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Zoo burns $1M in rhino items in 1st U.S. bonfire of its kind
The San Diego Zoo burned items containing rhinoceros horn with an estimated black market value of $1 million in a symbolic gesture Thursday to show the U.S. is committed to ending illegal wildlife trafficking.
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San Diego zoo burns $1M in rhino horn products
SAN DIEGO (AP) - San Diego zoo officials on Thursday burned items containing rhinoceros horn with an estimated black market value of $1 million in a symbolic gesture to show the United States is committed to ending illegal wildlife trafficking. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service partnered with the zoo ...
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Post editorial: End the appetite for ivory
Africa’s elephant population is plummeting, and the world’s appetite for their tusks is almost certainly why. Governments in Africa and elsewhere have not done enough to shut down the demand for and supply of ivory. They must be bolder.Conservationists have been worried about the situation for years...
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Disney Eyes Thea Sharrock to Direct Gorilla Story ‘The One and Only Ivan’
Disney is in talks with Thea Sharrock, director of “Me Before You,” to helm its movie version of the gorilla story “The One and Only Ivan.” British director Mike Newell had been attached last year for the project, but is no longer involved. Variety first reported in 2014 that Mike White had come on board to... Read more »
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5-ton marble elephant to grace City Park Stadium
GAINESVILLE, Ga. (AP) - There will be a permanent guest at the City Park Stadium: A 5-ton marble elephant. The marble elephant will be planted at the stadium - the home of Gainesville Red Elephants' football, soccer and lacrosse teams, the Times of Gainesville ( reported. The statue will be ...
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Woolly Mammoths could be 'de-extinct' in 2 years
(NEWSER) – This whole nostalgia thing is getting out of control because scientists are about to bring back the woolly mammoth, the Guardian reports.         
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Scientists want to 'de-extinct' the woolly mammoth
Research from Harvard University is exciting some scientists about the prospects of being able to recreate the long extinct woolly mammoth. The ice age mammal’s DNA could potentially be spliced with an Asian elephant to create a hybrid. Read Full Article at
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Woolly mammoths could be back from extinction in just 2 years
Scientists are said to be just two years away from bringing the woolly mammoth back from extinction. The giant prehistoric creatures could roam the Earth for the first time in 4,500 years after researchers successfully merged genes from the long dead mammals with that of elephants. So far, they have successfully switched 45 sections of...
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Houston Zoo welcomes new baby tapir into the family
Tapirs are quite similar to pigs with short snouts. They are herbivores that inhabit jungles and forests in South and Central America. This particular breed of tapir comes from South America.
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Packy, Oregon's beloved elephant, dies at 54
PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Packy, the Asian elephant who drew international attention when he was born, including an 11-page spread in Life magazine, died Thursday at the Oregon Zoo. He was 54.
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Red Bull’s Terra Mater Steps Into Theatrical Docs With Exposé on Illegal Ivory Trade
The Toronto Film Festival has always welcomed issue-oriented films. “The Ivory Game,” Kief Davidson and Richard Ladkani’s documentary about the illegal ivory trade and the battle to save Africa’s elephants, not only fits that brief, it also marks a major step in the evolution of Red Bull Media House’s Terra Mater Factual Studios. It also... Read more »
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‘Circus 1903’ brings back live elephants, sort of
Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus may have retired their iconic elephants but there’s still a way to see the huge beasts onstage.The new touring show Circus 1903, which makes its American debut next year, features two life-size elephants – one baby, one massive mamma – created by the pup...
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How origami might actually help save elephants
The Wildlife Conservation Society wanted to show just how big the elephant poaching problem is. Video provided by Newsy         
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African elephants could go extinct within 12 years
African elephants could go extinct within 12 years, data from a new survey shows. The Denver Post reports that anti-trafficking officials from 12 African nations confirmed the grim outlook for the survival of elephants, rhinos and other wildlife last week at a workshop in Denver and Washington, D.C. The officials are ramping up efforts to...
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Variety’s Creative Conscience Symposium Celebrates Socially Conscious Filmmakers
“I took people on a vicarious journey,” documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock reminisced with the audience at Variety’s Creative Conscience Symposium Sunday at the Toronto Film Festival. “It created a lot of trust with the audience. And I think we’ve seen that audiences trust documentaries more now. They know you’re going to give them something valuable out... Read more »
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