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Handyman: Zone systems keep home at even temperature
New products and systems for your home provide a comfortable temperature no matter where you are        
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Atlanta’s second hottest summer with more to come

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Baltimore County schools without air conditioning to close Thursday; city schools to end the day early
Baltimore County public schools without air conditioning will close, and all city schools will finish three hours early, on Thursday when temperatures are forecast to hit 94 degrees. School officials announced the closures Wednesday afternoon. Temperatures are forecast to spike this week as much...
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Christopher Nolan Talks Michael Mann’s ‘Heat’ with Cast and Crew at the Academy
The "Dark Knight" director was joined by Mann, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and a host of others 21 years after the film's release.
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7 highlights from Brite Winter 2017 music festival (video, photos)
Cleveland's Brite Winter is an unconventional music festival. See why it was even more unconventional than usual this year. Watch video CLEVELAND, Ohio - On Feb. 18, Brite Winter continued in its eighth year of supporting Cleveland music in the winter months. The festival, which is unconventional in its nature, was doubly unconventional due to the day's events. Watch the video below for a taste of the event, and then read about the highlights after that.   Here's The Whiskey Hollow (and Fluri) at Brite Winter music festival! Follow along for more coverage on our Snap ([?] : clevelanddotcom). [?] [?] @annienickoloff // #britewinter #britewinter2017 #thewhiskeyhollow #brite2017 #musicfestival #clemusic #clevelandmusic #cleconcert #clevelandconcert @the_whiskey_hollow @britewinter A post shared by (@clevelanddotcom) on Feb 18, 2017 at 2:35pm PST Temperature Throughout the day, temperatures peaked at around 60 degrees. Ice sculptures, many of which were made at live demonstrations, survived only a few hours in the heat. Attendees and bands wore t-shirts and left their coats at home. Bands, especially those who performed at the outdoor stages, seemed to appreciate the warmth. However, many indoor attractions like the heated art tents proved to be less popular without bitter temperatures outside. Local focus Brite Winter zooms in on Cleveland's local scene not only with its music selection, but also with beer and food. The beer tents sold Platform beer, and food options were available from Cleveland-based restaurant food trucks. No national headliner Unlike last year's festival, which brought the Mowgli's to the main stage as the headlining band, there was no national headlining act at Brite Winter 2017. Although there was high attendance at the local concerts, there wasn't a huge difference between the standard day's crowd, and the crowd for 2017 headliner The Lighthouse And The Whaler. Crowd management issues Today is Brite Winter! Stay tuned for more coverage. [?] [?] @annienickoloff // #britewinter #britewinter2017 #clemusic #clevelandmusic #cleconcert #clevelandconcert #festival #musicfestival @britewinter A post shared by (@clevelanddotcom) on Feb 18, 2017 at 2:04pm PST Although crowd management is always a potential problem with a large audience, Brite Winter had a complete lack of seats available for audiences. There were small huts set up to seat four people at a time, and some art installations included seats, but they weren't enough for huge groups of people. Plus, smaller indoor venues like McCarthy's became congested quickly with audience members during the concerts. Games The game selection at Brite Winter seemed to expand this year, with both a disc golf and ping-pong set. There was also a skee-ball course and an Angry Birds-themed game that kept visitors of all ages busy. Hip Hop on main stage Archie Green and Uptown Buddha are the first hip hop act on @britewinter's stage! [?] [?] @annienickoloff // #uptownbuddha #archiegreen #musicfestival #festival #clevelandconcert #cleconcert #clevelandmusic #clemusic #britewinter2017 #britewinter #brite2017 A post shared by (@clevelanddotcom) on Feb 18, 2017 at 5:08pm PST This was the first year in Brite Winter existence that a hip hop act took the main stage. Archie Green and Uptown Buddha performed a combined concert to a massive audience, throwing green glow sticks to the front row. Dogs This year proved to be a particularly dog-friendly iteration of Brite Winter. Dogs were walked through the crowds, and they also stood patiently in the audiences during performances. At points, it seemed as though every 50 feet, there was a dog in sight. Watch more of Brite Winter's events in the video below:
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Is winter of 2016-17 toast, or just on snow break?
With a boost from warm nights, this almost certainly will end up among the 10 warmest.
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Up-and-down weather confuses insects: Here's how to deal with them
Some insects enter dormancy during the winter, but you might see them walking around when temperatures swing. Here's how to deal with the bugs. CLEVELAND, Ohio -- This winter has been a roller coaster of weather, and the up-and-down temperatures are messing with the dormancy habits of bugs. Some spend the cold season either in the nooks and crannies of homes or in logs and trees outside. But, when temperatures climb, these species can end up outside when the temperatures drop.  That's why you might see insects like stink bugs crawling around when you might not expect them.  How do bugs stay alive in the winter? Some insects, like dragonflies, migrate. Bees cluster around the queen for warmth when it drops below 50 degrees. Others go into a period of rest where they don't reproduce or eat. It's not so much a state of hibernation as a state of dormancy, said Martin Calabrese, a naturalist for the Cleveland Metroparks.  Temperatures in December were close to average for Cleveland, and slightly warmer than average in January. A warmer winter, like last one, can lead to population increases, which means more food for other species, Calabrese said. Is it just insects? In Brecksville, the Metroparks saw an early emergence of dozens of Jefferson salamanders a few weeks ago. It was a warm, wet night, which mimicked the spring weather that normally prompt the salamanders to head to the nearest pond, Calabrese said.  This can lead to some deaths, but might not affect the population greatly in the long term.  Which insects might you be seeing in your home? Stink bugs for one, Calabrese said. Ladybugs, mosquitoes or ants might also be in your home. They can get in through small entry points in homes and can hide in spaces in walls and the ceiling. When bugs feel warm temperatures, that's when they can start moving around and looking for food. Not all of them will be tricked, Calabrese said. Bees can leave the winter cluster when they start feeling the temperatures rising. However, that can lead to some bees dying because they don't return before the cold sets back in. How do you deal with it? Check out the places in your home where pests might be hiding, especially if your home is older.  Know what insects you're looking at before crushing them. For example, stinkbugs release an odor when disturbed. Instead, use a vacuum cleaner to suck them up and then empty the bag immediately.  Read more: Cleveland's had crazy temperature swings so far this winter: Why?
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Houston's high heat shatters temperature records
Thermometers reached 86 degrees at George Bush Intercontinental Airport and 83 degrees at William P. Hobby Airport. Evening temperatures on Friday at both locations also broke records for warmth, said Nikki Hathaway, a meteorologist with the weather service.
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Warm weather records continue to fall this winter

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Lakeview condo with city views: $985,000
550 Wellington Ave. Unit 9W in Chicago: $985,000 Listed on Feb. 10, 2017 This bright, two-bedroom home also includes a den and features an open floor plan. Raise the motorized Lutron shades for expansive views from the 10-foot, floor-to-ceiling walls of windows. The kitchen has double ovens, a...
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Brutal heat bears down on Australia
Australians urged to cut back on energy use during the dangerous heatwave
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Brisk breezes and above-average temps in Denver; winter conditions in the mountains
Strong wind gusts from the northwest could make kites soar in the sunny skies over Denver Wednesday.
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Cleveland sees 74 degree day in November
Temperatures reached 74 degrees in Cleveland Friday afternoon -- less than a week before Thanksgiving. CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Cleveland broke a 62-year-old heat record Friday -- and kept going, right up to 74 degrees, less than a week before Thanksgiving. The summery day smashed a 71-degree high temperature, set in 1954, at 2:51 p.m., according to the National Weather Service. The record was tied in 2008. Clevelanders broke out their flip flops, hiked in shorts and reveled in the sunshine. Akron also broke the record high of 70 degrees, with temperatures reaching 73 in the afternoon. But don't think your sandals are here to stay. Temperatures are expected to plummet on Saturday and Sunday. Cleveland could see its first snowfall this weekend. Read more here.  Keep checking for twice daily weather updates for Northeast Ohio, and don't forget to submit any weather questions you may have!
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Winterize your home now, before the chill sets in
Now is the time to look around your home, determine the spots where it may be vulnerable this winter and take steps to fix them before the first cold snap.
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Earth roasts through hottest summer ever recorded
Humanity just sweltered through its hottest summer ever recorded, beating the previous mark set only last year.       
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Earth posts hottest August on record and 16th straight month of unsurpassed heat
Record-breaking heat has never persisted on the planet so long.
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We just sweltered through hottest summer ever
Humanity just sweltered through its hottest summer ever recorded, beating the previous mark set only last year.         
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Essie Brown's family pictures destroyed in Eastside Detroit flood

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