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Hillary Clinton gets personal with 'Humans Of New York'
"I know that I can be perceived as aloof or cold or unemotional. But I had to learn as a young woman to control my emotions."
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Hillary Clinton explains why she adopted ‘aloof’ persona
WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton said she takes responsibility for coming across as “aloof,” but explains she had to adopt a cool persona decades ago to “protect” herself. “I had to learn as a young woman to control my emotions,” Clinton said in an interview for Humans of New York released Thursday. “And that’s a hard...
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The Hunger in Our Heads
How physical activity might quell the eating binges that follow intense mental activity.
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Clinton talks about being 'walled off' to 'Humans of New York'
The piece was published the day after Clinton was criticized by the RNC chair for not smiling during the NBC Commander-in-Chief Forum.       
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Clinton says perception she is aloof is born of 'hard path' as a professional woman
"I don’t view myself as cold or unemotional. ... But if that sometimes is the perception I create, then I can’t blame people for thinking that.”
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Emily Ratajkowski called ‘attention seeking whore’ over politics
Model Emily Ratajkowski is consistently slammed by critics who think women can’t have both beauty — and brains.
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Are the kids alright? ChildLine contacted by suicidal youngsters in Britain every 30mins
Children reporting suicidal thoughts in Britain have doubled in number over the last five years, according to the charity ChildLine, which says it receives calls from kids as young as 10 seeking support. Read Full Article at
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My Turn: School choice and the future of intelligence
The 21st century is going to be interesting for our species. For millennia human minds (whether Denisov, Neanderthal or Sapiens) have been unchallenged on this planet. No competitor could outthink us. Our only existential threats were mindless: diseases and large-scale climate events like asteroid...
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Miggy unplugged: Cabrera addresses Ilitch's death, more
Tigers slugger discusses range of topics, including strife in his homeland of Venezuela as well as his boxing regimen.        
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Tuxedoed Trudeau gives ironic but inspiring speech at elite banquet
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told an elite audience in Hamburg that it is time to “get real” about rising inequality which is causing anger among the middle class, urging businesses to “pay your taxes” and “pay a living wage.” Read Full Article at
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Kim Cattrall headed home to Liverpool to make 'Witness for the Prosecution'
Karen ButlerFeb. 18 (UPI) -- Kim Cattrall says she signed on to star in "The Witness for the Prosecution" because she loved the complicated character of Emily French.
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‘Jackie’ Composer Mica Levi Joins Select Club of Female Scoring Oscar Nominees
British experimental-pop musician Mica Levi, composer of “Jackie,” is only the fourth woman in Oscar history to be nominated for an original film score. “Jackie” director Pablo Larrain liked her first score for 2013’s “Under the Skin,” and sought her out to bring what he called “a feminine sensibility” to his portrait of JFK’s widow... Read more »
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Octavia Spencer proud to show that everyone has something to contribute with 'Hidden Figures'
Octavia Spencer’s penchant for playing strong, charismatic women has blessed her with numerous awards — and her second Oscar nomination for supporting actress for her role as mathematician and spunky NASA supervisor Dorothy Vaughan in the feel-good historical drama “Hidden Figures.” (She won the...
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Clippers' Jamal Crawford provides huge boost off bench vs. Hornets
He started to dance with the basketball again, the joy of playing returning to the face of Clippers supersub Jamal Crawford. He led the Clippers in scoring with 22 points off the bench against Charlotte, but it was the way Crawford performed that was most telling. It was like he was a magician...
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When you see a Bob Falls play, you remember it
It has been more than 30 years since I saw my first Robert Falls’ production. While I haven’t seen most of his output, I’ve seen many, and remember them all. They lodge in the mind because, well, he takes the raw material of a playwright’s art, whittles it to a point and thrusts it into […]
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Remote Controlled: ‘The Good Fight’ EPs and Christine Baranski on How Election Gave Show a ‘Kick in the Ass’
Welcome to Remote Controlled, Variety’s podcast series featuring the best and brightest in television, both in front of and behind the camera. This week’s episode features Variety managing editor of TV, Cynthia Littleton, in conversation with “The Good Fight” creators and executive producers Michelle and Robert King — as well as series star Christine Baranski, who chatted with... Read more »
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Your annoying habits are actually good for your health
From humming to talking to yourself, some of our stranger quirks can be beneficial to our health: Daydreaming Many regard this as the sign of a short attention span but letting your mind wander can boost your problem-solving abilities. A study at the University of British Columbia found that when participants’ minds wandered, the parts...
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Chief Trump impersonator Alec Baldwin says new 'SNL' episode will be 'big'
Meanwhile, his brother Billy "jokes" about impersonating Eric Trump.         
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Arnold Schwarzenegger: Reports Saying He Wants to ‘Smash’ Trump in the Face Are ‘Fake News’
By the end of the workday on Tuesday, Arnold Schwarzenegger says that he was getting calls from Europe, from those wondering if he was about to head back East to physically take on President Donald Trump. That was after multiple outlets picked up an excerpt of a Men’s Journal interview in which Schwarzenegger explained the... Read more »
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The Patriots’ Super Bowl-winning ball is lost, too
The Patriots have plenty of beer, but they are lacking in Super Bowl memorabilia. As the search for Tom Brady’s missing jersey — already deemed “the most valuable NFL collectible ever” and possibly worth as much as $500,000  — heats up, another Patriots hero, running back James White, admitted to misplacing the football he carried into...
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Martellus Bennett sends out inspirational tweets
"This is important. I'm important. You're important."         
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‘The Flash’s’ Keiynan Lonsdale on Wally West Being Tasked with Saving Iris
Since becoming Kid Flash, Wally West’s (Keiynan Lonsdale) abilities have been increasing far faster than Barry’s (Grant Gustin) ever did. Because of that, Wally now has a gigantic burden on his shoulders. After accidentally traveling to the future and witnessing Iris’ (Candice Patton) death at the hands of Savitar, Barry has been trying to figure... Read more »
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Just me and the iron: Using weightlifting as meditation
When I think of meditation, I picture an image of serenity - a wide-open room, a person sitting cross-legged on a mat, eyes closed and mind relaxed. Meditation, to me, conjures up peacefulness, calmness, quietness and stillness. Which is why the sight of bulging biceps, dripping sweat and a barbell...
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Russia blocks Brazzers to ‘protect human psyche’ – what could they mean? (POLL)
The porn site ‘Brazzers’ is now blocked in Russia over judicial concerns that its ‘adult’ content could be “detrimental to the human psyche”. Read Full Article at
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What Kevin Hayes’ return means to these two Rangers rookies
Unless Kevin Hayes encounters a setback while skating in the morning, No. 13 will return to the Rangers’ lineup for Tuesday’s match at the Garden against the Ducks. Hayes has been sidelined for the last five games with the presumed left knee injury he sustained in Detroit on Jan. 22. “Hopefully I’m in game shape...
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Best way to face your fears may be subconsciously
Brooks HaysFeb. 6 (UPI) -- New research suggests the brain can process phobic images and control fear response when they are received unconsciously.
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Mitch Albom: Lady Liberty has her say about The Wall
Mitch Albom suggests maybe the U.S. laws need more fixing than the borders.        
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Sharon Jones, big-voiced Dap-Kings soul singer, dies at 60
Sharon Jones, a big-voiced soul singer who performed with high energy onstage, has died in New York after battling pancreatic cancer. She was 60. Jones died Friday at a Cooperstown hospital surrounded by her band, the Dap-Kings, her representative Judy Miller Silverman said. “Thank you for your...
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Check out poem ex-Giants kicker Josh Brown posted on Instagram
Disgraced former Giants kicker and admitted domestic abuser Josh Brown posted a hopeful message Friday.
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Exorcist claims possession by ‘dark spirits’ in child killing trial
A man charged with beating three children to death during an exorcism ritual in Myanmar claims supernatural beings possessed him. Read Full Article at
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Mats Zuccarello’s Rangers resurgence explained
COLUMBUS, Ohio — Mats Zuccarello led the Rangers in scoring last season with 61 points and was second to his buddy Derick Brassard for the team lead by one with 26 goals, so no one in their right mind would say the Norwegian had a disappointing season. But. (And you knew there was a “but”...
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Tao Okamoto, Martin Sensmeier Join Thriller ‘Puberty’ (EXCLUSIVE)
Tao Okamoto, Genesis Rodriguez, Martin Sensmeier, Chris Santos, and Rainey Qualley have joined the cast of Eddie Alcazar’s psychological thriller “Puberty.” Variety first reported the project being unveiled at the American Film Market on Nov. 5 with Abbie Cornish, Dylan Gelula, and Garrett Wareing starring. Production is set for this winter in Los Angeles with... Read more »
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‘Machines’ Director Rahul Jain: ‘I Was Not Interested in Giving Any Answers’
For his debut documentary feature, Delhi-born, U.S.-educated director Rahul Jain ignored the opinion of friends who told him that, if he wanted to see poverty, he should simply travel to the other side of town. Instead, with a small film unit, he took himself off to Gujarat, India’s westernmost state, to paint an intimate portrait... Read more »
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Management - Both Frustrating and Rewarding
Elaine Varelas offers advice on how to manage a difficult employee
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Canelo Alvarez out for remainder of 2016 with broken thumb
Junior middleweight champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez has a broken right thumb that will keep him out of the ring for the rest of the year.
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Caldwell on blown calls: 'We've got to make our own breaks'
Lions coach didn't agree with offensive interference flag that negated Eric Ebron TD in second quarter.        
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Tools to de-stress when you’re caring for an elder
Life is stressful! Being mindful of someone else’s life? Even more stressful.       
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Phys Ed: How Walking in Nature Changes the Brain
A walk in the park may soothe the mind and, in the process, change the workings of our brains in ways that improve our mental health.
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Your Guide to Learn How to Meditate

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This relaxation pose will help you let go of stress - and fall asleep
Like many of us, you may sometimes have trouble getting to sleep. You’re wired from the stressful day. You’re worried about all the things you didn’t get done today — and all the things you have to do tomorrow. Yoga Medicine founder Tiffany Cruikshank says this unique pose will help you quiet those...
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