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Thank me for my military service by voting for Hillary Clinton: Frank Biggio (Opinion)
Donald Trump as commander in chief would have almost unchecked authority to put military personnel in harm's way, but whose understanding of foreign affairs and military strategy is based largely on instincts rather than analysis, writes Frank Biggio. Frank Biggio is a Marine Corps veteranFrank Biggio  As one of the roughly 22 million Americans who served, or are serving, in the nation's military, I always appreciate when people tell me, "Thank you for your service." My response is always, "You're welcome," and other than the occasional department store discount or free round of drinks, I've never sought to exploit my veteran status to garner any special favors. This year is different. We are two months away from electing a new commander in chief. One of our options includes a man who has glibly spoken about using nuclear weapons in Europe and the Middle East and seems unconcerned about nuclear proliferation by other countries simply because it is "going to happen anyway;" who fails to comprehend the deterrent effect of U.S. troops in South Korea against increasingly belligerent threats by North Korea; who would allow NATO member states on Russia's western border to fall to Kremlin aggressions unless they "pay up;" and who has denigrated the family of an Army captain killed in action while serving his country. This is a mercurial man who will have almost unchecked authority to put uniformed men and women in harm's way, but whose understanding of foreign affairs and military strategy is based almost solely on his instincts rather than analysis.  I served under many commanders. Some were leaders in name only, but most deserved the title by demonstrating core leadership principles, regardless of any stress or hardship, and didn't resort to primitive and distracting antics like belligerent shouting or chest thumping. They led by example, invited collaboration, analyzed conflicting positions and took responsibility for the decisions that ultimately fell to them to make.  When successes occurred, they praised their teams. And when events turned against them, they took responsibility and didn't blame others or make excuses.  Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower drafted a letter on the eve of D-Day which was to be released in the event the invasion failed. He wrote: "If any blame attaches to the attempt, it is mine alone." We of course know that the Allied Forces succeeded after storming Normandy's beaches and Gen. Eisenhower praised the efforts of his teams, from the generals to the privates.  2014: D-Day's legacy of bravery, daring, effective deception and determined leadership carries forward to today: editorial It's inconceivable that Donald Trump would take such a position, either by acknowledging his team for a success (this is the man who claimed "I alone can fix it!" in his nomination acceptance speech), or solely taking blame for a failure. Trump is no Eisenhower. He's more like the fictional Captain Queeg played by Humphrey Bogart in "The Caine Mutiny" -- paranoid, erratic, condescending and ultimately incompetent. There are many other apt analogies, but each is equally frightening when thinking of Trump directing the deployment of our military to today's ambiguous front lines, perhaps just to prove that he can. There are many things to consider when heading to the polls in November. One of those is who should command the nearly 2.2 million members of our active and reserve military forces; who should be the elected leader with the authority to put their lives in jeopardy to protect American interests against evolving threats around the world.  Will we elect a man who, without offering any clarity, boasts that he "will be so good at the military, your head will spin," as if his high school graduation from a military academy validates that claim, and hopes that the electorate will simply trust that will be so? Whose behavior and public comments cause a collective group of 50 foreign policy experts, most of whom are from the Republican Party and have at one time sat in the White House Situation Room and contemplated the implications -- and repercussions -- of deploying our military, to publicly denounce him and the security and foreign policy positions he has proposed?       Related opinion: Donald Trump can't be trusted with the nuclear football - and voters know it: Brent Larkin Polls show that the answer will be "No." But the election is still several months away.  We have an alternative to the embarrassment that is Donald Trump, a candidate who, though not flawless, has actual experience and demonstrated pragmatism, is known and respected by military and civilian leaders in America and abroad and is capable of decisiveness and restraint as the situation requires. I'm with her. This Election Day, please thank me for my service by voting for Hillary Clinton as our president and commander in chief. Frank ("Gus") Biggio, originally of Wooster, Ohio, earned his law and MBA degrees from Case Western Reserve University. He served on active duty in the U.S. Marine Corps infantry from 1993 to 1998 and in the Marines' Civil Affairs Group from 2007 to 2010, deploying to Afghanistan in 2009, service for which he was awarded the Bronze Star. He currently lives in Dubai with his wife and three children.
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Sailor 'sits with' Kaepernik during morning colors

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South Sudan's fighting directed at highest levels: UN report
JUBA, South Sudan (AP) - A confidential U.N. report says South Sudan's deadly fighting in July was directed by the highest levels of government, and that leaders are intent on a military solution that worsens ethnic tensions. The U.N. panel of experts report obtained by The Associated Press says President ...
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Dozens gather to honor 92-year-old unclaimed veteran
SUFFOLK, Va. (AP) - Dozens gathered at a Suffolk veteran's cemetery to ensure that a 92-year-old man whose remains had gone unclaimed would receive a proper send-off. News outlets report that Army Private Eldridge Byrd was buried with military honors Thursday at the Albert G. Horton, Jr. Memorial Veterans Cemetery ...
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Military charity blasts claims of veterans ‘exaggerating’ post-conflict mental trauma
Britain’s leading military mental health charity has attacked claims made last week that post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among veterans is being “exaggerated.” Read Full Article at
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Stolen valor! Lying military veterans could be charged under ‘Walter Mitty bill’
A proposed parliamentary bill which would make it illegal to pretend to have won medals for valor has received a mixed response from British military veterans. Read Full Article at
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Army drill, platoon sergeants test physical, mentor skills
FORT JACKSON, S.C. (AP) - The Army's top drill and platoon sergeants are wrapping up a friendly competition of their physical and mentoring skills. The four-day event at Fort Jackson ends on Friday with honors handed out at an afternoon ceremony. The senior enlisted men and women must show how ...
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Trump faces national security test with speeches, forum
Trump is expected to unveil a plan for a major increase in defense spending        
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Exclusive: Nigerian army faces new dangers in Boko Haram campaign
BAMA, Nigeria (Reuters) - Nigeria's military has liberated large swathes of land from Boko Haram but a ride with an army convoy, all guns firing for fear of ambush, shows how far the northeast is from normality after a brutal Islamist insurgency that has displaced millions.
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Former NFL linebacker helps train disabled veterans
A former NFL linebacker who has worked for years training disabled veterans is featured in a Starbucks series produced by Howard Schultz.
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Airstrike kills top Nusra commander outside Aleppo, as Syrian Army retakes new neighborhood
Senior Al-Nusra Front commander, known under the alias Abu Omar Saraqeb, was reportedly killed in a targeted airstrike on the village of Kafr Naha, 15 km north of Aleppo. In the city, Syrian government forces regained control over Ramousah district. Read Full Article at
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World top military bands take over Red Square for colorful festival (360 VIDEO)
It’s been loud and bright right by the Kremlin walls, but Moscow’s military band festival is now over, leaving thousands of fans sad and desperate for next year’s round. RT’s 360 VR footage gives you a hint as to why this event is not to be missed. Read Full Article at
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Trump's plan to defeat ISIS slammed
A retired army general is slamming Donald Trump's remarks that as President he will ask the US military to come up with a plan within one month to defeat ISIS.
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Matt Lauer aids Trump's sexist strategy
The NBC anchor's grilling of Clinton and soft treatment of Trump yet another teachable moment of what awaits women who seek power.
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News Analysis: Donald Trump’s Remarks Show He’s Mistaken on Sexual Assault in Military
In defending his suggestion that the integration of women led to assaults, Mr. Trump exposed a faulty understanding of a complex issue and of the military justice system.
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What Donald Trump gets wrong about sexual assault in the military
This is where Trump's retrograde sensibilities, unchecked, get dangerous.
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‘Code Black’ Season 2: First Look at Rob Lowe’s Debut (WATCH)
Days after his Comedy Central Roast, fans can get a first look at Rob Lowe in his upcoming series regular role on “Code Black,” thanks to the newly released Season 2 trailer. The first look video includes an introduction to Lowe’s character, as well as a refresher on the existing cast members populating the medical... Read more »
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Turkey expels 73 more personnel from armed forces
ISTANBUL (AP) - Turkey says it has expelled 73 more personnel from its armed forces as part of an ongoing effort to rid the military of what it says are followers of the alleged mastermind of the failed July 15 coup. The Turkish Ministry of Defense said on its official ...
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Ukrainian defense officials face criminal charges in Russia over Donbass genocide
Russia’s Investigative Committee has launched criminal cases against Ukrainian Defense Ministry and General Staff officials over the genocide of Russian-speakers in the self-proclaimed Donetsk republic. Read Full Article at
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Lockheed gets $39M Jordanian F-16 contract modification
Geoff ZiezulewiczWASHINGTON, Sept. 8 (UPI) -- Lockheed Martin Mission Systems and Training has received a $39 million contract modification in connection to two Jordanian F-16 training centers.
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5 soldiers injured in hard landing during training
FORT CAMPBELL, Ky. (AP) - Fort Campbell says five soldiers have been injured in a training exercise. A statement from the post on the Kentucky-Tennessee border says the soldiers were injured when a helicopter made a hard landing. The statement says the soldiers were in the middle of a routine ...
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Battle on for military support
Hillary Clinton accused Donald Trump of insulting America’s veterans and pressing dangerous military plans around the globe on Tuesday, seeking to undercut his appeal to service families in Southern voting battlegrounds. Trump declared “our country is going to hell” because of policies she would mak...
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Syrian army and allies regain important Aleppo district: monitor
BEIRUT (Reuters) - Syria's army and its allies have regained control over the whole Ramousah district of Aleppo, a monitor and pro-government media reported on Thursday, building on an advance last week that reimposed a siege on rebel areas.
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Army ‘waited’ for media reports on ‘swinging’ general before suspending his security clearance
An Army general who was fired for his role in a ‘swinging’ sex scandal, in which he used a government cellphone and email to conduct an affair, kept his security clearance for five months until the revelation emerged in the media, USA Today reports. Read Full Article at
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Trump's tweet on military sex assault
Donald Trump stood by his past comment that military sexual assaults should be expected "when they put men and women together" in the US armed forces during an NBC-hosted forum Wednesday night. But he added that a "court system" should be set up in the military to better deal with what he called "a massive problem."
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Trump says undocumented immigrants in the military are a 'special situation'
"I think that when you serve in the armed forces, that's a special situation," Trump said Wednesday night.
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Veterans assess presidential candidates fitness to be commander in chief
The race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton brings to the forefront the question of who is best fit to be the next commander-in-chief of the U.S. armed forces.
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Clinton and Trump Each Lay Claim to Military Brass
Endorsements by retired military officers have become a regular part of the presidential campaign. But some military experts say they are overrated.
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Burke urges CPD to make QuickClot Combat Gauze standard issue
The alderman urged the CPD to make the QuickClot Combat Gauze that costs roughly $47 a roll and $120 for the First-Aid kit standard issue.
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Trump’s new plan: Stop defense cuts & military draw-down
Donald Trump is looking to end defense spending cuts and allocate even more funds in the more than $600 billion US military budget, his campaign says. The tycoon wants to bolster the Army with new ships, planes and submarines. Read Full Article at
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Donald Trump promises huge boost in military spending
Republican Donald Trump vowed to boost military spending by tens of billions of dollars on Wednesday, outlining plans for major increases in the number of active troops, Navy ships and submarines, and fighter planes.
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Army vet awarded Bronze Star for bravery in Vietnam battle
MURRIETA, Calif. (AP) — An Army veteran was awarded the Bronze Star this week for his heroism in a Vietnam War battle that left more than 50 fellow U.S. soldiers dead and close to 200 injured.
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Trump breaks these 3 rules about how U.S. presidents relate to the military
And in Yemen, a soldier died and three were wounded.
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Mosul SOS: City strewn with corpses, children cry as jets fly over (RT EXCLUSIVE)
RT’s Murad Gazdiev inspected the bombed-out streets of Mosul to assess the impact of US-led coalition airstrikes targeting Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), who have been luring jets by climbing on the rooftops of the few buildings still standing. Read Full Article at
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Roadside bombs kill 10 Egyptian soldiers
At least 15 ISIL fighters also die during a raid in the volatile Sinai peninsula, Egyptian military says.
-1 points by Al Jazeera English | Egypt Israel Gaza Strip Military History of Egypt Soldier Western Asia Police
Fierce fighting in Syria as talks restart in Geneva
A fifth round of Syria talks in Geneva kicks off on shaky ground as clashes increase in Hama and Damascus.
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Syrian army prepares Hama counterattack ahead of renewed peace talks
BEIRUT (Reuters) - Jihadists and other rebel groups made advances against the Syrian army north of Hama on Thursday, a monitor said, part of their biggest offensive for months, underscoring bleak prospects for peace talks that resume later in the day.
34 points by Reuters | Syria Bashar al-Assad Military History of Syria Aleppo Military of Syria Damascus Hafez al-Assad
South Sudan's military officials quit over 'war crimes'
A Brigadier General and Colonel detail atrocities in damning resignation letters addressed to the president.
168 points by Al Jazeera English | Human rights Riek Machar Genocide Army Southern Sudan Nuer Military Human rights abuses
Philippine army to create task force to chase big drug syndicates
MANILA (Reuters) - The Philippine army will create a "battalion size" task force to help the government's anti-narcotics agency run after high-value targets in President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs, the country's military chief said.
-2 points by Reuters | Reuters Thomson Reuters Armed forces Military News agency News Tom Glocer Drug Enforcement Administration
Ohio man enters guilty plea in air base security breach
DAYTON, Ohio (AP) — A man accused of causing the evacuation of two buildings at Ohio's largest military base has pleaded guilty in a deal that dismissed several of the charges against him.
-2 points by Arizona Daily Star | Plea Pleas Pleat Disorderly conduct Military Ohio Military base Federal government of the United States
What should U.S. military leaders do if the president provokes a major international crisis?
What would it do to democracy if military leaders questioned a political decision by the country's elected civilian leader?
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‘Forced to strip & pole dance’: New details emerge of sadistic abuses at elite German military base
Female soldiers have been routinely forced to strip and pole dance as part of humiliating “recruitment tests” and “training sessions” at the notorious military base in southern Germany, according to a new internal report obtained by German media. Read Full Article at
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UN: Soldiers kill 101 in clashes with Kamwina Nsapu
Human rights spokeswoman says death toll suggests 'disproportionate force with at least 39 women among victims.
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Trump's comments put Bergdahl case on uncertain ground
FORT BRAGG, N.C. (AP) — President Donald Trump's fiery criticism of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl has put the desertion case against the soldier on uncertain ground as a judge considers whether he can still get a fair trial for walking…
-2 points by Arizona Daily Star | Donald Trump Military Army Ivana Trump United States Army Fred Trump
Boko Haram ambush kills seven Nigerian soldiers
Ed AdamczykFeb. 13 (UPI) -- A Boko Haram ambush in northeastern Nigeria killed seven army recruits and injured 20 more, with three soldiers missing, an army officer said.
48 points by UPI | Maiduguri Nigeria Borno State United Press International Kanuri Boko Haram Attack Military
Army to spend $300 million on bonuses and ads to get 6,000 more recruits
The program marks the Army's largest in-year increase in recruiting targets         
-2 points by Arizona Republic | Barack Obama Military Soldier Army United States Air Force Military occupations
Report: Drone crashes in southern Iranian port town
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - An Iranian semi-official news agency is reporting that a drone belonging to the Iranian navy has crashed in the southern port town of Jask. The Sunday report by Tasnim, which has ties to the military, said thick smoke rose from the crash site in downtown Jask, ...
-2 points by The Washington Times | Iran Port Report English-language films Harbor Military United Arab Emirates Abbas Kiarostami
Two-thirds of US Navy strike fighter can’t fly – report
Nearly two-thirds of the US Navy’s F/A 18 strike fighters cannot fly, “most because there isn’t enough money to fix them,” Defense News reported, adding the fleet has been grounded because jets undergoing planned maintenance are awaiting spare parts. Read Full Article at
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South Sudan general quits, cites army abuses and ethnic bias
NAIROBI (Reuters) - A South Sudanese general has resigned, citing abuses by the security forces against civilians and what he called increasing ethnic favoritism in the military, according to a letter seen by Reuters on Saturday.
43 points by Reuters | Sudan Nuer Second Sudanese Civil War Southern Sudan Military Riek Machar Dinka Reuters
UK to close Iraq war abuse unit, citing false claims
LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's government has said it will shut down a unit investigating claims of torture and unlawful killing by British soldiers in Iraq after a law firm representing alleged victims was found to have made false claims.
-2 points by Reuters | Reuters Thomson Reuters News agency Iraq Military Gulf War British Army Mutual fund