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Column ‘Why I’ll never date a feminist’ earns mockery and insults
A Missouri journalist’s column headlined “Why I’ll Never Date a Feminist” turned him into one of the top targets of social media mockery.
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Don't expect Facebook to burst your news bubble
Head of news partnerships Campbell Brown doesn't seem interested in shoving unwelcome news in users' faces.
-1 points by The Washington Post | Web feed Facebook Ideology Sociology Pew Research Center Campbell Brown Poynter Institute Bubble
Twitter purge of alt-right accounts may backfire
Banning accounts curbs free speech and could empower white nationalists, critics say.         
9705 points by Arizona Republic | Racism Nationalism Twitter Ideology
Cockpit camera captures moment of stomach-churning runway collision (VIDEO)
Heartstopping footage from the cockpit of a Formula 1 Air Race plane shows the terrifying moment another aircraft struck it from behind after the pilot had turned off his engine and signalled he was out of the race. Read Full Article at
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Trump’s ‘vetting’ would have barred many great Americans
Give me your extreme-vetted, your ideologically certified, your elite. Send only the smartest, the best-connected, the richest to our shores. No losers, no freethinkers and no ugly …
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