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Ex-Falcon Mike Smith to call game from press box

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Hillary Clinton explains why she adopted ‘aloof’ persona
WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton said she takes responsibility for coming across as “aloof,” but explains she had to adopt a cool persona decades ago to “protect” herself. “I had to learn as a young woman to control my emotions,” Clinton said in an interview for Humans of New York released Thursday. “And that’s a hard...
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The Woolly Wisdom in the ‘Llama Llama’ Books
In her series of children’s books about llamas, Anna Dewdney wrote with a deceptive brilliance that spoke to parents and children alike.
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Courtney Stodden ‘feeling a little lost’ after miscarriage
The 22-year-old model now says she regrets shaving her head after announcing her miscarriage.
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Mulberry blooms again: Local moms reopen kids boutique
They say when one door closes, another one opens. That was the case with beloved Boston children’s boutique Mulberry Road. After 15 years selling children’s wares in the Back Bay, the former owner decided to call it quits last spring.For local moms Lauren Moore and Martha Matthews, the closure left a huge gap in the area, and so the duo decided Mulberry Road needed to rise again.The highly curated boutique, selling fancy frocks, fun toys and gift items, will officially reopen in its new location at 251 Newbury St. on Sept. 17.
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Fashion takes London by storm with Preen, Topshop, Mulberry
LONDON — London Fashion Week neared its climax Sunday with shows by Preen, Topshop, Mulberry and others taking place at many sites in the more-chic-than-usual British capital.A fleet of Mercedes-Benz sedans is ferrying VIPs from venue to venue as buyers, bloggers and wannabes gauge each show for that elusive dash of something special and off the wall. Not to be outdone, some have arrived at shows in a polished silver Rolls-Royce.
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United pilot kicked off flight for rant about divorce, politics
"If you don’t feel safe, get off the airplane," she told passengers.
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For Syrian refugees, uncertainty returned with Trump order
Ten days ago, this could have been a totally feel-good story about how the people of Baltimore County have been so welcoming and generous, helping the Almuhammad family feel comfortable and supported as they settle into American life after more than three years as refugees from their native Syria...
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Why you hate chewing noises
If you’ve ever had the urge to lash out at a coworker for chewing loudly, science is on your side. Researchers from the UK learned what happens in the brains of those who get an “excessive” emotional response to the sounds of eating or breathing. The condition, known as “Misophonia,” causes certain people to get...
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Confessions of a ‘Vampire Documentalist’ Roaming New York’s Subways
BYDGOSZCZ, Poland — Polish documentarian and cinematographer Piotr Stasik seems to relish breaking conventions, having shot “21 x NY” on New York subways, without permits, filming with his lens unattached and handheld while finding random interview subjects willing to talk about love, sex and obsession. Describing himself as “a harmless vampire documentalist,” he admits his... Read more »
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Around the Clubs: Daniel Avery, Lobster Theremin, the Black Madonna and more
If there’s anything the late David Mancuso would have wanted you to do on a weekend like this, it would be to go dancing. For some, it may be hard to muster anything like enthusiasm for going out right now, but that’s how darkness wins. Here are some of the best club nights this weekend to try...
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Iris Apfel says young women must grab opportunity
UNITED NATIONS (AP) - Fashion icon and interior decorator Iris Apfel, at age 95, has some advice for young female entrepreneurs: When opportunity presents itself, take it and run with it. "Taking opportunity and running is very important, because I never had a business plan in my life. Things just ...
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UNLV offering group therapy for those jolted by election
Americans reacted to the 2016 election results with a mix of emotions that surfaced in protests, stream-of-consciousness social media posts and messages scribbled on Post-It notes inside a New York City subway tunnel. Some were angry. Some were elated. Others just needed to talk. To that end, a UNLV program is offering ...
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Black students feel less safe on college campuses, survey shows
Black students feel less safe on their campuses than other students, according to results from the National Survey of Student Engagement. CLEVELAND, Ohio - Black students feel less safe on college campuses than other students do, according to the National Survey of Student Engagement. About 13,000 freshmen and seniors at 34 institutions responded to questions about safety. While 5 percent of white students reported feeling unsafe, 14 percent of black students said they disagreed or strongly disagreed the statement that they felt physically safe on campus. Transgender students and students with a gender identity other than man or woman were twice as likely to disagree with positive statements about safety and belonging, the report said. Engagement Insights--Annual Results 2016 surveyed more than 300,000 first-year and senior students attending 512 four-year colleges in spring 2016. All received a core survey but smaller groups of students answered additional questions on specific topics. "The good news is that the vast majority of students do feel safe on campus," Alexander McCormick, director of the national survey, told Inside Higher Ed. "But there are still feelings of alienation and disconnectedness out there that we should be concerned about. There is an emotional cost and strain to not feeling safe or welcome that gets in the way of studying and engagement." The survey occurred before the election of Donald Trump as president, which has led to protests and racial incidents on campus. "Over these past few days, we have heard deeply disturbing reports of verbal assaults on students and others at a wide range of institutions, from middle schools to universities across the country, including our own campus," Ohio State University President Michael Drake and other administrators wrote in a message to the campus on Nov. 12. "We protect First Amendment rights actively, but we do not under any circumstances tolerate intimidation or threats to students, faculty, staff or visitors to our campus." U.S. Department of Education Secretary John King Jr. on Tuesday urged university leaders to be sure that students do not feel harassed or intimidated in the wake of a divisive election that has left "many of our students feeling vulnerable," Inside Higher Ed reported. King, who spoke at the annual meeting of the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities,  said that all students -- regardless of race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation or gender identity -- deserve to be treated with respect. See the survey below or click here if on a mobile device. Following are some of the findings from the overall survey and questions answered by smaller groups of students: About 20 percent of first-year students had difficulty with both learning course material and getting help with coursework. These students studied fewer hours, were less likely to earn high grades, and were more likely to seriously consider leaving their institution. That question was asked of  25,000 at students at 140 schools. About 25 percent of beginning college students took college-level courses while in high school as part of a dual enrollment program.  While retention and graduation were positively related to student engagement, the strongest association for engagement was for the amount of time students spent preparing for class. While about 75 percent of student surveyed reported they felt "like part of the campus community," 31 percent of multiracial students disagreed with that statement. // DV.load("", { width: 600, height: 800, sidebar: false, container: "#DV-viewer-3221501-NSSE-2016-Annual-Results" }); // ]]>
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What 1,500 voicemails reveal about the American voter
Devastated. Ecstatic. Afraid. Hopeful.
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The Women of Atenco
These are the 11 plaintiffs — and their words.
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Silent treatment has readers talking
In lieu of silence, state your feelings and reasons for not being ready to talk about the issue yet        
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Lara Spencer returns to ‘GMA’ after hip replacement
“I am walking unassisted," Spencer said. "Thank you all for your love and support and all of you guys who wrote to me.”
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Scotland's female farmers: Custodians of the land
Lorraine Luescher came from a long line of Scottish farmers, but two generations ago her family sold its farms.
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Earth-Sign Grounding Influence by Holiday Mathis
Each lit window in each structure of the landscape represents an entire life of which you likely know nothing about. You've passed hundreds and thousands of such lives, and as mysterious as they may be, you may feel today that you can relate to any one of them as the earth-sign influences ground us in our shared earthly experience. ARIES (March 21-April 19). To invite your favorite people to events you think will be fun is a no-brainer. The super-brainy move is to invite them to events that have the potential to be boring. With good company, any situation can be a party.
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