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Lottery: Winner of $487M Powerball set to claim prize
The New Hampshire Lottery says the winner of the $487 million Powerball jackpot in July is set to claim the prize        
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Obama says he doesn't take Duterte's comments personally
VIENTIANE (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama said on Thursday he had indicated to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte that their teams should meet and that he did not take earlier comments from Duterte personally.
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EU boats could be blocked from British waters if Brexit talks break down
Prime Minister Theresa May has reportedly vowed to break the 1964 London Convention and ban European fishing vessels from waters 6 to 12 nautical miles from British shores. Read Full Article at
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José, Müller, Peña, Gonçalves: Texas bill would OK diacritical marks on documents
Letters of the alphabet, as printed on Texas documents like birth certificates and driver licenses, do not contain any extra symbols known as "diacritical marks," including accents, tildes, graves, umlauts and cedillas. State Rep. Terry Canales, D-Edinburgh, wants to change that.
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U.K. Retail Sales Fell Again in January
U.K. retail sales shrank in January, after posting the fastest monthly decline in over five years in December, signaling that rising prices are squeezing Britons’ wallets in the wake of the Brexit vote.
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U.K. Seeks to Limit Post-Brexit Trade Pain
Britain is already putting out feelers about its future trading relations outside the EU, which has handled its global trade arrangements for more than 40 years, Stephen Fidler writes.
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Trump Plans 'Tweaking' of Canada Trade Pact
President Donald Trump said he seeks only modest changes in the U.S. trade relationship with Canada after talks with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
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Trump-Trudeau Meeting Will Preview Trade, Border Issues
Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau will visit President Trump in Washington on Monday seeking common ground despite some policy differences.
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IMF's Stand on Greek Bailout Unnerves Europe
Even as European governments are desperate to resolve a months-old standoff over the next phase of Greece’s bailout program, the IMF is holding firm on terms, Simon Nixon writes.
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U.K. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson renounces U.S. citizenship
Johnson didn’t immediately comment on reasons for the renunciation.       
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Digital Gains, Asia Growth Drive 10% Increase in British TV Exports
Increasing sales of digital rights and higher demand from top Asian markets fueled a 10% rise in the value of British TV exports during the 2015-2016 cycle, according to the U.K.’s PACT trade org. The annual survey by the Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television found British TV exports hit about $1.65 billion in 2015-16,... Read more »
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Government’s Brexit negotiation White Paper ‘says nothing’ and is ‘too late'
The British government has released its White Paper setting out its Brexit plans. Read Full Article at
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Brexit blunder: Government error teases UK with 14 weeks vacation
An embarrassing error in the UK government’s White Paper says Britons would enjoy 14 weeks’ paid vacation a year in the post-Brexit era, giving a fatigued public something to cheer about as Theresa May’s government ventures the unknown path of EU-divorce. Read Full Article at
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High Court Allows Scotland, Wales to Join Brexit Case
The U.K. Supreme Court allowed the Scottish and Welsh governments to join the case to determine how Brexit can be carried out under British law, adding further complexity to the legal battle.
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Stress Test Indicates Canada Housing Prices Could Drop Sharply
A severe and prolonged economic depression could result in a 25% decline in Canadian house prices by 2021, Canada’s national housing agency says.
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Trump's Win, Brexit Stem From Mishandling of Globalization, Obama Says
President Barack Obama said that America’s election of Donald Trump and the U.K.’s vote to leave the European Union reflect a political uprising in the West over economic inequities spawned by leaders’ mishandling of globalization.
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Well Go USA Scores China’s ‘God of War’ for North America
Well Go USA has acquired rights in North America, and other English-speaking territories to Chinese-language film “God of War.” The period action extravaganza stars Sammo Hung and Vincent Zhao. The film is currently in post-production and set for a release in March 2017. Well Go also acquired rights for the U.K., Australia and New Zealand.... Read more »
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Moobs, YOLO, fugheddabdout now in Oxford English Dictionary
Slang for unusually prominent breasts on a man, or, in short, man boobs, moobs is now officially one of the 829,000 words of the Oxford English Dictionary.
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Proposition 58 would bring back bilingual education in California. And that's a good thing.
Proposition 227, the 1998 initiative that eliminated most bilingual education in California, was heavily tinged with resentment toward immigrants. But there was also an element of legitimate frustration. Instead of bringing non-English speaking students to fluency over time, many public schools...
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Learning, speaking a second language aids attention and focus
Brooks HaysBIRMINGHAM, England, Sept. 9 (UPI) -- Researchers in England have identified new cognitive advantages to bilingualism. People who speak two languages are better able to maintain attention and focus.
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