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Column ‘Why I’ll never date a feminist’ earns mockery and insults
A Missouri journalist’s column headlined “Why I’ll Never Date a Feminist” turned him into one of the top targets of social media mockery.
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10 quotes that define this iconic anti-feminist
The late Phyllis Schlafly was no stranger to controversy. As a conservative activist, she staunchly opposed feminism and abortion, disdained multiculturalism and spoke out against LGBT rights -- netting her legions of supporters and detractors.
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Miss America protest: 6 things you probably didn't learn in history class
It wasn't a "bra-burning" fest, nor were they protesting the Miss America contestants.       
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Are women being played by 'feminist' ads?
Feminism and capitalism are converging. Some people aren't crazy about the results.         
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You're sexist. And so am I.
The most insidious form of sexism isn’t the one we see when we look out at the world, but the one we fail to see when we look inside ourselves.         
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'The future is female': Young feminists you should be following on Twitter
Some of these feminist follows are famous -- others aren't (yet).       
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Henderson City Council agrees to let nonprofit use state’s Low Income Housing Trust Fund
The Henderson City Council on Tuesday agreed to let the nonprofit HopeLink of Southern Nevada use the Nevada’s Low Income Housing Trust Fund.
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Thousands march against ‘sexist & racist’ burqa ban plan in Austria (VIDEOS)
Some 3,000 Muslim women and their supporters marched in Vienna protesting government plans to impose ban on wearing full-face veils in public places. Read Full Article at
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How Phyllis Schlafly gave us Sarah Palin
The death of anti-feminist activist Phyllis Schlafly on Monday brought commiserations from the GOP ticket. Donald Trump tweeted that she was "truly great." Mike Pence called her "the First Lady of the Conservative Movement." Pence wasn't exaggerating.
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So, this nation just opened a 'mansplaining' hotline
This is no joke.         
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Sweden opens a hotline to report 'mansplaining'
This is no joke.       
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White Helmets among 'alternative Nobel prize' winners
Voluntary aid group shares Swedish Right Livelihood Award with Russian activist, Turkish daily and Egyptian feminist.
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Nonfiction: What We Can Learn From Women Who Break the Rules
In “Trainwreck,” Sady Doyle writes about the women “we love to hate, mock and fear.”
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Politics take front row seat at New York Fashion Week
NEW YORK (AP) - The presidential election cast a long shadow over New York Fashion Week, with politics taking a front row seat. Some highlights: ___ FEMINIST INSPIRATION - AND THOUGHTS ON A FEMALE PRESIDENT - AT PRABAL GURUNG Prabal Gurung went on the road for inspiration for his latest ...
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It's 2016. What's with all the sexism?
It's 2016. A woman is running for president, athletes like Serena Williams are household names and pop culture is replete with feminist heroines our foremothers could only dream of.
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