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Why forecasters got Hermine's path so wrong

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Letter: Candidates aren’t clairvoyant
Candidates aren’t clairvoyantI get a big laugh watching political ads that interrupt my TV viewing.I especially get the biggest chuckle when one candidate tells how his/her opponent might act on this or that matter. Or by clever editing use that candidate’s own words against them.I’ve always felt th...
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The prospects of a quick Obamacare repeal are sinking fast
The chance of repealing the individual mandate has dropped 30 points in two weeks.
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Officials to further drain Lake Oroville to absorb coming rain, snow runoff
Doug G. WareFeb. 15 (UPI) -- Officials are planning to drain Lake Oroville even lower than 60 feet, in order to allow enough room to take water expected from rain storms and snow melt.
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Black ice, fog, a little snow will make commute tough, but hang in there, the sun will come out this afternoon
An icy commute with freezing rain, scattered snow and black ice on the roads is expected Friday morning in the Denver metro area.
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Forecast sees more jobs for Michigan in 2017-18
Annual U-M prediction sees job growth slowing a bit and auto sales fading from 17.4 million to 17.2 million        
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Polls may be making voters worse at predicting elections
And journalists are concerned too.
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Lightning adds missing info to storm forecasts
Hannah Hickey, University of Washington A new study shows how to apply lightning strike information to storm forecasts.
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Don’t trust a single forecast. The consensus all year has been that Clinton will win.
We combine forecasts from six different kinds of predictions, not just polls. And since it became clear that Trump would be the nominee in February, the forecast has remained remarkably stable.
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Met office forecast rain on Eid day
Bangladesh is likely to experience rain on the day of Eid-ul-Azha, says the met office.
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Investment Q&A: Expect less from most everything
Stocks, bonds and most everything in between have delivered strong returns the last seven-plus years, helping to inflate retirement nest eggs and college-savings funds. But don't expect a repeat, says Richard Turnill, global chief investment strategist at BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager.
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