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‘Peace in Syria can’t be reached through Western interference’: UK’s Baroness Cox tells RT
Bashar Assad has enormous support both from his people and unarmed opposition groups for his fight against Islamic State, despite the West’s push for regime change in Syria, says Baroness Caroline Cox. The UK House of Lords peer was speaking to RT after meeting the Syrian leader. Read Full Article at
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Arrested militants planned attack on Paris railway station, France says
PARIS (Reuters) - Three women arrested in connection with a car loaded with gas cylinders found in a side road near Notre Dame cathedral had been planning an attack on a Paris railway station, the French interior ministry said.
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UK's 'most hated man' jailed for ISIS support
Notorious hate preacher Anjem Choudary, who led a flag-burning demonstration outside the US embassy on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and voiced support for jihad, has been jailed for inviting support for ISIS.
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Hearts & minds: Google-run project to tackle ISIS propaganda, target US far right
A pilot project launched by Google’s startup incubator and a British IT company will target potential Islamic State recruits – and also the American far right – with new software that pairs violence-related search entries with anti-extremism ads. Read Full Article at
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Mubaraz Ahmed: Why radical Islamists seek to exploit converts
When ISIS claimed of responsibility for the attack on the Palace of Westminster this week, it was another reminder of the violent and destructive nature of Islamism, or political Islam, as it is sometimes referred to.
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H.A. Hellyer: Stop telling Muslims they're 'part of problem'
I remember well the attacks London suffered on July 7, 2005. I remember the shock, the anger and the outrage. I remember the fear, the concern and the trepidation. And I also remember the courage, the persistence and the perseverance.
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'Islamofascism': Trump aide's warning
White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller has garnered attention in recent weeks as one of the chief architects behind President Donald Trump's executive order temporarily banning travel from seven Muslim-majority countries.
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Indonesia's moderate Islam is slowly crumbling
JAKARTA, Indonesia - In the struggle against Islamic extremism, few groups have been fighting for longer than Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), the Sunni organization that has become the global face of Indonesia's pluralistic Islam. Founded in 1926 to prevent Saudi Arabia's bitterly intolerant Wahhabism from...
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Republican calls CAIR a Hamas-linked 'terrorist group'
Congressional candidate hits out at CAIR amid growing 'witch-hunt' of Muslim groups and rising Islamophobic attacks.
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Here's how some voters view Trump and the media
Trump attacks senator after Supreme Court nominee's criticism Feb. 9, 2017, 11:04 a.m. This is a look at President Trump's administration and the rest of Washington: Trump: Senator 'misrepresents' nominee's comments Jeff Sessions will face multiple challenges as attorney general, including his...
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U.S. general wants thousands more troops to break Afghan stalemate
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The top U.S. commander in Afghanistan said on Thursday he needs several thousand more international troops in order to break a stalemate in the long war with Taliban insurgents, signaling the matter may soon be put before President Donald Trump.
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Islamists, neo-Nazi terrorists ‘nationwide problems’ in Germany – intel official
Radical Islamist cells are spreading all across eastern German states while terrorism-related tip-offs emerge on daily, says the head of Thuringia’s domestic intelligence agency, adding that the right extremist underground is becoming “a nationwide problem.” Read Full Article at
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Radical Islam is spreading across Belgium, Salafists preach via TV & online media – report
Salafism is advancing in Belgium, a leaked report from the country’s coordination body for threat assessment says, adding that Wahhabi TV stations and online media operate freely while radical literature can be found in most Islamic bookshops. Read Full Article at
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Bannon has the right idea on terrorism: Your Say
Readers respond to comparisons between Steve Bannon and the leader of ISIL.         
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Analysis: Trump paints dark picture in defense of travel ban
WASHINGTON — The more Donald Trump tries to build support for his refugee and immigration ban, the darker the world seems to get.In defending his policies barring refugees and curbing immigration, the president is painting an increasingly ominous picture of the danger posed by Islamic extremists. In his speeches, tweets and an imposing new tally of what Trump calls an unreported "genocide" by the Islamic State group, he has raised the prospect of imminent attacks on the United States and cast the debate over safety as a clash between radical Islam and the West.
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Muslim Brotherhood expands presence in Germany, seeks to establish Sharia law – security official
Islamic radicals from the Muslim Brotherhood are actively trying to gain a "monopoly" over mosques in the eastern German state of Saxony to attract more followers and increase their influence, the local security service chief has warned. Read Full Article at
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Egyptian army kills 14 militants in central Sinai raid: spokesman
CAIRO (Reuters) - Egyptian soldiers killed 14 militants and arrested ten others in a raid in central Sinai, the military said on Monday.
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Flynn’s plan to beat radical Islam starts with schools and social media
President Trump’s national security adviser wants to fight not just Islamic terrorists but the “radical ideology of Islam,” and he plans to do it from the grass roots up, starting with our children at schools while also using social media. Dealing with the global Islamist threat on a tactical level through drone strikes and arrests...
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Trump’s rallying cry: fear itself
Unlike FDR and other presidents, Trump often seeks to stoke the nation’s anxieties.
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Bannon film outline warned U.S. could turn into ‘Islamic States of America’
A 2007 document points to ‘enablers’ aiding radical Islam’s rise in the United States, including media and government agencies.
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Pointing to Trump, groups reject U.S. aid to fight extremism
WASHINGTON — Community groups in Michigan and Minnesota have decided to reject hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal aid to fight violent extremism because of what they call the Trump administration’s vilification of Muslims.
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‘In-Betweeners’ Are Part of a Rich Recruiting Pool for Jihadists
Terrorism experts say Islamist groups target the particular anxieties of Western Muslims from immigrant backgrounds — young adults whose identities have not yet solidified.
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French Children Practice for Terrorist Threat
As the country prepares to mark the first anniversary of the Paris attacks, new terrorism drills at schools are a sign of how a spate of Islamist violence has changed everyday life.
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Jordan's rebranded Islamists seen staging election comeback
AMMAN (Reuters) - Jordan's moderate Islamist opposition could emerge from Tuesday's parliamentary election with renewed influence after surviving government attempts to ban it as part of a wider crackdown on political Islam.
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Jordan's Islamists hopeful about making electoral gains
Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood stands a chance to win between 20-30 seats in new parliament, says its spokeswoman.
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Rahami: A US citizen, not a foreigner
Ahmad Khan Rahami, the suspect in this weekend's New York City and New Jersey terrorist attacks, is in many ways quite typical of jihadist terrorists in the United States since 9/11.
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The politics of calling an act of violence 'terrorism': Why some people hold back
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo described the bombing in Manhattan on Saturday night as “obviously an act of terrorism” even without evidence of the attacker’s motive. But the city’s mayor, Bill de Blasio, hesitated at first to use that label. On Sunday, with the perpetrator still on the loose, he called...
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UK Islamist preacher Choudary jailed for five and a half years
LONDON (Reuters) - Anjem Choudary, Britain's best-known Islamist preacher whose followers have been linked to numerous plots around the world, was sentenced to five years and six months in prison on Tuesday for inviting support for Islamic State, Sky News reported.
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Byko: U.S. needs a new kind of arsenal

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Is this what winning looks like?
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Living in conflict: Concord High students reflect on growing up in Afghanistan and Pakistan
When they were children, Khan and Hussein Amiri fled their home city of Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan, across the border into Pakistan.Under Taliban rule, the city had become too dangerous for the Amiri family. Their father was shot and killed by Taliban fighters when they were young, and they still...
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