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Philippines leader calls Obama ‘son of a b****,’ rejects lecturing from US on human rights
In an acid comment, Philippines leader Rodrigo Duterte called Barack Obama a “son of a b****,” warning the US president against lecturing him over the Philippines’ human rights record in its brutal war on drugs at a global summit in Laos, where the two are set to meet. Read Full Article at
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Despite a confession, a West Philly double murder remains 'unsolved'
On a chilly day in February, a Delaware man named James Barrow walked into a Newark, Del., police station and started talking about the evil he'd done in Philadelphia.
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Police try to nab meth by saying they will test it for Zika virus
A Michigan police department is trying to nab illegal drugs by appealing to meth users worried about their health.
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U.S. links Venezuelan official related to Maduro to drug probe
NEW YORK (Reuters) - A U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agent testified on Thursday that a probe of two nephews of Venezuela's first lady began after a drug trafficker cooperating with authorities told him of a meeting arranged by her brother, a top police official.
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US agent portrays Venezuelan government as lax on drug trade
NEW YORK (AP) - A U.S. drug enforcement agent has portrayed the Venezuelan government as protective of or complicit in the drug trade during New York testimony. Drug Enforcement Administration agent Sandalio Gonzalez said in court Thursday two nephews of Venezuela's powerful first lady were big players in the drug ...
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Cuyahoga County has record number of opiate deaths in August
CLEVELAND (AP) - A medical examiner in Cleveland says a record number of people fatally overdosed from heroin, fentanyl, carfentanil or some combination of the three drugs in Cuyahoga County last month. The medical examiner on Thursday said testing had found carfentanil, a sedative used on large animals such as ...
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Carfentanil's new wave of drug overdoses: Editorial Board Roundtable
What should Ohio, Cuyahoga County -- and the nation -- do to address carfentanil, the newest wrinkle in the heroin scourge, asks the Editorial Board Roundtable. Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner Dr. Thomas Gilson calls it a "clear and present danger." The Washington Post, casting Ohio as ground zero for the drug in the United States, says a tiny dose a fraction of the weight of a paper clip could send 500 people to the morgue. It's been showing up in Columbus, Cincinnati and maybe Akron. And unlike heroin, it is so lethal -- 10,000 times more potent than morphine -- that the naloxone antidotes used to save lives in heroin overdoses may not work. It is carfentanil, a drug developed in the 1970s as an animal tranquilizer. Read more on carfentanil and its local dangers But now, manufactured in China and Mexico, it's showing up, along with fentanyl, in lethal admixtures with heroin for human use. Carfentanil has been moving north up the interstates, and The New York Times recently reported more than 200 overdoses in the last two weeks in and around Cincinnati, three of them fatal. A Columbus man was indicted for murder in July after allegedly mixing the elephant tranquilizer into a batch of heroin he sold, causing ten overdoses and one death. The Washington Post reports that Franklin County prosecutors were surprised when the heroin was analyzed to find carfentanil in it. Akron officials have tentatively attributed a spike of 236 overdoses in three weeks in July to the drug, the Akron Beacon Journal reports, although toxicology on the victims was not conclusive. The danger has led Attorney General Mike DeWine to ask police to stop field-testing these drugs given their lack of experience in testing for the substance, according to the Post.'s Evan MacDonald reports that in Cuyahoga County -- which had already recorded about 300 heroin and fentanyl overdose deaths this year, far above 2015's overall 228 deaths -- medical examiner Gilson last month issued his urgent public health warning about carfentanil. Naloxone may work to counteract its effects but might require many times the usual dosage.  What should Ohio and Cuyahoga County -- and the nation -- do to address this newest wrinkle in the heroin scourge?  In July, the editorial board polled leading experts in Ohio on the killer opioid epidemic. Read one of their prescriptions via the extended link below: From a judge who sees the wreckage of heroin weekly Now, with the arrival of carfentanil, our editorial board roundtable weighs with some of our individual thoughts, and we seek your input in the comments that follow. Sharon Broussard, chief editorial writer, Heroin addiction is deadly and adding animal tranquilizers to the mix makes it a bigger killer. Folks selling this poison need to be severely punished to warn others, but the real problem is that there is a growing number of heroin addicts seeking ever bigger highs. Ohio needs to do a better job promoting drug prevention and treatment. More beds are needed and more evidenced-based medical treatments -- not just Narcotics Anonymous -- that help people get off and stay off these toxic drugs. Kevin O'Brien, deputy editorial page editor, The Plain Dealer: Step One is something every person can do all by himself or herself: Don't take illegal drugs or associate with people who do. As for Step Two, that murder indictment in Columbus seems perfectly appropriate, although we're dealing with stupid, reckless people here, so the deterrent effect would be minimal. Thomas Suddes, editorial writer: Government is responsible for our common good. That's why we formed it. The city, the county and the state need to do more to offer recovery and prevention services -- and to reiterate time and again the dangers these murderous drugs present. If we, as a people, can spend $200 million on a single warplane that may or not serve any useful purpose, we can afford to do much more to take care of people's real needs. Ted Diadiun, editorial board member:  I'm sorry, but I don't see how this is the responsibility of Cuyahoga County, Ohio or the nation. Dr. Gilson's job is to tell people how dangerous this drug is -- which he has done. The news media's job is to carry that message to the public, to make sure that as many people as possible know about it -- which we and others are doing. Beyond that, it's the responsibility of each person to not ingest the infernal stuff, or suffer the consequences. At some point it is fruitless to try to protect people from their own stupidity. Elizabeth Sullivan, opinion director, If we can't get together as citizens to agree to marshal the resources and the will to address what the Cuyahoga County medical examiner correctly identifies as a "clear and present danger," what can we as Americans unite around? Yes, it is people's individual, family and community responsibility to resist the lure of drugs and to help others to resist it, but we know that the path to opioid addiction often starts with a sports injury and addiction to pain meds. In demographic terms, the victims could be any one of us or our loved ones. Read what some local experts have to say here, and then act, and demand that our elected officials act as well.
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FBI reaching out to high schools to combat drug problem
LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) - The FBI is reaching out to high school students in Kentucky as part of the strategy to combat the state's illegal drug scourge. FBI officials said Thursday they hope to visit Kentucky high schools to show a 45-minute documentary film showcasing the ravages caused by heroin ...
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Philippines: Inside Duterte's killer drug war
More than 2,500 people have been killed during President Duterte's war, but can he win?
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Alleged members of North Baltimore drug organization indicted
Federal authorities have indicted alleged members of a drug organization operating out of North Baltimore. Baltimore Police Maj. Richard Gibson told residents in an email that the group was known as the Glenwood/Craig Organization and operated in the 600 block of Glenwood Avenue, in the Woodbourne-McCabe...
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Not even the soft breezes stop the gunfire in Baltimore
Orioles pitcher Wade Miley got the team off to a rocky start in Sunday's game with the Yankees, but even with the crummy first inning and the eventual loss at Camden Yards, it was hard to imagine a sweeter late-summer day in the city of Baltimore: Plenty of sun, temperatures in the 70s, a mild...
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Brothers convicted in cocaine distribution case
A pair of brothers from Eagle Pass will spend almost 20 years in federal prison for using their body shop as a front for their narcotics trafficking operation, officials said.
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India offers joint mechanism to neighbours to fight illegal activities
India has mooted the idea of setting up a joint mechanism with neighbouring countries to stop drug trafficking and illegal crossing over of people.
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5 deportations in 10 years for suspected drug dealer
A Dominican immigrant and suspected drug dealer who has used at least 14 aliases while in this country has been deported a whopping five times over the past decade — four of them from Massachusetts — in a case that highlights the revolving door in a lax immigration system, a Herald probe found.
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Indonesia anti-drugs chief calls for tougher Philippine-style war against dealers
JAKARTA (Reuters) - Inspired by the Philippines "war on drugs", Indonesia's anti-narcotics chief plans to aggressively ramp up the country's fight against drugs by bolstering its police force with more personnel and heavy weaponry.
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GTA-level violence: Police helicopter shot down during raid on Mexico cartel
Suspected members of a criminal cell brought down a patrol helicopter during a police operation in the southwestern Mexican town of Apatzingan. A pilot and four officers lost their lives in a showdown with the mobsters, the state’s governor wrote. Read Full Article at
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Duterte's crackdown: 6 stories from the front lines
Lifeless bodies lying on the streets of the Philippines are a visceral sign of new President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs.
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Felon tied to Cleveland smash-and-grab ring
Charles Frett, 35, is accused of being part of a smash-and-grab ring that stole more than 50 ATM thefts from stores throughout Northeast Ohio. CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A Streetsboro man with a decade's worth of drug trafficking convictions is now accused of being part of a large smash-and-grab ring that prosecutors linked to more than 50 ATM thefts across Northeast Ohio. Charles Frett, 35, is charged with engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity. He is not in police custody and a warrant was issued Wednesday for his arrest. Frett is accused of being part of large group that planned and carried out dozens of smash-and-grab robberies at area businesses in Cuyahoga, Summit, Stark, Lorain and Lake counties. The thefts caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage. Frett was identified as one of several people seen going to and from a stash-house on Pratt Avenue where police say the members would tear apart the stolen ATMs with blow torches and other tools. The group is charged in 10 robberies in five counties, including some that took less than two minutes to execute. Frett is the second person charged after an 11-person, 74-count indictment was announced by county prosecutors. Robert Davis, 31, was charged Aug. 25 with being part of the ring and charges against his father were dropped. More charges are expected to be added as detectives keep probing the case. Prosecutors said 11 men -- led by Lamar Speights, Christopher Freeman, Rc Crum -- ran an elaborate operation that targeted businesses that kept ATMs in the front of windows near the entrance. The group typically used a stolen van to crash through the front of businesses and into the bolted-down cash machines, according to investigators. The impact knocked the ATMs off their bases. They loaded the machines into a stolen van and drove away. Frett has been convicted of drug dealing four times since 2002, including once in 2014 where he was arrested with 14 baggies of marijuana he was preparing for sale in the presence of his then-2-year-old son.  If you'd like to comment on this story, visit our crime and courts comments section.
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Ex-jail worker gets 6 years in prison for extorting inmates
SCRANTON, Pa. (AP) - A former county jail employee in northeastern Pennsylvania who extorted money and drugs from inmates in return for special privileges has been sentenced to six years in prison.
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Tunisia's proposed drug law spurs debate
Amid rising prison numbers, legislators are considering a contentious new law to abolish sentences for some offenders.
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More than 50 charged in drug raids targeting West Side
More than 50 people are facing charges for their roles in distributing heroin and cocaine on the West Side, according to the U.S. attorney's office.
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Dozens held in drug ring operating on block targeted in '90s Fed probe
More than 50 people, most alleged members of the Traveling Vice Lords street gang, are charged in connection with a drug ring operating in the Lawndale neighborhood, including on a block that was the focus of a 1990s federal prosecution of the same gang, authorities said Thursday. The federal and...
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Parents charged in son’s death put off calling 911 to clean up evidence: cops
PHOENIX — The parents of a 9-year-old boy who was shot in the head in their Phoenix home put off calling 911 as they cleaned up evidence in multiple rooms of the house, police said Wednesday, calling it a case that “shocks your conscience.” Wendy Lavarnia told police that her 2-year-old son found a gun...
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Feds: Killer ran Victory Inn brothel, is on the run
Darrick Bell allegedly controlled team of pimps and drug dealers who overtook the Victory Inn motel        
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‘White Boy Rick’ movie in works
Cameras rolling on portrayal of Detroit area’s infamous 1980s teen drug kingpin        
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Police: Major drug bust spanned Anne Arundel, Baltimore counties and Baltimore City
Police arrested four men after officers seized thousands of dollars in drugs and cash from three homes they say were part of a drug distribution ring spanning Anne Arundel and Baltimore counties and Baltimore City. Anne Arundel police said officers began investigating a suspected heroin drug ring...
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Indictment accuses guard of smuggling heroin into Cuyahoga County Jail
The Cuyahoga County Jail guard charged with smuggling heroin into the downtown jail for an accused rapist has been indicted. Kamara AustinCuyahoga County Jail  CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A Cuyahoga County Jail guard was indicted Thursday on charges that accuse him of smuggling heroin into the jail for an accused rapist. Kamara Austin, 43, is charged with drug trafficking, drug possession and possessing criminal tools, according to court records. He is scheduled to appear at an arraignment Tuesday in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court. Austin is being held on $250,000 bond at the county jail. Austin smuggled 16 grams of heroin and 32 unidentified yellow pills into the jail for Anthony Lett, who is accused of raping a woman during a home invasion and stealing guns from the Berea gun show, according to court records. Federal agents arrested Austin on Wednesday in a parking lot on East 131st Street near Miles Avenue in Cleveland. Investigators found the heroin and pills with him. They also seized Austin's cellphone, court records show. Austin was hired as a corrections officer at the jail in 1998. He was placed on unpaid leave after his arrest. Lett, 40, is jailed on $250,000 bond in connection with an April 24, 2016 home invasion and rape in Cleveland. He has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder, rape and other charges in that case. To comment on this story, please visit Thursday's crime and courts comments page.
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Thousands of Filipino Catholics march against death penalty, war on drugs
MANILA (Reuters) - Thousands of Roman Catholics marched in the Philippines capital Manila on Saturday in the biggest gathering denouncing extra-judicial killings and a government plan to reimpose the death penalty for criminals.
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Activists want 4 prosecutors fired for supporting convicted cop
Four Wayne County prosecutors are in trouble for supporting a Detroit cop convicted of conspiring with drug dealers.        
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Despite gov't claims, 'Dreamer' lawyers say gang ties false
SEATTLE — A Seattle area man detained by immigration agents despite his participation in a federal program to protect those brought to the U.S. illegally as children admitted to having gang ties, the U.S. Justice Department said in court documents filed Thursday.However, Daniel Ramirez Medina's lawyer Mark Rosenbaum said in a conference call late Thursday that the documents fail to provide even one piece of evidence that Ramirez is affiliated with any gang.
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4 Wayne Co. prosecutors in trouble for backing crooked Detroit cop
The government says a Detroit police officer deserves 20 years in prison for scheming with drug dealers to make money.        
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Newsday, New York Times reviewing work of 'Pill City' author
A New York newspaper is reviewing the work of one of its former reporters after his new book on Baltimore was widely questioned by police and other officials here.Newsday managing editor Richard Rosen confirmed to The Baltimore Sun that the paper is reviewing the work of Kevin Deutsch, who worked...
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US gov't: Arrested Seattle 'dreamer' admitted gang ties
SEATTLE — A Seattle area man detained by immigration agents despite his participation in a federal program to protect those brought to the U.S. illegally as children admitted to having gang ties, the U.S. Justice Department said in court documents filed Thursday.However, Daniel Ramirez Medina's lawyer Mark Rosenbaum said in a conference call late Thursday that the documents fail to provide even one piece of evidence that Ramirez is affiliated with any gang.
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Political fact-check: Drugs are not cheaper than candy bars
An analysis of a claim made by President Trump.
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Mitchell: Children are martyrs — and young men are killers
In 4 days, 3 children have been killed: Takiya Holmes, 11, and Kanari Gentry-Bowers, 12, were shot in the head; Lavontay White, 2, was fatally shot.
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California state senator proposes banning prescriptions of powerful painkiller oxycodone for those under 21
Essential Politics: Brown plays down any chance of Trump punishing California, Schwarzenegger calls for national redistricting reform Feb. 15, 2017, 1:01 p.m. This is Essential Politics, our daily look at California political and government news. Here's what we're watching right now: Gov. Jerry...
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Woman charged in drug case dies after 'medical emergency' at Cuyahoga County Jail
Nadine Stanley, 37, died after a "medical emergency" at the Cuyahoga County Jail. CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A woman in the Cuyahoga County Jail on drug dealing charges died Wednesday after suffering from a "medical emergency" at the jail, officials said. Nadine Stanley, 37, of Cleveland was initially treated at the jail, then taken to Lutheran Hospital, where she died, according to Cuyahoga County spokeswoman Mary Louise Madigan. Madigan said they are releasing no further information about the death, or whether anything was found inside Stanley's cell that would indicate why she became ill. The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner will determine the cause of death. Madigan said all deaths of inmates trigger an internal investigation.  Stanley was in jail on $1,500 bond after being arrested in January in a drug-dealing investigation. She appeared in court Tuesday morning for a pretrial hearing.  Cleveland police on Jan. 3 raided her home in the 2200 block of West 53rd Street, just north of Clark Avenue and next to Clark Elementary School. Police found she and another man-- Antwaun Stanley, 40-- were selling heroin, cocaine and marijuana, according to court records. They also found digital scales and drug packaging material inside the home, court records say. Stanley also has two other drug-related convictions since 1998.   To comment on this story, visit Wednesday's crime and courts comments page.
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Former Cleveland mail carriers sentenced in marijuana delivery scheme
Two former Cleveland mail carriers who were accused of delivering marijuana to a drug dealer while on their routes were placed on electronic monitoring Tuesday. CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Two former Cleveland mail carriers accused of delivering marijuana to a drug dealer while on their routes were placed on electronic monitoring Tuesday. Devon Blake, 25, was sentenced to eight months on electronic monitoring and three years' probation after pleading guilty to accepting bribes as a public official. Rashon Blake, 25, was sentenced to six months' electronic monitoring and three months' supervision after also pleading to a bribery charge. U.S. District Judge Patricia Gaughan sentenced the two. The duo, along with Tamika Embry, Aaron Kelly and Dartagnan Mitchell, were indicted in May on drug and bribery charges. The quintet worked with Kevin Collins for several months in 2015 to establish a method of delivering the drugs, according to charging documents. The mail carriers gave Collins their work schedules and their postal routes. Collins would then have packages with marijuana shipped to addresses on their routes on the days the carriers were scheduled to work, prosecutors said. The carriers delivered the packages to Collins instead of the addresses on the packages, and he would pay them, court documents state. The defendants are considered public officials under to federal law. They either resigned or lost their jobs. Devon Blake's sentencing memo says that he agreed to work with Collins because he needed the money to pay bills. Rashon Blake's sentencing memo says that he has never taken drugs or drank alcohol and that his crimes were an aberration in a life that otherwise involved playing music, working and volunteering. All five mail carriers have pleaded guilty to charges connected to the scheme. Kelly and Mitchell will be sentenced Thursday. Embry will be sentenced in April. Collins was sentenced Feb. 2 to eight years in federal prison. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute five drug and firearms charges. If you would like to comment on this story, please visit Wednesday's crime and courts comments section.
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US: Venezuela's VP is intl drug trafficker
U.S. authorities on Monday said the vice president of Venezuela was an international drug trafficker and slapped severe sanctions on him.
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‘White Boy Rick’ regrets being ‘blinded by the money’
Rick Wershe was sentenced at age 17 to a life sentence without parole in 1988 for drug possession        
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Organized crime is taking over the French Bulldog puppy trade
Crime lords are ditching drug trafficking in favor of puppy-smuggling — and are raking in nearly $40,000 a week, The Sun can reveal. French bulldogs are the criminals’ favorite money-spinners and are trafficked from disease-infested breeding dens in countries like Romania to meet the huge demand in the United Kingdom. This bat-eared breed is set to take...
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'I deserve a second chance,' White Boy Rick says after parole meeting
Rick Wershe Jr., who is eligible for parole, said he takes full responsibility for selling drugs.        
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Attorney: White Boy Rick took full responsibility at parole meeting
Richard Wershe Jr.'s attorney attended the meeting with his client and told the Free Press: “It went very well.”        
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Colombia keeps cocaine from spoiling Valentine's Day flowers
Colombia keeps cocaine from spoiling Valentine's Day flowers By Cesar Garcia / Associated Press A worker carries a few dozen rose buds harvested at the Ayura flower company in Tocancipa, north of Bogota, Colombia. (Fernando Vergara / Associated Press) Cocaine is probably the last thing most people...
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Tareck El Aissami calls US sanctions a 'vile' attack
Washington accuses El Aissami of masterminding an international network that shipped drugs to Mexico and the US.
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Duterte targets Philippine children in bid to widen drug war
MANILA (Reuters) - Before Rodrigo Duterte's bloody war on drugs had even begun, allies of the Philippines president were quietly preparing for a wider offensive. On June 30, as Duterte was sworn in, they introduced a bill into the Philippine Congress that could allow children as young as nine to be targeted in a crackdown that has since claimed more than 7,600 lives.
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Trump administration sanctions Venezuelan vice president over drug trafficking
The US has sanctioned Venezuelan Vice President Tareck El Aissami for alleged drug trafficking, saying that he “facilitated shipments of narcotics” and “oversaw or partially owned narcotics shipments of over 1,000 kilograms” from Venezuela. Read Full Article at
875 points by Russia Today | Illegal drug trade Barack Obama Venezuela Drug cartel Heroin Drug Morphine Gang
White House accuses Venezuela VP of drug trafficking
WASHINGTON — The Trump administration imposed sanctions against Venezuelan Vice President Tareck El Aissami on Monday, accusing him of playing a major role in international drug trafficking. The executive decree, the result of a years-long investigation, is bound to ratchet up tensions between the new Republican administration and the United States’ harshest critic in Latin...
25 points by New York Post | President of the United States Venezuela Democratic Party Federal government of the United States Illegal drug trade Latin America Barack Obama Hugo Chávez
U.S. sanctions Venezuelan vice president, calls him a drug 'kingpin'
Stephen FellerFeb. 13 (UPI) -- The U.S. Treasury levied sanctions against the vice president of Venezuela on Monday, designating him as a drug kingpin with ties to terrorist organizations.
14 points by UPI | United States Venezuela Washington D.C. United States Department of the Treasury United Press International United States Coast Guard Colombia Illegal drug trade
West Haven man pleads guilty in 2011 drug deal killing
NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) - Federal prosecutors say a West Haven gang member has pleaded guilty in a plea deal to robbery and gun charges stemming from a 2011 drug deal slaying. Trevor Murphy pleaded guilty last week. Authorities say the 28-year-old Murphy was a member of the Red Side ...
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