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Renée Zellweger forgot she married Kenny Chesney
She said, "It’s a pretty big thing to forget, isn’t it?"
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Social studies: Boston fete for french photog
French photographer, director, writer, designer and all-around bon vivant Olivier Ciappa brought his bonhomie to Boston last night for a private reception at the Back Bay home of Esmond and Jerome Harmsworth, who have sponsored the artist for the past year after discovering his project in France.Guests got to mingle with the euro visionary and view photos from his series “Les Couples Imaginaires” (“imaginary couples”), where Ciappa captured celebrities posing as gay couples and placed the images in public places around the world.
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Who is Swarthmore professor in the eye of Friends' Central storm?

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Milo Yiannopoulos, Larry Wilmore go head-to-head on 'Maher'
NEW YORK (AP) - While conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos insulted comics Lena Dunham, Leslie Jones, Amy Schumer and Sarah Silverman, his appearance on HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher" was relatively tame - at least until the cameras were turned off. It was later, during an online-only "Overtime" segment of ...
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Milo Yiannopoulos spars with Bill Maher, panel in 'Real Time' debut
It went ... about as well as you would expect. OK, maybe slightly better.         
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Conservatives are using the old 'gay friend' trick to try to win over LGBT advocates. Don't fall for it
Neil Gorsuch can’t be an opponent of LGBT rights — he has gay friends. That’s what his colleagues argue in a New York Times profile of the Colorado appellate judge tapped by President Trump to fill Antonin Scalia’s spot on the Supreme Court bench. During the 2016 presidential race, Trump vowed...
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Sara Ramirez calls out ABC, ‘Real O’Neals’ for ‘biphobia’
Sara Ramirez is taking aim at ABC after allowing a joke about bisexuals into a recent episode of “The Real O’Neals.”
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Susan Sarandon says her sexual orientation is ‘up for grabs'
Susan Sarandon is getting candid about her sexuality.
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Jacksonville passes historic LGBT protection
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) - The Jacksonville City Council has voted to update the city's civil rights laws to ban discrimination against gays and lesbians. Tuesday's 12 to six vote was a victory for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people. Mayor Lenny Curry said he will let it become law ...
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City fires LGBT director, names replacement

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Film Review: ‘Tom of Finland’
Ever since the bulbous, gorgeous gay erotica of one-time underground icon Tom of Finland crossed over from the locked drawer to the coffee table, it has been plagued by the same old line of discourse.
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Vermont is leading state for LGBT self-identification
Ed AdamczykFeb. 7 (UPI) -- Vermont leads all states in residents' self-identification as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, a Gallup Inc. survey that was released Tuesday says.
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Why Andrew Shaw is a good choice to be an LGBTQ ambassador for NHL
One of the last times I spoke with former Blackhawk Andrew Shaw, it was in April in the lobby of a hangar near O'Hare International Airport. Shaw had just issued an emotional apology in front of several cameras and tape recorders for uttering an anti-gay slur at an official during a tantrum from...
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Cynthia Nixon rallies for LGBT rights
Nixon started her speech by saying, "Hello brothers. Hello sisters. Hello siblings who reject the gender binary."
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Rally in New York supports immigrants and rights for gays and lesbians
State Department reverses visa cancellations after judge blocks part of Trump's executive order Feb. 4, 2017, 2:50 p.m. This is our look at President Trump's administration and the rest of Washington: Treasury Department sanctions 13 people and 12 companies in Iran Nearly 60,000 visas have been...
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As concerns mount over LGBT rights, study shows lack of protections
Twenty-three states, almost half the country, have laws that are hostile to transgender people.         
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Activists cheer exit of Gambia leader, an anti-gay 'icon'
ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast (AP) — In August 2014, Jamu Camara was at home with her girlfriend in the Gambian resort town of Kololi when police arrived for a surprise raid, taking both women in for questioning.
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Baltimoreans hold LGBT rally amid fears of Trump order
Dozens of people gathered in the cold in Baltimore on Thursday night to protest something that had yet to pass: an anti-LGBT executive order they feared could flow from the pen of President Donald Trump at any time. No such order had been signed, but they felt they'd already been put on notice...
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Gay Queens councilman threatened with death for Trump Tower march
An openly gay Queens councilman was threatened with execution in a hate-filled homophobic email.
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What 1,500 voicemails reveal about the American voter
Devastated. Ecstatic. Afraid. Hopeful.
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Nigerian woman fleeing anti-LGBT bias avoids jail over visa fraud
Yewande Beatrice Okubanjo knelt down on the floor in front of the judge’s bench in Brooklyn Federal Court and bowed her head repeatedly to show how grateful she was for being spared a jail sentence.
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Pink Pistols: Gun-toting gay people
They arm up to not be taken down
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Tim Kaine: Catholic Church might change position on gay marriage
Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine is predicting that the Roman Catholic Church may eventually change its opposition to gay marriage. Kaine is a devout Roman Catholic as well as a U.S. senator from Virginia and a former governor of that state. He told the Human Rights Campaign during...
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Area gay leaders take on racism in their community
Anneesah Smith stepped onto the stage of the African American Museum in Philadelphia on Saturday as the role model she never had.
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Going against the grain after Orlando shooting, LGBT group embraces guns
Jonathan Fischer is never sure who’s going to be more surprised when he, as he likes to put it, comes out of the gun closet — the gun aficionados who find out he’s gay or the gay friends who find out he likes shooting guns. When the 38-year-old television editor showed up last month to a defensive...
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