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Critics’ Choice Awards Reveal Most Exciting New Series Honorees
The Broadcast Television Journalists Association (BTJA) has voted to determine the honorees for the Critics’ Choice Awards’ Most Exciting New Series of fall 2016. The winners are selected and voted on by the BTJA based on pilots, early episodes and trailers for any show premiering after July 1. In alphabetical order, the honorees are: –... Read more »
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The media's Worst Week in Washington
Yep. We "won."
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France's presidential race: Old and new media collide
Following the vote for Brexit and Donald Trump's win, France's presidential race has put the role of media on spotlight.
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Obituary: William E. Deibler / Former PG editor known for his thoughtful, skilled work
William Edwin Deibler, the longtime newspaper reporter and editor whose intelligence, experience and quiet demeanor graced the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette newsroom for three decades and to whom a cadre of retired and active journalists owe their careers, died Feb. 1 in Care One, a rehabilitation facility in Moorestown, N.J.
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Facts show Trump’s media terrorism coverage claims are bogus
The Trump Administration’s list of terror attacks that supposedly didn’t get proper media coverage included the Dec 2, 2015, San Bernardino mass shooting — for which the Los Angeles Times won a Pulitzer prize. The US media covered 75 of the 78 attacks on the list, according to a report Tuesday by Deadspin. And in...
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France: Bollore and the media
A look at the tension between business and journalism as French media is concentrated in fewer corporate hands.
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Trump's travel ban: Covering the chaos
While Donald Trump's Muslim ban got plenty of coverage, is the administration capitalising on the fear narrative?
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The media, Muslims and Trump's travel ban
As US borders tighten, we trace the media narratives on immigrants, refugees and Muslim 'Others'.
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Al Roker wishes Tamron Hall well after her 'Today' departure
Annie MartinFeb. 3 (UPI) -- Al Roker shared a message for Tamron Hall on "Today" following word the broadcast journalist is leaving NBC and MSNBC.
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Jonathan P. Baird: Trump’s war on the press
Covering the presidency of Donald Trump poses unprecedented problems for the press. Never has a candidate for president or an elected president told so many falsehoods. It is impossible to keep up with the volume.At the same time, Trump has had an almost impervious Teflon coat. Lies that would have...
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Don’t like the media? Try it out in another country
Look at what the media are enduring in Turkey today, where an increasingly authoritarian government has just jailed 120 journalists for what it calls “subliminal” messaging against it.
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Nikki Finke battling ex-employer over noncompete clause
Nikki Finke hasn’t even written a word for Dan Abrams’ news site Mediaite  and already there’s controversy.
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WDIV reporter Lauren Podell resigns over alleged racist slur
Podell reportedly used the N-word during an off-the-air conversation with a co-worker        
-2 points by Detroit Free Press | Reporter Journalist Employment Minimum wage Detroit Protest Internet Request for Comments
WDIV's Lauren Podell resigns over alleged slur
Podell reportedly used the N-word during an off-the-air conversation with a co-worker        
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Philippines: Threats against journalists denounced
Journalist groups express concern for the safety of media workers covering the work of President Duterte's government.
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How Donald Trump's campaign plans to capitalize on Hillary Clinton's pneumonia
The Republican nominee is trying hard not to appear insensitive. It's not easy.
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The Clinton campaign's bad damage control just made the health story even worse
The bigger issue is the secretive manner in which Clinton's campaign handled the overheating incident.
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When only pizza & vodka will do: Lavrov treats tired journos to US-Russian snack after Syria talks
When John Kerry and Sergey Lavrov managed to finally wrap up the talks on Syria, they celebrated by bringing journalists a combo of American comfort food (pizza) and Russian bonhomie (vodka), symbolizing qualities that may well have helped reach the deal. Read Full Article at
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