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IS gas canister plot spurred by group of women
A teen who pledged allegiance to IS stabbed a cop and was shot in the leg Thursday evening in a raid south of Paris        
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British spooks delete 1,000 extremist videos weekly – still can’t keep up with propagandists
Extremist material is spreading online at such a fast rate, UK security services are unable to keep up, Home Secretary Amber Rudd has admitted. Read Full Article at
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Couple held after gas canisters found near Paris' Notre Dame
PARIS — A criminal terrorist investigation was opened in Paris on Wednesday following the discovery of a car parked near Notre Dame Cathedral with seven gas canisters and pages written in Arabic inside, prosecutors said.The Paris prosecutor's office said a couple it described as radicalized —a 34-year-old man and a 29-year-old woman— was arrested a day earlier in a highway rest area near the southern town of Orange and transferred to Paris to be questioned in the case.
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London attacker was cheerful, joking on eve of rampage
Long before his short stints in jail turned into years behind bars, Khalid Masood was known as Adrian Elms, with a reputation for drinking and an unpredictable temper. At least twice he was convicted of violent crimes, well before he stabbed a police officer to death Wednesday with a motion one...
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MI5 launches inquiry into whether it could have prevented Westminster terrorist attack
Britain’s domestic intelligence agency MI5 has launched an internal inquiry into whether it could have stopped Westminster terrorist Khalid Masood – an ex-convict who it investigated in the past, but had dropped off its radar. Read Full Article at
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London attack puts Europe on alert over terror
Countries across Europe tightened security Thursday as investigators in London identified a 52-year-old British-born Muslim man as the attacker who carried out Wednesday's rampage on Westminster Bridge and the grounds of Parliament. Authorities said Khalid Masood, who lived in the British city of Birmingham, had a history of criminal convictions ...
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Opinion: Attack was long overdue
Wednesday's attack on London was expected, planned for, and in the view of many, a long time coming.
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Combating the terrorism we fear, without a ban or a list
An intervention that could have saved a Colorado security officer from an act of religious extremism teetered on the brink, but President Donald Trump's travel ban wouldn't have tipped the scale.
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UN urges more airline passenger info in anti-terror fight
UNITED NATIONS (AP) - The U.N. political chief on Tuesday urged the world's nations to share information about airline passengers as part of a stepped up response to the growth of "transnational terrorism" sparked by the Islamic State group's expanding areas of attack. Jeffrey Feltman also told the U.N. Security ...
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2 mortar rounds hit near voting site day before Somalia vote
MOGADISHU, Somalia — Two mortar rounds fired by suspected extremists hit near Mogadishu's international airport Tuesday night, close to the heavily guarded venue where Somalia's presidential election will be held on Wednesday, police said.There were no immediate reports of deaths, Capt. Mohamed Hussein said.Separately, residents in a town outside Mogadishu said suspected al-Shabab extremists launched an attack on an African Union military base there.
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FSB promotes greater cooperation between state & business over data security
A senior representative of Russia’s Federal Security Service says the agency has prepared a bill to put additional responsibility on businesses that own critical elements of the national data structure, adding the state alone cannot guarantee protection. Read Full Article at
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London & Portsmouth Britain’s most fertile terrorist recruiting grounds – US military report
Terrorist recruiters in Europe have been focusing their energies on London and the southern English city of Portsmouth to find new fighters, a study from the US military shows. Read Full Article at
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Germany Arrests Teenage Refugee With Islamic State Link
German police arrested a 16 year-old Syrian refugee with connections to Islamic State, the latest in a series of arrests of suspected radical Islamists and terrorists in the country.
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Hasina urges global leaders to create space for empowering women for sustainable future
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has pitched for empowering women for a better future saying it's also crucial to prevent violent extremism.
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Pentagon says Raqqa strike kills Islamic State information minister
WASHINGTON — A U.S. airstrike this month killed a senior Islamic State militant who oversaw the extremist group’s information and propaganda activities, the Pentagon said Friday.
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‘Extremist’ children under 10 referred to UK de-radicalization programs daily
Efforts to stem Islamic and far-right extremism in the UK have led to children under the age of 10 being referred to government de-radicalization programs on an almost daily basis, new figures show. Read Full Article at
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Prosecutor: Women behind failed Paris attack guided by Syria
A cell of young women behind a thwarted attack near Notre Dame Cathedral were radicalized by the Islamic State group and guided by commanders in Syria, the Paris prosecutor said Friday.
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Gang of ISIS women were behind failed Notre Dame attack
PARIS — A failed attack involving a car loaded with gas canisters near Notre Dame Cathedral was spearheaded by a group of women that included a 19-year-old whose written pledge of allegiance to the Islamic State group was found by police, a security official said Friday. The teen, Ines Madani, stabbed a police officer with...
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Islamic State gas canister plot at Notre Dame was spurred by a group of women
A failed attack involving a car loaded with gas canisters near Notre Dame Cathedral was spearheaded by a group of women that included a 19-year-old whose written pledge of allegiance to the Islamic State group was found by police, a security official said Friday. The teen, Ines Madani, stabbed...
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