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Millennials are more conservative than Boomers or Gen Xers were at their age, study finds
National polls suggest millennials will vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump by large margins in November, but that doesn’t mean millennials lean further to the left than young people of previous generations.   On the contrary, according to a new study, a larger percentage of millennials identified as...
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Letter: Danger ahead
Danger ahead Insanity is running amok at Berkeley, with the university paper full of op-eds from students and faculty justifying the use of violence to “protect themselves” from ideas and free speech they are opposed to. This is the same mentality as those who call conservatives fascists with absolu...
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Finley: Left bites Ivanka’s liberal hand
Nolan Finley wonders why liberals are attacking Ivanka Trump, their one possible friend in the White House        
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Stephen Miller: A key engineer for Trump’s ‘America first’ agenda
The 31-year-old top adviser to President Trump began building a conservative foundation as a teen in liberal Southern California. Miller is one of the leading advocates of the executive order banning travel from seven Muslim-majority nations, and he wrote some of Trump’s most strident campaign speeches.
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What Milo Yiannopoulos and Elizabeth Warren have in common
What's the best way to make sure a message gets heard? Try to muzzle it. Both liberals and conservatives are newly rediscovering the political power of this phenomenon.
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New blow for Australian leader as conservative quits to form new party
SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was left teetering on the brink of a minority government on Tuesday when a prominent lawmaker quit to form a new conservative party, more bad news as Turnbull's popularity ratings plumb new lows.
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‘Restore my liberty’: Assange hits out at UK & Sweden over embassy confinement
WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange says the governments of Sweden and the UK are contributing to human rights abuses by continuing to deprive him of freedom, one year after the UN found he was being “arbitrarily detained” in London. Read Full Article at
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Australian PM under threat from party split as shift to the right grows
SYDNEY (Reuters) - A prominent member of Australia's government is set to defect to form his own conservative party, media reported on Monday, further evidence of a shift towards the right that is weakening Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's already tenuous grip on power.
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LETTER: Catherine Cortez Masto and the First Amendment
Are the liberals actually reading “1984” as a form of protest or for instructions?
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Trump election continues to reverberate at U-M
Multiple protests — both against Trump and his policies — have been held at the Diag since the election        
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Twitter accused of bias in right-wing crackdown
Conservatives say Twitter has a double standard checking bad behavior.         
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Jon Stewart on the Election: ‘Donald Trump Is a Reaction Not Just to Democrats’ (Watch)
Jon Stewart is making the press rounds to promote his new oral history of the 16 years he spent at the helm of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” but naturally talk has mostly turned to the surprise election of Donald Trump as president. To Stewart, though, it wasn’t as much of a surprise, as he... Read more »
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The left needs to get a grip
Letters to the editor
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‘Liberal’ media gives Trump a free pass but roasts Clinton
Spiro Agnew is remembered for pleading no contest to tax-evasion charges related to bribery and resigning as Richard Nixon’s vice president. But his signature political achievement was igniting a campaign that endured for more than …
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PopPolitics: Laughs From the Right in a Business That Leans Left (Listen)
Jimmy Fallon took a great deal of heat for his soft interview with Donald Trump last week, a reflection of the consternation that even some comedians are having over the influence of humor in this year’s presidential race. But it’s undeniable that much of comedy has been dominated by personalities with a leftward bent. On... Read more »
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Donald Trump is what happens when the media chooses ideology over facts
Fact-checkers have weighed in time and again on the Trump campaign, and – no surprise here — Donald J. Trump doesn't tell the truth. Politifact rates 70% of his statements as somewhere between “mostly false” and “pants on fire.” CNN has taken to checking his speeches in real time, flashing corrections...
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Even the Emmys can't stop talking about Trump
The Republican presidential candidate was mentioned quite a few times during the telecast.         
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Why Liberals don’t get ‘Hamilton’
"To embrace Hamilton is to embrace a liberal outlook on the world that even conservatives can tolerate, and sometimes vice versa."
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Jeb Bush just brought the funny to the Emmys
Jeb Bush, limo driver
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Putin's party ahead in Russian parliamentary elections
At stake are 450 seats in Russia's national parliament.       
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Putin's party ahead in Russian elections
At stake are 450 seats in Russia's national parliament.         
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Letter: Republican for Volinsky
Republican for VolinskyI am a Republican and I support Andru Volinsky for the Executive Council, District 2.I have known Andru for many years. We have been opponents and colleagues. I have always respected him in both roles. He is a person of integrity and intelligence. His honesty is unquestioned....
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Don't believe lies; gun rights aren’t going anywhere
Hillary Clinton cannot get rid of the Second Amendment, as Donald Trump claims, and neither could all the liberal judges she …
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