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FBI searches NW Ohio sheriff's office but won't explain why
LIMA, Ohio (AP) - FBI agents have searched a northwest Ohio sheriff's office but aren't disclosing what they were looking at or why. FBI Special Agent Vicki Anderson says agents conducted an investigation in Allen County on Wednesday but she can't yet share details. She says no one was arrested. ...
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Consumers' Counsel says FE rates illegal, asks Supreme Court to toss them out
The Ohio Consumers' Counsel and the Northwest Ohio Aggregation Collation have dragged the PUCO before the Ohio Supreme Court in an appeal asking the SUPCO to throw out the commission's approval of the current FirstEnergy rates, which still include a provision allowing the company to collect a surcharge from customers, though not exactly to save old power plants but just because the company wants the money. COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Consumers who thought federal authorities had saved them from a FirstEnergy surcharge to subsidize two of the company's old power plants should think again, says the state's consumer watchdog. The Ohio Consumers' Counsel points out in an appeal it filed with the Ohio Supreme Court this week that the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio has already approved the surcharge mechanism, called a "rate rider," to collect what the company has referred to as "a stability charge." The PUCO approved the rider in May but left it blank because it had not approved the overall rate plan, a plan still not approved and so contested during the past 25 months that it has drawn national attention. And that action by the PUCO -- approving an open but blank rate rider -- violates state law, the Consumers' Counsel and the Northwest Ohio Aggregation Coalition, or NOAC (the NOPEC of northwestern Ohio), argue in this week's appeal to the high court. They cited the court's recent rulings throwing out similar rate riders planned by American Electric Power and Dayton Power and Light. "The PUCO's decisions approving tariffs that implement FirstEnergy's electric security plan rates, with a "placeholder" for a stability charge, violate the law and this Court's recent decisions that protected customers, and the market pricing that serves customers, by overturning stability charges for both DP&L and AEP Ohio, the Consumers' Counsel and NOAC argue in the appeal. The Consumers' Counsel and NOAC also appealed what they consider an illegal ruling by the PUCO hearing officer over the summer that shutdown the appeals of several opponents while allowing FirstEnergy to bring up entirely new proposals.  Those new company proposals, they argue, should have been made in a new rate case.  In other words, they argue that the company should start over, a move FirstEnergy is sure to oppose because the fate of its various pending proposals before the PUCO has drawn the interest of Wall Street analysts. What this means for customers is that whenever the PUCO does approve a final plan, the company will immediately begin collecting a surcharge -- and keep collecting it while opponents appeal the case as many of them have vowed. How the PUCO and FirstEnergy got to this point is as convoluted as a case can become after more than two years of litigation. FirstEnergy initially called the rider and the money it would collect a "stability charge" when it filed its rate case, euphemistically called an "Electric Security Plan,"  in August 2014. The charge would have funneled money collected by FirstEnergy's local delivery companies like the Illuminating Co. and Ohio Edison to the no-longer-regulated power plants owned by the subsidiary FirstEnergy Solutions. The PUCO approved the rate case, including the new rider, on March 31. Less than a month later the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ruled against the arrangement, saying it had the last word on such a deal. The FERC also at that time rescinded a ruling it had made years earlier allowing a similar but not identical transaction. The company had relied on that older FERC ruling when it convinced the PUCO to approve the plan. The company has not filed a full-blown argument with the FERC. Instead, it has wrestled with its opponents at the PUCO over several new "FERC-proof" proposals -- all adding billions of dollars in new charges to customer bills over the next eight years. The PUCO has not approved any of these new proposals.
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Peru Attorney General to seek arrest of ex-President Toledo
LIMA, Peru — A major corruption scandal shaking politicians across Latin America continued spreading across the region on Tuesday as Peruvian Attorney General Pablo Sanchez said he would seek the arrest of former President Alejandro Toledo on charges of laundering of assets and influence trafficking.Toledo was believed to be in Paris. He has denied any wrongdoing in interviews with news media.
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Latin American Leaders Open Door to Tighter China Trade Ties
Uncertainty over Donald Trump’s policies is leading some of the U.S.’s closest allies in Latin America to reassess their trade priorities, opening the door for China to strengthen ties with the region.
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U.S., Peruvian officials seize $30 million in counterfeit cash
Raids in Lima yield largest seizure in history       
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Peru is shining amid Latin America woes

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Uptown, Lincoln Park restaurant founder Lucy R. Matthew dies
Lucy Matthew came to Chicago from Peru with a grade-school education and wound up owning two successful restaurants.
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