissioner in eastern Missouri is apparently staying in office after a special election necessitated by a tie vote. The Daily Journal newspaper in Park Hills, Missouri ( ) reports that incumbent St. Francois County District 1 Commissioner Gary Wilkinson defeated challenger Linda Black ...
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Supreme Court rejects Michigan ban on straight-ticket voting
Lower courts ruled the bill would discriminate against African American voters.
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New poll: Colorado voters favor minimum wage hike and presidential primary
Colorado voters support increasing the minimum wage to $12 an hour and recreating a presidential election primary, according to a new public opinion poll, but appear skeptical of a state-run universal health care system and an effort to make it harder to amend the constitution.
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Include Gary Johnson and Jill Stein in presidential debates
Jill Stein and Gary Johnson are likely to be excluded unless a strong public voice is raised to the Commission on Presidential Debates and mainstream media to have them included.
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Uzbekistan to hold presidential election on December 4
A week after long-time leader Islam Karimov dies, elections authority announces vote to be held in early December.
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Democratic groups join forces in $4 million effort to boost top Senate prospects
Nearly all the Senate races are key to Democrats' hopes of regaining the Senate majority.
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Tech mogul gifts $20M to help beat Trump
In a late and likely consequential move, a co-founder of Facebook is donating $20 million of his fortune to Democratic coffers in a bid to help defeat Republican candidate Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.
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Why Arizona is a key state in the 2016 presidential race
What to expect the state's 11 electoral votes.
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This 224-page California voter guide is heftiest one ever, thanks to 17 ballot measures
In a season replete with clothing catalogs and campaign flyers, the biggest item stuffed in mailboxes this fall may be the Nov. 8 statewide voter guide, coming in at a record-setting 224 pages. The information booklet covers all 17 statewide ballot propositions, a document that election officials...
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Belarus: Will new elections yield new results?
Parliamentary elections to take place on September 11 in Belarus, Europe's "last dictatorship".
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‘Loss of reputation’: Lawmaker hints at Clinton ‘phobia’ after Russian threat statements
State Duma MP Irina Yarovaya said that Hillary Clinton’s latest allegations that Russia could somehow interfere with US presidential polls could be a publicity stunt or a real phobia, but either way, they severely damage her reputation as a politician. Read Full Article at
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U.S. appeals court to hear challenge to proof-of-citizenship voting requirement
WASHINGTON — Civil rights groups were set to ask a federal appeals court panel in Washington on Thursday to block Kansas, Alabama and Georgia from enforcing proof-of-citizenship requirements for people using a federal form to register to vote.
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Ballot ruling to come Friday in Arizona's 5th District race
PHOENIX (AP) - A judge will decide Friday whether to allow hundreds of contested ballots to count in the hotly contested Republican primary in a Phoenix-area congressional district. Unofficial results from the Aug. 30 primary for the 5th Congressional District had state Senate President Andy Biggs leading former internet executive ...
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County supervisor candidate can't link rival to Trump in voter pamphlet, judge rules
Kathryn Barger, a candidate running to replace retiring Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich, won a legal challenge Thursday over a rival's candidate statement that implied Barger supports Donald Trump. Barger, who is Antonovich’s chief of staff, is in a runoff with Darrell Park, a...
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New Hillary Clinton ad makes pitch to Hispanic voters
Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is targeting Hispanic voters in Nevada with a new Spanish-language television and digital ad ...
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Trump vs Clinton race heats up with two months to go
US election kicks into high gear, with both candidates spending Labour Day in battleground state of Ohio.
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Q&A with Hong Kong's youngest legislator Nathan Law
Nathan Law Kwun-chung, a 23-year-old pro-independence candidate has just been elected to Hong Kong's legislature.
309 points by Al Jazeera English | Elections Civil disobedience Election Hong Kong Voting Voting system Approval voting Politics of Hong Kong
For the Record: This election isn't a popularity contest
A split between the popular vote and the electoral vote hasn't happened for 16 years, so it's officially retro now.       
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#GuacTheVote: Latino business group wants taco trucks to register voters
Is there anything tacos can’t do? As well as giving you a delicious source of food ? potentially on every street corner ? they could also now result in registering you to vote. Or at least they will if the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has its way. Read Full Article at
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Commissioners could name CFO as next Clark County manager
Clark County’s next manager could be its chief financial officer. The County Commission will consider appointing Yolanda King as the next county manager at ...
10 points by Las Vegas Sun | Chief financial officer Management Washington Election Commissioner Yolanda King
Dispute intensifies over Gabon presidential election
LIBREVILLE, Gabon — The dispute over Gabon's presidential election intensified Thursday as opposition candidate Jean Ping mounted a legal challenge, accusing the incumbent leader of fraud.The filing at the constitutional court was lodged by the Thursday deadline, according to a Ping lawyer, Jean Remy Bantsantsa.Ping, who seeks to unseat the family that has ruled this oil-rich Central African country for more than four decades, already has publicly declared himself the winner.
-1 points by Boston Herald | Voting Democracy Election President of the United States Ali Bongo Ondimba Omar Bongo Elections Voter turnout
Jeh Johnson says DHS effort is not a federal takeover of elections
Eric DuVallWASHINGTON, Sept. 8 (UPI) -- Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said efforts to help states secure their online election systems are not a federal takeover of elections.
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Afghanistan is heading for civil war or worse
Deepening political crisis could prove to be fertile ground for separatist sentiments to grow in Afghanistan.
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Trump, Pence to address 11th Annual Values Voter Summit
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and his running mate Gov. Mike Pence will become the first Republican presidential ticket to personally address thousands of conservative grassroots activists who are gathering this weekend for the 2016 Values Voter Summit. Mr. Trump is scheduled to speak on Sept. 9 — the first ...
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Appeals court sympathetic to voting rules challenge
WASHINGTON (AP) - A federal appeals court seems likely to side with voting rights groups trying to stop Kansas, Georgia and Alabama from making residents prove they are U.S. citizens when registering to vote using a national form. Judges heard arguments in the case Thursday. At issue is whether to ...
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The top 3 races to watch in the Massachusetts state primary Thursday
It might be viewed as a warm-up vote ahead of the general election. But in Democrat-heavy Massachusetts, the state primary will likely be more determinant of who residents elect in November. Roughly 10 percent, if that, of the Bay State’s registered voters are expected to turn out for Thursday’s election (yes, it’s Thursday this year, not Tuesday, because of Labor […]
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Van Hollen camp jumps gun on outside group
Political fundraising solicitations are notoriously loose with the facts, but a recent blast email from Rep. Chris Van Hollen's campaign for Maryland's open Senate seat has received some attention for its claims — even with that low bar in mind. The Aug. 26 email reports that a "shadowy dark money...
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Juba League leader killed in Feni attack
Miscreants have killed a Juba League leader in Feni.
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Kraft ends run for Baltimore Circuit judge
Outgoing City Councilman James B. Kraft announced Tuesday withdrew as a candidate for Baltimore Circuit Court judge.He was facing a slate of sitting judges — Shannon E. Avery, Audrey J.S. Carrion, Michael A. DiPietro, Karen Chaya Friedman, Wanda Keyes Heard and Cynthia H. Jones — for one of six...
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With attorney general drama over, campaign to replace Kathleen Kane moves forward
Former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane's conviction clears the way for voters to focus on the two men seeking to replace her as the state's top prosecutor.
18 points by The Philadelphia Inquirer | United States Senate Primary election President of the United States United States Elections Alaska Election Democracy
Why marijuana legalization in liberal Mass. might be a tough sell
Deep-blue Massachusetts has a recent history of marijuana-friendly votes. In 2008, voters turned out in droves at the ballot box to decriminalize possession of less than an ounce of pot. Four years later, advocates were rewarded with a landslide victory to legalize medical marijuana in the state. The third act is set for November, when Massachusetts voters will […]
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It turns out that little kids aren't actually all that good at predicting election results
Nickelodeon's "Kids Pick the President" effort is not a runaway success. Obviously, I guess.
12 points by The Washington Post | President of the United States Bill Clinton Election United States presidential election 1992 Elections Voting George H. W. Bush George W. Bush
The results on voter ID laws are in - and it's bad news for ethnic and racial minorities
The North Carolina voter identification law was blocked last week when the U.S. Supreme Court denied an emergency appeal to reinstate it before the 2016 elections. That’s good news for minorities in the Tar Heel State because we now know that such laws significantly suppress their votes. Unfortunately,...
730 points by Los Angeles Times | United States Election Voter turnout Voting Minority group President of the United States Primary election Race
Senate District 16 candidate Winterton claimed domicile in Florida for ‘tax purposes’
Donald Winterton may be facing challenges to his qualifications for candidacy in Senate District 16, but his name will be on the ballot no matter what comes of the allegations.The ballots were printed 30 days before the primary so they could be distributed to absentee voters. But questions of Winter...
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Is Moscow meddling in the presidential election?
Rep. Adam Schiff, top Democrat on House Intelligence Committee, calls for retaliation against Russia.         
-1 points by Arizona Republic | Vladimir Putin Democratic National Committee Russia Election Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Debbie Wasserman Schultz Prime Minister of Russia Democratic Party
Voters are finding it harder to commit than usual, posing a challenge for Clinton and Trump
Campaign 2016 updates: Voters struggle to commit, presenting a challenge for Trump and Clinton Sept. 8, 2016, 4:24 a.m. Donald Trump will stop in Cleveland, Ohio today. Hillary Clinton heads to Kansas City, Mo., for the National Baptist Convention. Voters are finding it harder than usual to commit...
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EDITORIAL: Station union vote
Why didn’t Culinary try this years ago?
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Celebrities push for voter registration in Detroit
The Rev. Jesse Jackson and actor Sean Astin visited the city Wednesday to encourage voter participation        
-1 points by The Detroit News | Democracy Voting Elections Election Voting system Voter turnout United States Michigan
Jesse Jackson to Detroit youth: Get out and vote
The Rev. Jesse Jackson visited Cass Tech High School in Detroit today to urge kids who are 18 to get out and vote        
123 points by Detroit Free Press | Elections Voter turnout Election President of the United States Democratic Party Barack Obama United States presidential election 2008 African American
GOP, Dems battle over North Carolina early voting rules
RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - The swing state of North Carolina could be pushed in a Republican or Democratic direction when the GOP-led State Board of Elections meets Thursday to finalize early voting plans for a third of the state's counties. Voting rights activists are watching closely and preparing to return ...
-1 points by The Washington Times | Elections North Carolina Democracy Voting Voting system United States Election Washington D.C.
Filmmakers Launch Anti-Trump Ad Campaign
A group of documentary filmmakers is launching a new anti-Trump ad campaign, with the first TV spot running in Butler County, Ohio, on Wednesday. The first ad, directed by Rachel Gray, features a Republican woman who says that she cannot bring herself to vote for Donald Trump. Gray’s credits include “Jesus Camp” and “Norman Lear: Just... Read more »
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Muqtada al-Sadr threatens to boycott Iraq elections
Powerful Shia leader demands changes to electoral law at Baghdad demonstration attended by thousands of supporters.
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The 197th District has an unofficial winner, and an official investigation

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France's Macron seen winning first round of presidentials, Fillon slips - BVA poll
PARIS (Reuters) - Emmanuel Macron is set to win the first round of the French general election in four weeks time, BVA pollsters said, becoming the latest survey team to put the independent centrist ahead of far-right leader Marine Le Pen for the first time.
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Why members of Congress aren't very worried about Trump taking them out
Big talk from an unpopular president who barely won his own election.
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Bulgarian activists erect border fence to deter Turkish ‘election provocations’
Bulgarian volunteers have begun erecting a fence on the country’s border with Turkey without authorization from the government to “prevent Turkish provocations" during elections, RIA Novosti reports. Read Full Article at
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Boscawen glad it held voting in the snow to avoid legal storm
In the wake of uncertainty over the validity of some towns’ postponed ballot voting, Boscawen moderator Charlie Niebling said he’s glad he stuck to the original voting schedule despite the inclement weather.“Had we not,” he said, “we’d be in the eye of the storm, so to speak, of the controversy over...
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Letter: A cynical solution
A cynical solutionWith no honest rationale, Senate Bill 3 would make it harder for new voters to participate in our elections. College students would be the largest group affected.SB 3 changes the form used by anyone registering to vote on election day or within the 30 days leading up to it. It take...
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Is the Trump-Russia story an octopus or spaghetti?
How do you tell a plausible charge from a fevered fantasy? As allegations drip, drip about President Trump’s purported ties with Russia, most news consumers will want to keep an open mind about potential wrongdoing. But they won’t want to get lost in some eternal connect-the-dots game that never...
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