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Hillary Clinton describes overcoming sexism in college to Humans of New York
Eric DuVallNEW YORK, Sept. 9 (UPI) -- Hillary Clinton opened up to the online interview project Humans of New York about the sexism she's faced and how it affects her ability to connect with voters.
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Feighan: Overwhelmed by to-do list? You’re not alone
A book by a former Washington Post reporter delves into time, chronic stress and how to manage ‘the overwhelm’        
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Ex-Falcon Mike Smith to call game from press box

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The Woolly Wisdom in the ‘Llama Llama’ Books
In her series of children’s books about llamas, Anna Dewdney wrote with a deceptive brilliance that spoke to parents and children alike.
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The '5 disguises' used by human traffickers
Across the U.S., there is a movement to prioritize human trafficking prevention in our nation's communities. Schools, youth service programs, juvenile corrections services, group homes, and other youth-oriented spaces have begun to recognize their great potential to empower youth to stay safe from exploitation.
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Ann Arbor writer’s stories hit tech’s effects on kids
The 13 stories look at the effects the internet has on social, emotional and psychological interactions, relationships.        
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Are the kids alright? ChildLine contacted by suicidal youngsters in Britain every 30mins
Children reporting suicidal thoughts in Britain have doubled in number over the last five years, according to the charity ChildLine, which says it receives calls from kids as young as 10 seeking support. Read Full Article at
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Today's Birthday (09/08/16). Go for your passions this year. Stretch personal boundaries and explore new frontiers. A breakthrough in your relationship with money allows for new levels of prosperity. Change directions with a collaboration. Revelations and realizations over springtime lead to blooming...
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Mulberry blooms again: Local moms reopen kids boutique
They say when one door closes, another one opens. That was the case with beloved Boston children’s boutique Mulberry Road. After 15 years selling children’s wares in the Back Bay, the former owner decided to call it quits last spring.For local moms Lauren Moore and Martha Matthews, the closure left a huge gap in the area, and so the duo decided Mulberry Road needed to rise again.The highly curated boutique, selling fancy frocks, fun toys and gift items, will officially reopen in its new location at 251 Newbury St. on Sept. 17.
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10 feelings everyone waiting for admissions decisions is feeling right now
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Ask Amy: Daughter juggles relationship with two mothers
I am a 37-year-old woman who was adopted at the age of 6. My adoptive mother, "Jane," encouraged me to find my biological mom, "Kate," after Jane had recently connected with her biological family (she was also adopted). I reconnected with Kate four years ago.
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Microsoft’s ‘virtual couch’ will send film buffs to outer space & virtual worlds
Tech giant Microsoft is still sweet on an “avatar experience” to allow movie buffs and their friends to watch films in exotic virtual destinations, like outer space or mountain ranges. Read Full Article at
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United pilot kicked off flight for rant about divorce, politics
"If you don’t feel safe, get off the airplane," she told passengers.
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Madly in love? Author writes you have brain chemicals to thank for that
In his book “True Love,” Dr. Fred Nour explores the history of love and the chemical processes that occur in the brain as individuals fall in and out of love. He postulates that falling out of love is just an expected part of the “true love” process.
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Durant still loves Oklahoma City but fans don’t feel the same
As much as it still hurts for so many Oklahomans to see Kevin Durant shine elsewhere, the Golden State star remains committed to the community he called home for nearly a decade. The place where he grew into the basketball player he is today, and the man he has become.KD departed Oklahoma City with...
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Editorial: Why do fans care so much?
If you’re a dedicated fan of a college or professional sports team, and somebody who is prone to self-examination, you’ve probably asked yourself this question: Why do I care so much?You understand that it’s just a game. When your team wins, you don’t receive a boost in fame or salary. You don’t eve...
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10 leading performances and 10 key scenes that could help these nominees take home the Oscar
A facial twitch. A whispered word. A long, heartfelt monologue. A key scene for an actor can be any of those things - but when it comes, it can't be ignored. Like an arm wrapped around a shoulder, it pulls the audience into the character's world and holds them there. And sometimes, that's exactly...
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6-year-old celebrates finishing chemo with adorable dance
A 6-year-old boy who has been fighting an inoperable brain tumor since infancy donned a Superman T-shirt to his ceremonial ringing of the chemotherapy bell at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center on Thursday. Jimmy Spagnolo, who finished a year-long round of chemotherapy, busted out in a victory dance for...
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Misophonia: When chewing sounds enrage you
Though the sound of chewing may be unpleasant, most of us do not respond with a fight-or-flight reaction, a condition known as misophonia. A new study explored this phenomenon and discovered that, compared with most people, sufferers of misophonia have structural differences in the areas of their brains tasked with regulating emotions.
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‘Bachelor’ beauty reaches her boiling point with Nick
Virginia is for lovers, whereas St. Thomas is for heartache. At least in Jasmine’s case. “Bachelor” Nick Viall came to another gut-wrenching decision regarding his relationship with the NBA dancer on Monday’s episode. While majority of his courtships are progressing, theirs remains at a standstill. After whisking the women away to the tropical island of...
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Iran bars US wrestlers in response to Trump travel ban
Iran has banned American wrestlers from taking part in an international tournament in response to the travel and visa policy of President Donald Trump, local media reported on Friday. Read Full Article at
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Why you hate chewing noises
If you’ve ever had the urge to lash out at a coworker for chewing loudly, science is on your side. Researchers from the UK learned what happens in the brains of those who get an “excessive” emotional response to the sounds of eating or breathing. The condition, known as “Misophonia,” causes certain people to get...
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Lin-Manuel Miranda on Trump's Muslim ban: 'It's unconstitutional'
Lin-Manuel Miranda strongly believes President Trumps' Muslim ban does not represent the U.S.
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Young cast lifts interstellar romance 'The Space Between Us' (review, photos)
"What's your favorite thing about Earth?" That's the question that Mars-born Gardner Elliot asks as he roams the American Southwest, soaking up new experiences and falling in love in the teen romance "The Space Between Us." The movie suffers from sluggish action at times, but its plot twists and appealing young actors elevate the proceedings into an enjoyable blend of romance, science fiction and adventure. CLEVELAND, Ohio -- "What's your favorite thing about Earth?" That's the question that Mars-born Gardner Elliot asks as he roams the American Southwest, soaking up new experiences and falling in love in the teen romance "The Space Between Us." The movie suffers from sluggish action at times, but its plot twists and appealing young actors elevate the proceedings into an enjoyable blend of romance, science fiction and adventure. Gary Oldman plays Nathaniel Shepherd, an Elon Musk-type entrepreneur spearheading the first manned settlement on Mars. Soon after blast-off, astronaut Sarah Elliot (Janet Montgomery) discovers she is pregnant. She dies in childbirth on Mars, but her baby lives. The baby, Gardner Elliot (Asa Butterfield), grows up to be a precocious and lonely teenager. His birth was kept secret from people on Earth, and his bones aren't strong enough to withstand Earth's gravity. Unbeknownst to his foster mom, Kendra (Carla Gugino), Gardner has started an email relationship with Tulsa (Britt Robertson), a tough and resourceful teenager whose time in various foster homes has made her mistrustful. REVIEW The Space Between Us Who: With Asa Butterfield, Britt Robertson, Gary Oldman and Carla Gugino. Directed by Peter Chelsom. Rated: PG-13 (for brief sensuality and language). Running time: 121 minutes. When: Opens Friday. Where: Area theaters. Grade: B- With help from an operation to strengthen his bones, Gardner can visit Earth for a limited time. He finds Tulsa in Oklahoma, and the two go on a road trip to learn more about Gardner's identity. Gardner also persuades Tulsa to lower her emotional defenses and recognize his love for her. The action drags at times, but it picks up when the focus returns to the rapport between Gardner and Tulsa, two motherless teens searching for human connections. That is the movie's true spark. Butterfield's wide blue eyes reflect a range of emotions and give him a cute-puppy look that teen girls will appreciate. He's a young actor with an impressive resume in science fiction and fantasy films, having starred in Martin Scorsese's 2011 film "Hugo," "Ender's Game" and "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children." Robertson does a fine job as the fiery Tulsa. Her acting resume includes the TV series "Under the Dome" and the film "Tomorrowland." This movie emphasizes romance more than science fiction, glossing over many practical details about life on another planet. How did a bunch of scientists feed an infant with no formula among their supplies? How was Gardner able to keep his emails to Tulsa secret when surely NASA was monitoring all communications? And why was there no lag time in their messaging because of the distance between Earth and Mars? It would be easy to invent reasons for all these things, and the filmmakers should have included a few lines of explanation. Parents be warned: "The Space Between Us" includes an unnecessary love scene between Gardner and Tulsa. While the moment is handled discreetly - the two climb into the same sleeping bag - it will cause some parents to put the movie on the no-fly list for their kids. "The Space Between Us" threatens to conclude on a tear-jerking note, but it ends with a sense of optimism for our young lovers.
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Bollywood star tells how she fought off Paris attackers
The Bollywood actress who fought off masked attackers aimed at robbing her in Paris has vowed that she will not let it change her life.
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UNLV offering group therapy for those jolted by election
Americans reacted to the 2016 election results with a mix of emotions that surfaced in protests, stream-of-consciousness social media posts and messages scribbled on Post-It notes inside a New York City subway tunnel. Some were angry. Some were elated. Others just needed to talk. To that end, a UNLV program is offering ...
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Poker face no more: MIT unveils device that reads human emotions (VIDEO, POLL)
Accurately reading a person’s emotions can be tricky, but MIT scientists have developed a new device to detect and ‘read’ human emotions via wireless signals. Read Full Article at
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The Women of Atenco
These are the 11 plaintiffs — and their words.
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Tinder users can now add songs to profile, fend off Beliebers
They say music is the key to the soul.
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Alexis Martinez Pena: The Countryman
A teacher-turned-shoemaker and occasional clown creates a new life in Cuba's Sierra Maestra mountains.
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Nonfiction: Why Do People Who Need Help From the Government Hate It So Much?
In “Strangers in Their Own Land,” Arlie Russell Hochschild tries to understand the worldview of Louisiana Tea Party supporters.
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Silent treatment has readers talking
In lieu of silence, state your feelings and reasons for not being ready to talk about the issue yet        
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Lara Spencer returns to ‘GMA’ after hip replacement
“I am walking unassisted," Spencer said. "Thank you all for your love and support and all of you guys who wrote to me.”
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How to talk to children about tough topics
Having conversations with children about complex emotional subjects can be difficult, but illness, death and violence can affect children directly and indirectly, so it’s important to address hard topics, even when they are upsetting.
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TV Review: ‘Son of Zorn’
“Son of Zorn” may seem at first glance to have an unusual premise: Its lead character, the muscle-bound Zorn of the title, is animated, as are a few other elements sprinkled throughout the show. However, the majority of the new comedy takes place in live-action settings populated with flesh-and-blood humans. Though a little strange, the... Read more »
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Ben McAdoo not about to share his feelings about debut win
ARLINGTON, Texas — Ben McAdoo, 1-0 as a head coach in the NFL, was asked how it feels. “I’m still replaying the game in my head,’’ McAdoo said not long after Sunday’s 20-19 season-opening victory over the Cowboys. “Sometime in February I’ll enjoy it.’’ If McAdoo was feeling any sort of personal satisfaction, he kept...
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Scotland's female farmers: Custodians of the land
Lorraine Luescher came from a long line of Scottish farmers, but two generations ago her family sold its farms.
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Toronto 2016: 'Arrival,' 'Nocturnal Animals' and the Amy Adams effect
A remarkably cohesive double bill screened for journalists at the Toronto International Film Festival on Friday morning. Denis Villeneuve’s “Arrival,” landing here after its screenings in Venice and Telluride, is a science-fiction thriller that plays like an intimate psychological drama. Tom Ford’s...
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After 9/11, we saw tragedy unite us. Why can’t we do that in Chicago?
It was a small moment, but I'm trying to make room for more of them because I suspect they're actually quite big, in the end. My son was stepping out of the shower and telling me, "Wait, wait," before I lifted his toweled body and carried him sideways, like an area rug, giggling into his room....
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