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Statistically, September has Cleveland's best weekend weather
Data shows that September brings the most beautiful weather weekends to Cleveland. CLEVELAND, Ohio - Cleveland's best weather happens in September. How do we know? We looked into Cleveland's history and crunched the data, to find that the fairest weather weekends in Cleveland are in September! Cheers to that! Wait, how can you possibly know this? Well, it all begins what you consider "fair" weather. We defined beautiful weather as high temperatures in the 70s, and no rain. Basically, a wonderful day to spend outdoors. Then, we broke the data into two major categories. The first is a long-term historical look at temperature and precipitation data for Cleveland from Jan. 1, 1900, through Aug. 31, 2008. The second category is the recent trend, starting right where we ended: Sept. 1, 2008 through Aug. 31, 2016. This was to compare any recent changes in the "greatest time of year" analysis with very long term trends - over 108 years. What did the two data sets show? Both the long and short-term trends agree that the No. 1 top weekend is in September, but it's which weekend that's the question. The historical data The 1900-2008 record says the second weekend in September is the best weekend, the third weekend comes in a close second, and the first weekend is third best. Top three weekends from Jan. 1, 1900, through Aug. 31, 2008.Rich Exner, All three weekends beat out weekends in every other month. Basically this means these are the weekends with the lowest chances of rain combined with the highest chance of temperatures above 70. June, July, August are warmer, and they come with much more rain. The recent data Recent data shows the the fourth weekend of September is actually best. The next two best weekends? In August and July. The past eight years those weekends have been very dry, and pretty warm too. Top three weekends Sept. 1, 2008 through XXXX.Rich Exner,  Now if you have different definitions of beautiful weather, you would get much different results. What do you think? Are you a fan of September weekends or do you like warmer or colder temperatures? Let us know! Data provided by Rich Exner, check out for more weather and other statistical data. Here's the full weekend weather ranking data for Jan. 1, 1900 - Aug. 31, 2008. Weekend weather ranking data Jan. 1, 1900 through Aug. 31, 2008.Rich Exner,  Keep checking for twice daily weather updates for Northeast Ohio, and don't forget to submit any weather questions you may have! Kelly Reardon is's meteorologist. Please follow me on Facebook and Twitter @kreardon0818.
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Weak tornado damages guard's Camp Ripley in Minnesota
LITTLE FALLS, Minn. (AP) - The National Weather Service says it was a weak tornado that damaged the Minnesota National Guard's Camp Ripley. The storm caused major damage to several buildings used for housing, training and maintenance at the camp and training center in Little Falls. It ripped the roof ...
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Breezy, sunny and mild in Denver before roller coaster of weekend weather
Temperatures will fall short of 80 degrees Friday as a wind shift in the afternoon will bring cooler weather from the northeast into the Denver metro area.
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Rain chances today pushed later this evening, mostly clear Friday: Northeast Ohio weather forecast
Chances of storms still continue tonight, but will dwindle to very slight through Friday. CLEVELAND, Ohio - Chances of strong thunderstorms today have been pushed later and later because of the increasingly slow movement of the cold front expected to trigger the storms. Friday is looking mostly rain free, but in the evening some moisture might just make it north enough to initiate one or two light, scattered showers. Tonight: Rain chances peak at 4 p.m. and continue until 9 p.m., and winds will continue to pick up, staying around 15 mph through the night. Temperatures? Not giving up either, staying above 80 degrees through 8 p.m. and resting in the mid 70s until midnight. Friday: Friday will be mostly rain-free, there's just a 15 percent chance of a very light, short-lived shower or two across Northeast Ohio. Winds will calm down to just 5 mph the entire day, and temperatures will yet again reach the mid 80s. Dry air (purple/blue) will keep rain chances to a minimum for Friday but in the evening moist air (green/yellow/red) will try to creep up north and could make it here spawning a light shower or two.Kelly Reardon,  Humidity levels are a little higher for Friday, so the high in the mid 80s may feel more like the upper 80s. Model forecast of temperatures for Friday.Kelly Reardon,  Sunrise: 7:02 a.m. Sunset: 7:46 p.m. Pollen forecast: Pollen levels are at a medium level Friday of 7.2 for ragweed and chenopods. Lake conditions: The National Weather Service is reporting calm winds with waves less than 1 foot for Friday. Friday evening, the winds will pick up to 10 mph with waves still less than 1 foot. The How: The cold front following the low pressure system today is moving slower than expected. Therefore rain chances have been pushed later and later in the day. Friday the cold front will be east of the region, leaving behind a little bit cooler temperatures and drier air. Friday evening a little moisture that might creep north could spawn a light, scattered shower, but chances are slight. Thunderstorms, strong winds still expected for Saturday in Northeast Ohio: Working for your weekend forecast Keep checking for twice daily weather updates for Northeast Ohio, and don't forget to submit any weather questions you may have! Kelly Reardon is's meteorologist. Please follow me on Facebook and Twitter @kreardon0818.
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Atlanta’s second hottest summer with more to come

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Chances of very light, scattered showers today: Northeast Ohio weather forecast
Today Northeast Ohio will see a few light, very scattered showers throughout the day with hot temperatures. CLEVELAND, Ohio - Some moderate atmospheric moisture will trigger on and off light, scattered showers across Northeast Ohio today. Temperatures are still reaching high today at a scorching 90 degrees by 4 p.m. The average temperature for today is much cooler, only at 77 degrees, but we're still not close to the 94-degree record. Model forecast of temperatures today.Kelly Reardon,  Mostly cloudy and calm wind conditions are also in the forecast. Sunrise: 7 a.m. Sunset: 7:49 p.m. Pollen forecast: Pollen levels are expected to take a little dip today compared to how they've been the past couple of days, but are still at a medium-high level of 7.7. Lake conditions: The National Ocean Service is reporting west-southwest winds at 12 mph with waves less than 1 foot. This evening, they are forecasting south-southwest winds around 13 mph with waves still less than 1 foot. The How: A little bit of moist air (green) will help form light, scattered showers across Northeast Ohio today.Kelly Reardon,  High pressure over Ohio today will reduce rain chances, but with more atmospheric moisture to support storms there's a small chance of very scattered, short-lived storms across Northeast Ohio throughout the day today. Keep checking for twice daily weather updates for Northeast Ohio, and don't forget to submit any weather questions you may have! Kelly Reardon is's meteorologist. Please follow me on Facebook and Twitter @kreardon0818.
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Wednesday temps could feel like upper 90s
A similar rise in warm temperature earlier this summer spurred the closure of almost three dozen schools        
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We officially have new cloud types for the first time in decades
The world's cloud authority, having not classified a new cloud in three decades, arose Thursday to name about a dozen new types, including a rolling, slalom-like form known to blanket the Iowa sky.        
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With first atlas update in 30 years, clouds getting a whole new look
The World Meteorological Organization is about to publish its first updated cloud atlas in 30 years.
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NASA scientists analyze Peru's deadly precipitation
NASA scientists are using the latest data from the Global Precipitation Measurement mission to analyze Peru's deadly precipitation.
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Look! Up in the sky! It's a new kind of cloud
Looking up, you might be thinking you're under a roiling, stormy sea.
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Denver sets record high temp Thursday; blizzard coming Friday
Denver set a new record high temperature on Thursday, the same day a blizzard warning was posted for parts of northeastern Colorado.
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New, more powerful storm takes aim at California
The state is still reeling from a recent storm that flooded highways, caused widespread power outages and led to several deaths.       
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California storm death toll rises to 5 as rain pummels Bay Area
Allen ConeFeb. 19 (UPI) -- The death toll in the recent powerful California rainstorms rose to five as the weather system moved to pummel the northern portion of the state.
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Another string of warm days ahead, no snow in Denver until Thursday
Denver residents can look forward to more warm weather this week, with only a small chance of moisture on Sunday, before the possibility of snow on Thursday, according to the National Weather Service. There is a slight chance of showers in Denver and on the plains on Sunday, and Sunday night, with day-time temperatures as […]
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Dry, warm weather in Kansas sparks fears of drought
WICHITA, Kan. (AP) - Unusually warm and dry weather in February is stoking fears of another drought. The Wichita Eagle reports ( ) the average temperature this month in Wichita has been more than 8 degrees above normal, with more upper 60s and low 70s expected this week. The forecast ...
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Warm Saturday weather sets record high for second day in a row
Chicago’s unseasonable warm weather broke a 36-year-old record Saturday, marking the second consecutive day of record-setting February temperatures.
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Cleveland breaks high temperature record of 62 degrees previously set in 1981
At noon today, Cleveland broke the high temperature record of 62 degrees set back in 1981. CLEVELAND, Ohio -- At noon today, Cleveland-Hopkins Airport recorded a temperature of 64 degrees, breaking the record by 2 degrees previously set in 1981. We could break the record even further, as the high for the day isn't forecasted to peak until 3 p.m., reaching around 65 degrees. Why so warm? It's because of a combination of two major weather patterns. The first is a high pressure system, which dries the air out leading to some very sunny skies bringing in warmth. The second, is southerly flow. Any time the winds blow from the south, because Ohio is so flat, this can drag in warm air all the way from the Gulf of Mexico. Not only did this pattern cause record temperatures for Cleveland, but also in Toledo, Mansfield, Akron and Youngstown. As temperatures continue to rise today, these records will change. Records as of noon today.National Weather Service  First real taste of spring ahead through President's Day: Northeast Ohio weather forecast Feb. 17-20 Keep checking for daily weather updates for Northeast Ohio, and don't forget to submit any weather questions you may have! Kelly Reardon is's meteorologist. Please follow me on Facebook and Twitter @kreardon0818.
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The man the PGA Tour goes to for its weather forecast
Stewart Williams arrived at his cramped trailer on a Riviera Country Club tennis court at 5 a.m. Friday. He sat in front of two laptops, a copier to his left, a handheld radio, cup of coffee and breakfast burrito to his right. Not much room for anything else. He bought the burrito from the food...
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Chicago winter to feel like spring this weekend
It's time to briefly put away those puffy winter coats and clunky boots, as Chicago could see unseasonably warm and even record-breaking temperatures this weekend. On Friday, temperatures are expected to reach 59, one degree shy of the record for that date set in 1880, said Ricky Castro, a National...
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Rain in Las Vegas Valley, snow in the mountains by Friday
This weekend will be cloudy and rainy as a storm heads into the Las Vegas Valley Thursday night, according to the National Weather Service.
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Town gets a ‘pounding’ from penis-shaped storm (IMAGE)
A penis-shaped storm was spotted by satellite en route to a town Down Under, much to the delight of dirty-minded Aussies. Read Full Article at
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More snow on the way for hard-hit Maine
PORTLAND, Maine (AP) - Another round of winter weather is poised to clobber Maine. The National Weather Service says the latest snowfall will begin late Wednesday morning. Meteorologist Tom Hawley says some parts of the state could get hit with up to a foot of snow. He says there will ...
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Dry, Sunny weather for Valentine’s Day in Las Vegas Valley
This week will be dry and sunny until a storm system moves into the valley Thursday night, according to the National Weather Service.
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Cities across US report deep snow, strong winds and... foul odors
Citizens across the US have good reason to stay home from work. While New England has been pummeled with snowstorms, rainstorms and other extreme winter weather, Houston, Texas, has a conundrum of their own: a foul smell. Read Full Article at
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The Latest: Maine town gets 30 inches of snow
The Latest on a winter storm moving through the Northeast (all times local):
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'Core routers have failed:' Weather Service endures nationwide data outage
The National Weather Service is enduring a massive data outage Monday, which is "impacting customers across the nation," the agency said.         
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Early spring in Detroit? Sunny, 50-degree weather this weekend
Spring weather come early? Expect 50-degree temperatures this weekend with a lot of sunny sky        
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Expect 50-60 mph wind gusts in Philly today
Philadelphians should brace themselves for a blustery day: Forecasters say to expect wind gusts to reach 50 to 60 mph.
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Metro Detroit headed for warming trend
Temperatures in 30s-40s, then jump to 50 in weekend, National Weather Service says        
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High winds forecast for Baltimore area
The Baltimore area is under high wind warning overnight Sunday into Monday. The National Weather Service is forecasting northwest 25 to 35 mph with gusts up to 60 mph. The strongest winds are expected to be overnight through Monday morning, forecasters said. Downed trees and power lines as wells...
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Forecast: New Mexico's weather returning to winter's bluster
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) - Out with New Mexico's recent dryness and unseasonably warm temperatures and in with blustery, colder and wetter. That's the word from the National Weather Service's Albuquerque office, which says New Mexico can expect widespread precipitation, strong winds and cold temperatures into Tuesday. Forecasters say the change ...
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‘Pot Sasquatch’ appears live on air mid-blizzard (VIDEO)
The elusive Sasquatch, otherwise known as Bigfoot, has long captured the imagination of Americans but one weather anchor recently had a close call with the beast or some kind of strange marijuana monster impostor. Read Full Article at
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Warm up ahead for Saturday, Sunday, cool down by Monday: Northeast Ohio weather forecast Feb. 10-13
Check out the weekend weather forecast for Northeast Ohio with a look ahead to Monday. CLEVELAND, Ohio - If you've been looking for a break in the bitter temperatures, this weekend in Northeast Ohio is for you. Saturday and Sunday, temperatures will top off at 50 and 49 degrees, respectively. However, it's not all picture perfect, as widespread rain showers are forecasted to begin Saturday evening and last throughout the day Sunday. Looking ahead to Monday, another cool down is expected. But no worries, the snow isn't going to return. Check out the forecast: Temperatures Temperature outlook.Kelly Reardon,  Precipitation chances Weekend precipitation outlook.Kelly Reardon,  Winds Wind speed and direction outlook.Kelly Reardon,  The How A warm front passing Friday evening will cause temperatures to max out at 50 degrees this weekend. A low pressure system will stall Saturday night into Sunday, leading to rain showers. Low pressure causes rising motion in the atmosphere, which causes the air to cool to its dew point, forming condensation and rain as it rises up. This also increases its instability, an important ingredient in showers. Evolution of rain showers Saturday night into Sunday.Kelly Reardon,  For Monday, a high pressure system will take the low's place, leading to dry skies, with just partly cloudy conditions. Keep checking for daily weather updates for Northeast Ohio, and don't forget to submit any weather questions you may have! Kelly Reardon is's meteorologist. Please follow me on Facebook and Twitter @kreardon0818.
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The calendar may say February, but expect record-setting springlike temperatures Friday along the Front Range
The high temperature is expected to soar to 74 degrees, the highest for this day since record-keeping started in 1872. The high for Feb. 10 -- 71 -- was set in 1951.
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‘Going to be a big punch’: Northeast braces for biggest blizzard of the year
Winterstorm Niko is anticipated to bring a foot or more of snow to densely populated areas of the Northeast, including New York City and Boston, causing closures of schools, highways and airports. Read Full Article at
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Winter storm could drop a foot of snow on Northeast US
BOSTON — A densely populated swath of the Northeast was preparing for winter's harshest thump yet, a fast-moving storm that could bring more than a foot of snow, strong winds and coastal flooding.Some places were poised to experience an atmospheric yo-yo: Philadelphia and New York hit 60 degrees on Wednesday, were expecting at least a half-foot of snow on Thursday and were bracing for bitter cold temperatures Thursday night.
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Snow's headed our way tonight; rush-hour could be a mess
Get ready for some real winter weather, Pittsburgh.
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What happened to winter?
Houston is experiencing an unusually hot spell. On Monday, Galveston and Houston broke and tied high-temperature records for that day. On Tuesday, both cities again broke records. And the region is off to its fourth-warmest start to the year ever, a record that could be broken in a matter of days.
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Temperatures zoom from 20s on Friday to 50s on Sunday: Northeast Ohio weekend weather forecast Feb. 10-12
Check out the weekend weather forecast for Northeast Ohio. CLEVELAND, Ohio - It's going to be a crazy weather weekend for Northeast Ohio. Snow flurries and bitter temperatures are in the forecast for Friday, then just cloudy skies and moderate temperatures for Saturday. Sunday, a pretty moderate warm-up is expected, with temperatures topping out in the 50s, with high chances of rain. Check out the forecast: Temperatures Temperature forecast.Kelly Reardon,  Precipitation chances Precipitation forecast.Kelly Reardon,  Winds Wind speed and direction forecast.Kelly Reardon,  The How A high pressure system will suppress precipitation chances a bit on Friday, keeping skies just mostly cloudy, but some lingering moisture could spark a few light snow flurries. The rest of the weekend, warm air advection from the South will warm up temperatures above seasonable averages. Since temperatures are so warm, the precipitation expected Sunday from a passing low-pressure system will fall purely rain. Keep checking for daily weather updates for Northeast Ohio, and don't forget to submit any weather questions you may have! Kelly Reardon is's meteorologist. Please follow me on Facebook and Twitter @kreardon0818.
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The Latest: New Orleans man says entire neighborhood damaged
NEW ORLEANS (AP) — The Latest on severe weather in the Deep South (all times local):
-2 points by Arizona Daily Star | Storm Meteorology Wind Precipitation Weather Louisiana Thunderstorm Hail
The Latest: Officials: 7 homes damaged in Louisiana parish
NEW ORLEANS (AP) — The Latest on severe weather in the Deep South (all times local):
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NYC forecast to hit record high with 62-degree day
The Big Apple will be on a two-day weather rollercoaster this week — when temperatures are forecast to hit a record-breaking 62 degrees, and then plummet when a major storm system could bring the season’s biggest snowfall. The weather whiplash begins Wednesday morning, when the mercury will already be well above normal at about 50...
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Strong gusty winds for Tuesday in Las Vegas Valley
A wind advisory will be in effect until Tuesday night and the week’s temperatures should be above normal, according to the National Weather Service.
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Forecast: Slight chance for rain Tuesday, but mostly sunny skies all week
A wind change Tuesday afternoon is expected to signal the arrival of a small storm that could bring rain showers to the Denver Metro area, forecasters say. But for the most part, the week should be at least partly sunny and unseasonably warm. The normal high temperature for early February is 45 degrees.
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Southern California's second storm of the week brings rain and a high-desert wind advisory
Southern California is in for another day of scattered showers with gusty winds Tuesday, followed by a day of cloudy skies, then another storm later in the week, according to the National Weather Service. Tuesday’s storm will be weaker than Monday’s rain, with the bulk of it expected to soak areas...
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What makes winter weather severe? Explaining advisories vs. warnings
Wondering when winter weather technically reaches "severe" level? meteorologist Kelly Reardon explains winter weather advisories and alerts.
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SE Mich. under heat advisory; some schools close early
Southeast Michigan will be under a heat advisory from noon-8 p.m. as heat indexes are expected to approach 100 degrees        
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Typical Detroit forecast: Shorts weather Tuesday, ice cold Wednesday
Good news, metro Detroit: Tuesday's forecast calls for a high of 52 degrees. Bad news: It'll drop to 32 on Wednesday        
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Scientists See Push From Climate Change in Louisiana Flooding
Warming makes intense storms like those that hit southern Louisiana last month at least 40 percent more likely, researchers said.
16 points by The New York Time | Louisiana Weather Climate change Climate Meteorology Hurricane Katrina Gulf of Mexico Rain