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GOP congressman: Clinton is 'mentally impaired'
Rep. Louie Gohmert, one of the GOP congressional caucus' most unfiltered members, told the annual Values Voter Summit that Clinton's health problems are being covered up by the media.
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Bill O'Reilly responds to Vladimir Putin's apology demand: 'I'm working on that'
Bill O'Reilly's going to get right on that apology to Vladimir Putin.The Fox News host responded Monday on "The O'Reilly Factor" to a demand from a Russian government official that O'Reilly apologize for calling Russia's President Putin "a killer" during an interview with President Donald Trump.
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Bill O'Reilly vs. Russia: Putin will have to wait for apology

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Sean Hannity tops list of highest paid TV News hosts
The Fox News host tops the New York Observer's "Rich List of 2016" of New Yorkers working in media.
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Trump narrows call for stop-and-frisk policy to Chicago
Donald Trump attempted to clarify his call to reinstate “stop-and-frisk” police practices Thursday.       
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Fox News: Sean Hannity won't appear in any more Trump videos
Fox News says Sean Hannity won't be appearing in any more campaign videos for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Hannity touts what he sees as the benefits of a Trump presidency in a video titled "#HEARTLAND4TRUMP" posted on the candidate's YouTube channel Sunday. Hannity's appears in ...
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