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This is Aleppo in 5 devastating photos
These photos show what's been going on in Aleppo, Syria.       
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Why a new opposition road map isn't the breakthrough negotiators are seeking in Syria
In most parts of the world, the unveiling of proposals for a negotiated solution to a ruinous civil war might be viewed as progress. Not so when it comes to Syria. Recent battlefield successes have left President Bashar Assad little incentive to consider the road map to a political transition presented...
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Away from the Front Lines, Another Islamic State Battleground Grows
Near Syria’s borders with Jordan and Israel, the jihadist group attracts a following, many of them former fighters of a Western-backed rebel group, writes Yaroslav Trofimov.
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UN: 300,000 civilians at risk in Damascus fighting
'Starvation around the corner' if humanitarian aid is not allowed into besieged areas in the capital, UN officials say.
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Fighting intensifies in Syria's Deraa
Heavy Russian attacks reported after rebels try to obstruct Syrian government bid to retake strategic border crossing.
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Displaced people of Syria's "beehive" villages dream of return
ALEPPO, Syria (Reuters) - The sculpted mud domes of the villages southeast of Aleppo are collapsing from war damage and neglect after years on the front line between Syria's army and Islamic State militants, their inhabitants long since gone.
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Jordan commander: IS expands hold in border camp for Syrians
JORDAN-SYRIA BORDER (AP) — Armed Islamic State extremists are expanding their influence in a sprawling camp for displaced Syrians on Jordan's border, posing a growing threat to the U.S.-allied kingdom, a senior Jordanian military commander said.
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Russian video raises alarm; New ISIS damage in Syria’s Palmyra
Russia on Monday released footage from one of its drones in Syria, revealing for the first time the latest destruction to the ruins of historic Palmyra since it was recaptured by Islamic State militants, as Syrian government forces pushed ahead on the ground in a new offensive to take the city back....
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Turkish troops enter ISIS-held Syrian town, Erdogan says army will continue on to Raqqa
Turkish forces have entered the northern Syrian town of Al Bab, which had been held by the Islamic State terror group, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reported, vowing that the Turkish troops will continue their advance through the border region to Raqqa. Read Full Article at
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Palestinian Actress Hiam Abbbas On ‘Insyriated’ and Why The First Victims of Trump Travel Ban Are Americans
Paris-based Palestinian actress and director Hiam Abbas is one of the few Arab talents who stars regularly in American movies. She has worked with Steven Spielberg, Ridley Scott, Tom McCarthy, and Jim Jarmusch, among others, and will appear in the upcoming Denis Villeneuve-directed “Blade Runner 2049.” In “Insyriated,” an Aleppo-set chamber drama by French director... Read more »
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Slow going for Turkish-backed forces in north Syria
BEIRUT — Turkish troops and allied Syrian opposition forces have managed to capture just one-tenth of a north Syrian town from Islamic State militants, a conflict monitoring group said Saturday, despite reaching its outskirts seven weeks ago.The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group told the AP that nine-tenths of al-Bab remains under IS control. The Observatory receives its information from a network of contacts inside the war-torn country.
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‘Americans are welcome in Syria if they come here to work with us’ – Assad
Syrian President Bashar Assad has said that US troops would be welcome in his country provided they work together with the government, but decried US President Donald Trump’s idea of “safe zones.” Read Full Article at
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The Boy who started the Syrian War
We tell the story of Mouawiya Syasneh, the boy whose anti-Assad graffiti lit the spark that engulfed Syria.
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Bashar al-Assad praises Trump’s plan to defeat ISIS
Russia-backed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad praised President Trump’s plan to defeat ISIS, predicting Wednesday that it’s “ going to be positive.” “Trump during the campaign and after the campaign is promising regarding the priority of fighting terrorists, and mainly ISIS, that’s what we’ve been asking for during the last six years,” Assad told Belgian media,...
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US warns Russia against interfering with Western politics
US Defense Secretary Ash Carter on Wednesday warned Russia against interfering with Western "democratic processes" and accused Moscow of aggressive behavior aimed at eroding the international order.
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Jordan beefs up borders amid ISIS fears 
Jordan's military is preparing for possible serious confrontation with ISIS on its borders, officials tell CNN.
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Air strike hits children's hospital in Syria's Aleppo
Al Jazeera journalists capture moment of the attack and its aftermath, showing babies in incubators being rescued.
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Hospital workers rush to evacuate infants in Aleppo
Medics and aid workers also reported a suspected attack involving toxic gas        
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Hospital workers rush to evacuate infants in Aleppo bombing
Doctors and nurses at a pediatric hospital in eastern Aleppo scrambled Friday to evacuate babies in incubators to safety from underground shelters after the facility in the besieged Syrian city was bombed for ...
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‘Figment of imagination’: Russian military slams US State Dep. spokesman Kirby over hospital claims
The Russian military has dismissed allegations from the US State Department accusing Russia of bombing “hospitals” and “a mobile clinic” in Syria as “figments of the imagination.” Read Full Article at
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Pediatric hospital targeted in deadly Aleppo airstrikes
BEIRUT — Intensive bombings pummeled Syria’s rebel-held eastern neighborhoods of the city of Aleppo on Friday, residents and rescuers said, hitting an area housing several hospitals and sending the chief of a pediatrics clinic in a frantic search for a place to move his young patients. Earlier Friday, airstrikes on a village in the rural...
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Airstrikes in Syria’s besieged Aleppo kill more than 20
Airstrikes pounded rebel-held eastern Aleppo on Thursday, killing more than 20 people and hitting a water pumping station on the third day of a renewed air campaign on the besieged territory, Syrian activists and rescue workers said.The Russian military meanwhile said airstrikes in the rebel-held pr...
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Syria: The issue we can't ignore anymore
In the years that I've been writing and talking about politics and public policy, I have learned one very sobering lesson: It's nearly impossible to get people to care about even the most troubling and horrific problems if they are happening on the other side of the world.
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Bombs strike rebel-held Aleppo and northern Syria; dozens dead
BEIRUT — Bombs rained down on rebel-held eastern Aleppo for a second straight day Wednesday, pounding a district that houses several medical facilities, including the central blood bank, and forcing Syrian staff and patients in the only remaining pediatric hospital to cower in a basement as buildings collapsed around them.
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Kerry's blistering attack on Russia
Secretary of State John Kerry launched a blistering attack on Russia Wednesday for its actions in Syria, pointing to the bombing of a UN aid convoy that left more than 20 dead and its inability to stop continued Syrian air attacks.
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Is there any hope left for Syria?
The blame game started even before the guns fell silent.
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Aid stuck at border as Syria truce about to expire
Landmark ceasefire agreement brokered by Russia and the US set to end with 40 trucks of civilian aid still undelivered.
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Syrian truce receives new blows with airstrikes, shelling
Syria’s fragile cease-fire started to unravel on Sunday with the first aerial attacks on rebel-held neighborhoods of Aleppo and a southern village that killed at least eight people, violations that came as tensions between the American and Russian brokers of the deal worsened following a deadly U.S....
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Israel pounds Syrian govt positions in Golan Heights with retaliatory fire
The Israel Defense Force has targeted Syrian army positions in the government-controlled area of the northern Golan Heights, it confirmed Sunday. The retaliatory fire caused “material damage,” according to Damascus. Read Full Article at
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