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Actor Hugh O'Brian dies
Actor Hugh O'Brian, best known for his portrayal of the title role in the 1950's TV Western "The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp," has died. He was 91.
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Man charged with shooting 80-year-old to death in South Shore
A 67-year-old man has been charged with shooting an 80-year-old man to death Monday morning in the South Shore neighborhood.
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Tips sought to ID man found dead in Detroit
Police say a man aged 40-50 possibly dumped with a cord around torso Friday outside home in 17000 block of Omira        
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Police release 6 people arrested in Westminster attack investigation
Six people arrested in the investigation into the terrorist attack in Westminster, London have been released from custody, Scotland Yard confirmed. Four others continue to be questioned. Read Full Article at
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Falls are taking a huge, rising toll on seniors
Older adults are suffering concussions and other brain injuries from falls at what appear to be unprecedented rates, according to a new report from U.S. government researchers.The reason for the increase isn’t clear, the report’s authors said. But one likely factor is that a growing number of elderl...
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Drug that fights aging, cancer, and radiation could reach market in 5 years
Scientists have made a major breakthrough in fighting the aging process, treating cancer, and chronic illness, as well as protecting us during future space travel; and the drug could be on the market within five years. Read Full Article at
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Mitch Albom: Budget's view of waste? Meals for old and young
Trump’s budget proposal seeks major cuts to federal programs, including wiping out the Community Development Block Grant        
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Russian & Swedish scientists slow down mice aging with synthetic antioxidant
A new experiment conducted by a joint team of Russian and Swedish scientists has produced groundbreaking results in slowing down the ageing process of mice, raising hopes of the potential creation of an “anti-age” drug. Read Full Article at
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Sharp rise reported in older Americans’ use of multiple psychiatric drugs
The number of retirement-age Americans taking at least three psychiatric drugs more than doubled between 2004 and 2013, even though almost half of them had no mental health diagnosis on record, researchers reported Monday.
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Elderly couple died of hypothermia in West Pullman home
An elderly couple found dead on Friday in the West Pullman neighborhood on the Far South died of hypothermia, according to authorities.
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Retirement planning? Couples, mind the age gap
An age difference in your relationship doesn’t just mean your favorite bands are from different decades.As you approach retirement together, that age gap becomes a factor in decisions about when you retire and when you take Social Security, and in planning how much money you need to save and how it...
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Oldest American, '114 years young,' dies in N.J.
Adele Dunlap, lifelong New Jersey resident and the oldest person in America, dies at 114.       
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The oldest person in America has died
FLEMINGTON, N.J. — A New Jersey woman who was the oldest American has died at age 114. Adele Dunlap died Sunday at a hospital near Flemington, according to the Martin Funeral Home. She became the country’s oldest person in July 2016 following the death of 113-year-old Goldie Michelson, of Worcester, Massachusetts. A group that tracks...
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Oldest American, Adele Dunlap, dies at age 114
FLEMINGTON, N.J. (AP) - A New Jersey woman who was the oldest American person has died at age 114. Martin Funeral Home says Adele Dunlap died Sunday at a hospital near Flemington. Dunlap had no explanation for her longevity. Asked last year how it felt to be the oldest American, ...
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Helen Mirren plants kiss on Morgan Freeman
Mirren presented Freeman with the AARP Movies for Grownups Career Achievement Award.
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Nurse, 97, defies rules on age, gives back
Kathryn Hodges, a public health nurse, has no plans to retire.       
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Police: Man and woman found shot to death in Brighton Park home
A man and woman were found shot to death Monday morning in a home in the Brighton Park neighborhood on the Southwest Side, according to police.
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Clark County Commission to appoint public guardian
Clark County commissioners are expected to appoint Karen Kelly as the county’s public guardian on Tuesday.
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Rescued boater denies involvement in deaths of mom and grandfather
A Connecticut man told a TV interviewer that he has nothing to do with the execution-style murder of his grandfather or his millionaire mother’s disappearance at sea. “There’s no relationship between my having been the last person other than the killer to have seen my grandfather, and my having been on the boat with my...
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Excessive air pollution may be cause for a fifth of dementia cases - study
Airborne particulate matter emitted by automobiles and power plants in urban areas may account for 21 percent of dementia cases and may nearly double the likelihood that women older than 64 years will develop cognitive impairment, a new study says. Read Full Article at
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Study shows India has suffered majority of selfie deaths
India has lost 25 more people to deaths caused by selfies than every other country, according to a new study.
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Candle blaze kills woman, prompts anger over Spanish energy prices
A pensioner’s death in Reus, Spain has prompted a furious debate over rising energy prices, after a candle fire which killed her was blamed on her limited means to light her home. Read Full Article at
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Trump is reminiscent of the old medicine men
Listening to Donald Trump speak recently about what he would do to fix the country brings back memories of childhood.
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