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Lib Dems recycle discredited claim they opposed Iraq War
Britain’s Liberal Democrat party is still using the discredited claim that it opposed the Iraq War, as part of an attempt to insist that only it can deliver a coherent foreign policy. Read Full Article at
30 points by Russia Today | 2003 invasion of Iraq Tony Blair Liberal Democrats George W. Bush Iraq War United States Gordon Brown United Kingdom general election 2005
Yanis Varoufakis on Jeremy Corbyn and Brexit
Ex-Greek Finance Minister Varoufakis says Jeremy Corbyn's chances of becoming the next UK prime minister are 'slim'.
165 points by Al Jazeera English | United Kingdom Tony Blair Gordon Brown Labour Party British Empire Member of the European Parliament Home Secretary Arthur Henderson
Opinion: Why Trump can't afford to let down his supporters
How did the twin political earthquakes of Brexit and Donald Trump's victory happen? There are many reasons, but one answer lies in the technological and social media revolution of the last decade.
45 points by CNN | Margaret Beckett Gordon Brown Working class Generation Y Tony Blair World War II Want Democracy