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‘Radicalized fanatics’: French police arrest 3 women planning terror attack on Paris train station
French police have arrested three radicalized women who were reportedly planning to bomb the populous Paris Gare de Lyon railway station to avenge the death of top Islamic State leader Abu Muhammed al-Adnani, France’s interior minister said. Read Full Article at
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Paris protests: 'We do not forgive'
Violent anti-police protests that have swept the suburbs of Paris since early February spread into the French capital's city center on Wednesday night.
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France shocked by death of 5yo boy punished by stepfather for bedwetting
The shocking death of a 5-year-old boy who was found near the side of a town canal only in socks and underwear with multiple head fractures has stirred the French media. The boy is said to have been cruelly punished by his stepfather for wetting the bed. Read Full Article at
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Paris Gare du Nord station evacuated as bomb squad blows up suspicious package
Thousands of people were forced to abandon the Gare du Nord station in central Paris after police found what eyewitnesses described as an unattended piece of luggage. The bomb squad then carried out a safe controlled detonation of the object. Read Full Article at
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