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Millennials are more conservative than Boomers or Gen Xers were at their age, study finds
National polls suggest millennials will vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump by large margins in November, but that doesn’t mean millennials lean further to the left than young people of previous generations.   On the contrary, according to a new study, a larger percentage of millennials identified as...
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Letter: Missing generations
Missing generationsLast week I covered town meetings in Antrim, Deering, Henniker, Hillsboro, Hopkinton and Washington. At each venue, one fact was readily apparent: The meetings were filled with gray-haired and balding people (I felt right at home). With few exceptions, a generation of Generation...
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Unzipped: Millennials on the move into 77047

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Would Mike Ilitch's story be possible today?
It’s fair to ask whether a life such as Ilitch’s would even be possible for a working class kid today.        
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Millennials are ditching the first date for the bedroom
Now that’s a quickie! Nearly half of millennials are more likely than others to sleep with someone before a first date–and nearly 30 percent use sex as a litmus test for love, a new study shows.’s annual Singles in America study found that 48 percent of the country’s 18- to 34-year-olds would slip between...
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You probably didn't need this survey to tell you that millennials are pessimistic
Not much optimism here. Shocker.       
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Snag-A-Slip looks to grow with $1.2 million in new financing
After snaring $1.2 million in new financing, Snag-A-Slip is poised to take a big step toward its goal of becoming the Priceline of boat slip booking. The Edgewater-based company plans to use the new funding to overhaul its online and mobile application, add 30 employees to its staff of 45, and...
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Why 1979(ish) may be the best birth year
The cool thing about being born in 1979 (or thereabouts) is we were exposed to the best of the analog and digital worlds — and that has uniquely equipped us to feel at home in both.        
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Is greed slowing the NFL's growth?
On eve of Super Bowl, league faces tough questions on how to market to millenials.         
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Opinion: Why Trump can't afford to let down his supporters
How did the twin political earthquakes of Brexit and Donald Trump's victory happen? There are many reasons, but one answer lies in the technological and social media revolution of the last decade.
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Clinton promises young voters 'something to vote for, not just against'
The Democratic nominee sought to shore up support among millennials who are considering third-party candidates.
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Tim Kaine shares that one of his kids preferred Sanders over Clinton
The Democratic vice-presidential nominee made an appeal to millennial voters.
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Clinton is losing some millennial voters to third-party contenders
The Democratic nominee and her surrogates have launched a full-court press, including a speech Monday in Philadelphia, to improve her standing with younger voters.
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Toronto Film Review: ‘Barakah Meets Barakah’
A smart, charming and bittersweet tale about the Kingdom’s millennial generation and their take on the social and political restrictions that stand in the way of meeting and mingling with the opposite sex.
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