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Weak tornado damages guard's Camp Ripley in Minnesota
LITTLE FALLS, Minn. (AP) - The National Weather Service says it was a weak tornado that damaged the Minnesota National Guard's Camp Ripley. The storm caused major damage to several buildings used for housing, training and maintenance at the camp and training center in Little Falls. It ripped the roof ...
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Climate change skeptics scoff as NOAA quickly links global warming, Louisiana floods
When a federal agency announced this week that global warming increased by 40 percent the chances of the torrential rains that caused last month's devastating Louisiana flood, climate activists quickly spread the word. So did University of Colorado Boulder senior climate scientist Roger Pielke Sr. — for a very different ...
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Every bird on this island eats plastic
CNN gained rare access to Midway Atoll to see the shocking amounts of plastic that makes its way across the Pacific Ocean and into our food chain.
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New video of WWII shipwrecks off North Carolina coast
WWII came closer to home than many Americans realize. NOAA is conducting an expedition to better understand the battlefields off our coast.
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Cars swallowed by sinkhole
Two cars were swallowed by a 20 foot sinkhole in California.
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Anti-Semitic incidents on the rise in US
Reports of anti-Semitic incidents across the US are being investigated by police and the FBI. The NYPD says the number of hate crimes against Jewish people has increased in the city this year. CNN's Gary Tuchman reports.
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My Turn: Citizens Bank supports the pipeline, so I can’t support Citizens Bank
This is an open letter to the officers and the board of directors of Citizens Bank, which was prompted by two things. First is the wish for the well-being and a high quality of life for your grandchildren. The second is that my wife and I are closing our accounts with Citizens Bank. These two seemin...
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Town gets a ‘pounding’ from penis-shaped storm (IMAGE)
A penis-shaped storm was spotted by satellite en route to a town Down Under, much to the delight of dirty-minded Aussies. Read Full Article at
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The Latest: Officials: 7 homes damaged in Louisiana parish
NEW ORLEANS (AP) — The Latest on severe weather in the Deep South (all times local):
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Boulder’s NCAR boasts powerful new supercomputer at Wyoming site
Key projects at Boulder's National Center for Atmospheric Research will now be supported by a powerful new supercomputer capable of more than three times the amount of scientific computing performed by its predecessor.
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Trump University instructor: What I did was sales
As Donald Trump's Trump University lawsuit moves forward in court, CNN's Drew Griffin sits down with a former instructor who said he was the best salesman at the school.
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Who is affected by climate change, and how?
Some are affected by drought, others by extreme wet conditions, some by heat and others by harsh winters.
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Climate report card: hot, wild and with an increasingly visible 'human footprint'
There has been good news and bad news presented at the climate talks wrapping up in the Moroccan city of Marrakesh on Friday. The United Nations’ climate agency confirmed what scientists have been warning for months: that 2016 is “very likely” to surpass 2015 as the hottest year on record. Moreover,...
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Bungee jumper breaks tea dunk record
What do tea and bungee jumping have in common? A British man combined the two, breaking the world record for highest bungee dunk.
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NASCAR driver puts his life in this guy's hands
NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Denny Hamlin puts his life in the hands of his crew chief Mike Wheeler every time he races around the track.
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CNN reporters tear gassed, knocked over
Protests over Charlotte police shooting turn ugly again. CNN's Boris Sanchez and Ed Lavandera report from the scene.
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Officer reunites with man he saved 19 years ago
After nearly 20 years, Officer James Poole was reunited with Chris Jones, who he saved from drowning when Jones was only 5 years old.
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Beauty queen's looks attacked
Arianna Quan was crowned Miss Michigan 2016 but has received criticism on social media, including comments calling her ugly and that she's ruining the reputation of Chinese people.
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Why are pianos popping up around city?
As CNN's Jonathan Mann reports, pianos are popping up on the streets of Atlanta and they are for everyone to play.
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