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The Texas Rangers think this Bacardi logo looks an awful lot like theirs
Booze and baseball fit together like a hand in glove — except when it comes to trademark disputes. The Texas Rangers have a beef with Bacardi Ltd., the maker of rum, Grey Goose Vodka and Bombay Sapphire gin over a new distilled spirit the company introduced in China last year and hopes to distribute worldwide....
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Meet America's gin makers
American distilleries are producing gin using a variety of local botanicals for flavor.         
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American gin distilleries
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Emily Blunt on Why ‘The Girl on the Train’ Setting Change Works
“The Girl on the Train” pulled into Leicester Square Odeon in London Tuesday night, returning home for its world bow. Minor delays were likely along the railway-tracked carpet, as cast Emily Blunt, Luke Evans, Haley Bennett, and Rebecca Ferguson worked the vast press line. The thriller’s inherent intrigue left a key question resonating around the U.K. premiere: Why has the tale had been transposed... Read more »
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