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Store owner is doing right by victim of human turd
The owner of the East Harlem clothing store where a 94-year-old wheelchair-bound woman had a wad of cash snatched right out of her bra by a heartless thief has decided to pay it forward – and replace the woman’s stolen pension money. Josh Cohen, 49, the owner of Regines on East 116th Street, said that...
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Ohio psychic stole $1.5 million in cash and cars from clients
Gina Miller conned nearly a dozen clients at her Mentor studio 20 miles northeast of Cleveland, prosecutors said.
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Editorial: Putting the arm on Emerson
Nice dorm proposal you’ve got there, Emerson College — shame if anything were to happen to it.That was the message we took from Boston City Councilor Josh Zakim, who wants the college to pony up more money as it tries to solve a temporary student housing problem.Emerson is renovating a dorm on Boylston Street. The college wants to lease the Boston Fenway Inn and house 115 students there from 2017 to 2019 while renovations are completed. The plan needs approval of the Boston Redevelopment Authority.And that’s where Zakim saw his opening.
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Discovery, LMNO Battle Over ‘7 Little Johnstons’ Footage
Discovery Communications has asked a federal judge to force embattled LMNO Productions to turn over footage shot for the TLC series “7 Little Johnstons” while the larger legal battle between the two companies unfolds. Late Thursday, Discovery filed in federal court in Los Angeles a writ of possession in connection with the “7 Little Johnstons”... Read more »
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Parking garages are scamming credit-card users with fees: suit
Two of the city’s largest operators of parking garages have been slapped with class-action lawsuits challenging their credit-card-processing fees. Icon Parking Systems and Quik Park Management both charge a $2 fee for drivers who pay with cards instead of cash, according to the two new Manhattan civil suits filed by New York residents Russell Spitzer...
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EDITORIAL: Loan rates
Student loan program goes down
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6-time WSOP bracelet winner faces judge in bad check case
A Las Vegas gambler with six World Series of Poker bracelets appeared in court Thursday to face theft and bad check charges.
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No, we didn’t ‘owe’ Iran that $1.7 billion ransom payment
Amid all the fuss over President Obama’s “ransom” payment to Iran to free US hostages, less scrutinized is the president’s justification for airlifting cash to Tehran: that we owed them the money. It deserves more attention, because the administration has failed to make its case. To review: On Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal reported that...
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The Wells Fargo scandal should scare you
It's not an otherwise just banking system corrupted by a single, tainted credit card scheme. It's "extreme capitalism" preying on trusting customers.
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House Republicans press administration on Iran payment
WASHINGTON (AP) - Obama administration officials told Congress on Thursday that Iran wanted "immediate access" to $1.7 billion paid by the United States in cash to settle a decades-old arbitration claim between the two countries. At a hearing called by House Republicans, officials from the departments of Treasury, State and ...
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This guy is the worst person in New York
It doesn’t get much lower than this. A thief robbed a wheelchair-bound, 95-year-old East Harlem woman — by reaching into her bra and stealing an envelope full of cash. Maria Vasquez was shopping for new shoes on Wednesday inside of Regines Clothing Boutique on East 116th Street when the crook peeped over and saw her...
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Another day, another $185mn: Wells Fargo fined for opening fake accounts
A top US bank, Wells Fargo, has agreed an $185 million payout settlement with California and federal regulators after it opened more than 2 million fake accounts not authorized by customers. It is the company’s second instance of fraud in recent months. Read Full Article at
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Wells Fargo fires 5,300 workers, fined $185 million in 'outrageous' fraud case
California and federal regulators fined Wells Fargo a combined $185 million on Thursday, alleging the bank's employees illegally opened millions of unauthorized accounts for their customers in order to meet aggressive sales goals.
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Emanuel's new water tax easily passes key test vote
Mayor Rahm Emanuel's latest tax hike gained momentum Thursday as the City Council Finance Committee easily advanced a plan that would cost Chicagoans $226 a year by 2020 on their water and sewer bills. The 26-6 vote to send the new tax to the council next week came despite several aldermen saying...
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U of Illinois OKs six-year, $21 million contract for Smith
URBANA, Ill. (AP) - University of Illinois trustees have approved a contract with football coach Lovie Smith that will pay him at least $21 million over six years. They approved initial terms for Smith after he was hired in March that were backloaded to pay him $10 million in salary ...
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Fed up with wife, man robs bank, asks for jail
A 70-year-old man fed up with his wife decided jail would be better than living at home.          
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If Huntington mails a payment but the check is lost, what happens to the money?: Money Matters
I bank at Huntington and had requested a payment be sent to a friend I owed money to. The payment was processed through Huntington's online bill payment service and the money was debited from my account the same day. Three months later, I found out he apparently never received the check. Q: I bank at Huntington and had requested a payment be sent to a friend I owed money to. The payment was processed through Huntington's online bill payment service and the money was debited from my account the same day. Three months later, I found out he apparently never received the check. At least that's what he says. How can I find out? Huntington already deducted the money from my account? What if he never got the money and I never found out? What would happen to the money? B.E., Solon A: Huntington and a few other banks operate their bill payment services with what's called a "good funds" policy. As soon as a payment is sent, the money is debited from your account. If it's an electronic payment, such as for your electric bill or credit card payment, no biggie. It will be received the day it's sent. But in the case of a check sent to an individual who doesn't receive payments from banks electronically, it can be a little messy. So you raise a good question. You can tell whether a check has been cashed by logging into your account online. Since the money was already debited, you have to go to a different tab to check on the status of past payments. I asked Huntington spokesman Brent Wilder what happens to the money if a check would get lost in the mail. Would Huntington just keep it? Would the bank refund it to the customer at some point? Would the bank issue the check again? Wilder confirmed that funds get deducted from an account when the check is issued to someone. "If the check does not get cashed after 180 days, the check gets canceled and the funds are routed back to the customer," Wilder said. "If the customer still has an account at Huntington, the funds will be deposited back into their account. If the customer no longer has an account a check will be cut and mailed to their address. In your case, your friend doesn't want to wait three more months to get his money. So Huntington says you can call and cancel the payment without a fee and the check will be reissued. (I'm assuming this couldn't happen too often or Huntington might start getting ticked off and start charging fees.) But situations like you describe are just one of the reasons I'm not a fan of the "good funds" method of online bill pay. You don't know when the party actually receives the check. And the bank has free use of your money during that limbo period from the time it's deducted from your account until the recipient cashes your check. I think online bill payment services in general are fantastic. Great time-savers. Very accurate. But if you use your bank's bill pay service and if you care, you should ask your bank whether it uses the "good funds" method (money deducted immediately) or "risk-based" method (money deducted from your account when the check is actually cashed).
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Report: Man chooses jail over home with his wife, robs bank
A 70-year-old man fed up with his wife decided jail would be better than living at home, The Kansas City Star reported.        
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Some families of fallen soldiers shorted on benefits
John M. Donnelly, Roll Call Every year, dozens of families who lose a breadwinner killed in the line of military duty receive hundreds of dollars less in their monthly checks than others.
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Detroit foreclosures down, but crisis looming
Analysis: Owners of about 6,000 properties in Detroit owe tax debt that’s a quarter or more of what the houses are worth        
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$1.7B to Iran: Just how much money is that?

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Democratic gubernatorial candidates spar at Manchester debate
The three Democratic candidates for governor differentiated themselves on a handful of “lightning round” questions during a debate in Manchester on Tuesday.The topics strayed from the everyday campaign conversation to get the candidates thinking apart from their stump speeches.Executive Councilor Co...
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Judge: Dover, other districts owed money for education
A judge ruled Tuesday that the city of Dover and dozens of other school districts growing in size were unconstitutionally deprived of education funding from the state.That figure is about $1.5 million for Dover, and as much as $11 million between 40 other districts.The lawsuit filed last year argue...
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Pa. Turnpike's finances headed south, audit finds
PITTSBURGH - The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission's level of debt is "potentially unsustainable" because projected toll increases could lead motorists to find free alternatives, the state Auditor General's Office said in an audit released Tuesday.
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European Central Bank Leaves Rates Unchanged
The European Central Bank left all of its key interest rates unchanged, saying rates were expected to remain ‘at the present level or lower’ for an extended period.
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Mixed reaction to tentative teachers' deal
Teachers will vote school-by-school on the tentative agreement by Sept. 14        
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Designed to land jobs, union fund now a lure for the FBI
When the FBI raided the headquarters of powerful labor leader John "Johnny Doc" Dougherty and hauled out hundreds of cartons of records, they made sure to grab those of an obscure union subsidy program called "market recovery."
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Brothers convicted in cocaine distribution case
A pair of brothers from Eagle Pass will spend almost 20 years in federal prison for using their body shop as a front for their narcotics trafficking operation, officials said.
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Report: County's $1B in unpaid debt impedes ability to serve
CLEVELAND (AP) - A report says a northeast Ohio county has $1 billion in outstanding debt that is hindering its ability to support and serve its residents. The Center for Community Solutions report released last week says Cuyahoga (ky-uh-HOH'-guh) County's debt service represents 5 percent of the total budget. The ...
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US payment of $1.7 billion to Iran made entirely in cash
WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is acknowledging its transfer of $1.7 billion to Iran earlier this year was made entirely in cash, using non-U.S. currency, as Republican critics of the transaction continued to denounce the payments. Treasury Department spokeswoman Dawn Selak said in a statement late Tuesday that the cash payments were necessary because of...
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Republicans seek to censure Obama administration on $400 million 'ransom' to Iran
The payment to Iran is one issue on which House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and Donald Trump agree.
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'Taco trucks on every corner' Trump surrogate accused of scams
Gutierrez and his wife were accused for using the bankruptcy court on at least 14 occasions.
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Foreclosures down, but debt could spell future crisis
Analysis: Owners of about 6,000 properties in Detroit owe tax debt that’s a quarter or more of what the houses are worth        
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RAB arrest five in Dhaka with counterfeit currency notes worth Tk 10 million
The Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) have arrested five persons, including a former Bangladesh Bank employee, and seized Tk 10 million worth fake currency.
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‘I’d rather be in jail’: Kansas man robs a bank to flee ‘situation’ with his wife
Family life has pushed a Kansas man over the edge. After robbing a bank to get away from his wife, the desperate husband told officials he would rather live in jail than at home. Read Full Article at
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Houston mayor laments end of program he championed
Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner has lamented the recent expiration of Lite-Up Texas, a state initiative he had championed in Austin that helped low-income Texans pay their electric bills.
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How to cut costs without cutting out the things you love
You can live on a budget and have your latte, too — or cake or vacation or whatever else adds joy to your life. In fact, frugal living can help you afford what you want. Here are some frugal living tips to help you cut costs without cutting out everything you love.
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As Issues Swirl in Europe, E.C.B. Is Likely to Hold Fire
The central bank faces concern over economic growth, uncertainty over the impact of “Brexit” and questions over whether its efforts are having an impact.
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Buy and Sell in 33 currencies with

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No fees on International Payments

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Suspensions for Lochte, swimmers due Thursday
USOC and USA Swimming will jointly announce penalties for the Rio gas station incident.         
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US paid Iran 1.3B for failed deal
The Obama administration made two additional cash payments totaling $1.3 billion, after delivering $400 million to Iran by plane in January, to resolve a failed arms deal, administration officials told lawmakers Tuesday.
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Suspensions for Ryan Lochte, swimmers due Thursday
USOC and USA Swimming will jointly announce penalties for the Rio gas station incident.         
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Lochte, others expected to be disciplined Thursday
USOC and USA Swimming will jointly announce penalties for the Rio gas station incident.         
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VA urges ‘hiring surge’ to reduce backlog of veterans’ benefit appeals
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is warning the backlog for veterans appealing decisions involving disability benefits will grow if the Trump administration goes ahead with its harsh budget cuts. Waiting times could grow to as much as eight-and-a-half years. Read Full Article at
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GHBA Remodelers Council: Make home presentable for sale
If your roof is bad or your air conditioning system isn't working properly, potential buyers may assume the rest of the house needs work as well. Pay attention to what other houses for sale in your area are offering. First impressions matter. The smell of new carpet and new paint can have a positive psychological effect on your prospective buyer. Repair any weathered or damaged wood, point-up mortar joints if brick and remove all obsolete cables, screws, hooks, etc. If your yard is boring or barren, consider a simple patio deck, add a few inexpensive plants or update existing landscaping. Return function to spaces that you may have changed such as a bedroom becoming a crafts room - turn it back into a bedroom.
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Americans are dying with an average of $62K of debt
You’re probably going to die with some debt to your name. Most people do.         
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Should I accept money from my parents?
My parents helped me pay for college, but now I’m out on my own and they’re still supporting me. Should I keep accepting money from them?I recently tried to learn to ski – emphasis on “try” – and at first I couldn’t move 5 inches without grabbing the nearest poor soul’s elbow. After a group lesson,...
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DA Seth Williams' prime target — his mother's money, feds say

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Troy woman loses $703K in online swindle
The 58-year-old woman wired to a man she met on who said he was in financial trouble in England, police said        
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