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Bound by terror: 'I've got you'
She faced her father's killers in a courtroom, and realized the al Qaeda militants held no power. He put Osama bin Laden's image on a punching bag and let loose.
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Frantic woman calls family from trunk of car before death
HELENA, Mont. — A terrified Montana mother called her husband from the dark trunk of a moving car to say she had been overpowered at a highway rest stop and didn't know where she was.The call set off a frantic search by her family and law enforcement that ended when Rita Maze's body was found Wednesday in the trunk of her car, abandoned near Spokane International Airport in Washington state.The 47-year-old Maze had been shot to death, a medical examiner said Thursday.Authorities and family members believe the abduction was random. A suspect has not been identified.
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Meg Ryan uses 'fierce' maternal instincts in her directorial debut 'Ithaca'
Hollywood actress Meg Ryan goes behind the camera for her directorial debut "Ithaca", a World War II drama for which she said she used her maternal instincts in telling the story.
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“Other People” a non-cliched take on the cancer comedy
There is nothing original about the "parent with cancer" dramatic comedy. And Chris Kelly, the writer and director of "Other People," seems to know that. His Sundance hit, about a mom with cancer, is not a revolutionary movie, but it is well-acted and perceptive.
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“The Light Between Oceans” and other films with surprise babies
Some people find shells and old coins on the beach. In “The Light Between Oceans,” Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander find a baby and, well, finders keepers. They’re not the first characters to discover a surprise bundle of joy.
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Children of 9/11 draw inspiration from tragedy
They were kids, or not even born yet, when America’s heart broke for them.More than 3,000 children and young adults lost a parent in the deadliest terror attack on American soil, instantly becoming known as the children of 9/11.As the 15th anniversary of the attacks approaches, these children are n...
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Kids of 9/11 draw inspiration from tragedy
As the 15th anniversary of the attacks approaches, their 9/11 legacy is now theirs to shape        
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Abby: Teen’s friendship strained after 5-mile move
What should I tell my daughter, who misses her friend so much?       
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Proof that we’re getting parenting right
Americans are raising their babies just fine, thank you very much. Though perhaps unintentional, that’s one key takeaway from Robert and Sarah LeVine’s new book, “Do Parents Matter? Why Japanese Babies Sleep Soundly, Mexican Siblings Don’t Fight, and American Families Should Just Relax,” which is getting quite a bit of attention in the press. The...
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Family of man punched into coma by ex-con prays for miracle
Ali Bruncaj, waiting on the February birth of his granddaughter, worries if his son will survive to greet the new arrival.
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'Extremely delusional' North Olmsted youth pastor sentenced for sexual relationship with teen
North Olmsted youth pastor Brian Mitchell, 31, was sentenced Thursday for carrying on a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old girl. CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A North Olmsted youth pastor will spend a decade in prison for carrying on a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old member of his church. Brian Mitchell, 31, sat Thursday with his brow furrowed for most of the 90-minute hearing where Cuyahoga County Judge Patrick Corrigan sentenced him to 10 years in prison. Mitchell -- a husband and father of three children under the age of 8-- was the youth pastor at Columbia Road Baptist Church in North Olmsted when he met the victim. He pleaded guilty to four counts of sexual battery. "I'm so sorry to (the) family," Mitchell said. "I can't imagine the work and effort you've had to put into fixing your family." The girl in a letter to the judge that she looked up to Mitchell, and that she sought him out to learn how to live a more spiritual life through religion. Mitchell began sending her text messages that became more and more frequent. Someone brought it to the attention of church leaders and the texting stopped for a time. He started up again, and the girl said the tone of the messages quickly turned from innocent and fun to serious. She said he complained about his wife and their marital problems. She wrote that she wanted the texts to stop but felt scared to say anything because he was a powerful figure in the church and in her life. One day, he drove to her home and told her to come out to his car. He kissed her and told her he wanted to see her again. The next time he drove out to her home, he had sex with her in his car. Another time he had sex with her at her home while his wife was out of town, Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Kristen Karkutt said. "I did not give him permission," the girl wrote. "I clearly said 'no, didn't want to.' I felt like he tricked me." Mitchell directed her to delete text message exchanges between the two and told her never to tell anyone. He picked her up during her lunch break from school. He sent her flowers for her birthday, then asked her mother at church if she knew who sent them. Normally an outgoing teen who played sports and worked two jobs while going to school, she found herself unable to get out of bed. She struggled in school. Once the relationship came to light, the church reported the accusations to Fairview Park police. The girl's mother said in court that church officials told her their family couldn't return to the church until she apologized to Mitchell's wife. Defense attorney Ian Friedman said Mitchell was never aware of that. The family has since left the church. The girl wrote that she still has nightmares and displays what Corrigan called textbook symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. "This is a perfect example of the psychological damage caused by these types of crimes," Corrigan said. Friedman said Mitchell acknowledges that he betrayed the girl, her family, his own family and the church. "The whirlwind two or three months of Snapchats and texts and the secrecy involved created an adrenaline- and lust-filled situation where he felt like there could be a future," Friedman said.   Mitchell, who received about three-dozen letters of support given to the judge, apologized to the girl's family and said he was sorry for what he did, not that he got caught.  He said that he dreamed of being a father and asked for leniency in order to take care of his kids. Corrigan, who had the option to sentence him anywhere between one and 20 years in prison, did not adopt Friedman's recommendation for house arrest. "Your delusional excuse -- that there were emotions and love involved -- is troubling," Corrigan told Mitchell. "That's extremely delusional." To comment on this story, please visit our crime and courts comments section.
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Molly Shannon is still a superstar in ‘Other People’
Deeply personal screenwriting and a superlative performance by Molly Shannon as a dying mom lift “Other People” above the level of many similar tragedy-inflected indie comedies. Jesse Plemons plays a gay New York comedy writer who returns home to Sacramento to deal with his mother’s onrushing cancer even as his reserved father (Bradley Whitford) continues...
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Tears and wry laughs fuel Chris Kelly's insightful 'Other People'
Darkly funny, enormously moving and wonderfully observed, writer-director Chris Kelly’s “Other People” makes a fine companion piece to the recent “The Hollars,” another strong, idiosyncratic, real-life-inspired film about an adult son’s return home to be with his ill mother. Watching “Other People,”...
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Football remains a sanctuary for South Gate receiver Jamaal Neal
There’s a framed illustration hanging in the South Gate High weight room that depicts All-City football receiver Jamaal Neal wearing a red Nevada Las Vegas uniform and looking out at the casinos on the Las Vegas Strip as storm clouds muster in the sky. So far, the 17-year-old senior hasn’t let...
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Texas mom shares proud moment when son stops everything to say the Pledge of Allegiance and prays
A photo of a young Texas student bowing his head in prayer before entering school following the Pledge of Allegiance is going viral after his proud mother posted the photo to Facebook.
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Laurel man, 30, charged with killing parents inside their home
A 30-year-old man has been charged with killing his parents inside their home in the 9500 block of Queens Guard Court in Laurel. Craig Dennis White faces first- and second-degree murder and assault, said Howard County police spokeswoman Sherry Llewellyn, after his father, Glen White, 66, and mother...
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Daughter defends recent widower’s right to date
Take on the grief police when they criticize your father        
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Young woman worries about friend's mental decline
Do research with the agency on aging on options for staying in her home        
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SEE IT: 'RHONJ' star Joe Giudice threatens to 'smack' wife Teresa
(WARNING: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE) Joe Giudice hit the bottle and then threatened to do the same to wife Teresa.
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India: How old is too old to have a baby?
A look at the growing phenomenon of elderly mothers in India and controversy surrounding the ethics of the country's booming IVF industry.
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Now adults, kids of 9/11 draw inspiration from tragedy
As the 15th anniversary of the attacks approaches, their Sept. 11 legacy is now theirs to shape        
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Oklahoma mom & daughter get married, now face up to 10yrs in jail
A twisted case of incestuous marriage between a mother and daughter, who tied the knot before unsuspecting Oklahoma officials, has landed the two behind bars after they were arrested for having lived as a couple for nearly half a year. Read Full Article at
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Father faces charges after his son, 8, tells police they smoked marijuana together

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Long-lost letter from dying mom found in used book
Gordon Draper, the owner of Bondgate Books in Bishop Auckland, England, was going through a stack of books at his store when an envelope containing a handwritten letter slipped out from between some pages.
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Toronto: International Trailer For Fernando Guzzoni’s ‘Jesus’ [WATCH]
Fernando Guzzoni’s fiction debut “Dog Flesh,” a portrait of a former torturer under Augusto Pinochet, won San Sebastian’s New Directors Prize in 2012, establishing Chile’s Guzzoni as a director to track from maybe the most-talked up of Latin American filmmaking nations. Now Guzzoni is back, with “Jesus,” which world premieres in Toronto’s Discovery section, then... Read more »
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Children of 9/11 inspired by tragedy from fateful day
They were kids, or not even born yet, when America’s heart broke for them. More than 3,000 children and young adults lost a parent in the deadliest terror attack on American soil, instantly becoming known as the children of 9/11.
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N.C. dad commits suicide after killing son, shooting ex-wife
“What’s up everybody? I just killed my (expletive) wife,” Earl Valentine said in his early Tuesday admission video.
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Pamela Adlon's 'Better Things' makes the best out of everyday moments
Louis C.K. may have put his own sitcom on hold, but he is still having a good effect on television comedy, not only by example but as a producer. His Pig Newton production company is home to Zach Galifianakis' "Baskets" (FX), Tig Notaro's upcoming "One Mississippi" (Amazon) and, premiering Thursday...
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Madonna and Guy Ritchie settle custody battle over their son Rocco
Madonna’s contentious custody battle with ex-husband Guy Ritchie over their son Rocco has reportedly come to an end. A court official confirmed Wednesday that the Material Girl and Ritchie had reached a settlement, according to the Associated Press. But no details of the agreement were made public....
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Mom with cancer dies days after delivering premature baby boy
A New Jersey mom who battled cancer while pregnant died just three days after giving birth prematurely to a baby boy. Danielle Janofsky, 30, was diagnosed with cancer six months into her pregnancy, reported. Janofsky had melanoma two years ago, but got treatment and was given a great prognosis. Despite regular check-ups, the 30-year-old...
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2 kids found with relative after parents' confusion
Zammer and Marcia Cox have been with a relative since their mother dropped them off earlier this week, police said        
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Why all dads should get leave, without judgment
When our daughter was born two years ago, I took a three-month unpaid leave to help take care of our baby while my wife finished graduate school. A three-month leave is considered lengthy by American standards, and unheard of in the male-dominated blue-collar rock quarry industry where I’ve worked...
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Polaneczky: Fumo's daughter has advice for Seth Williams' kids
What's it like when your well-known political parent is indicted? Vince Fumo's daughter tells all.
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No 'Lies': Actresses bonded on HBO set
Witherspoon and Kidman, both producers, say 7-episode format let them feature more women.         
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Would-be groom in cancelled wedding gets $125K ring back
With this ring, I thee have now fled. The would-be groom in a scuttled $325,000 Manhattan wedding — canceled after the rehearsal dinner devolved into a fist-flying brawl — has gotten his engagement ring back, family members told The Post Saturday. Would-be bride Amy Bzura, 27, has returned the emerald-cut sparkler, which was valued in...
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Missing mother likely dismembered, scattered over several states
Police believe the dismembered torso found in a dumpster likely belongs to a Boulder mother who went missing earlier this month.
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Colorado 15-year-old keeps promise to mother, wins prestigious ski race in Austria
Just before competing in one of the world's most prestigious youth ski races in Austria this week, Kellen Kinsella texted his mother back home in the Vail Valley to say he would win it for her because she had cancer surgery two weeks ago.
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Quirky indie drama 'The Great & the Small' delivers emotional depth
Writer-director Dusty Bias takes a singular approach to telling an offbeat, oddly resonant tale of family, survival and redemption in “The Great & the Small.” Though it’s often too quirky for its own good and its bumpy narrative structure can be jarring, the film sneaks in quite a bit of depth...
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Depression can strike expectant and new dads, too
HealthDay News Depression in and just after pregnancy is most often associated with moms-to-be, but a new study shows expectant dads can have similar symptoms.
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Texas woman kills granddaughter in apparent murder-suicide
A gruesome scene at the Hilton in downtown Fort Worth is being investigated as a murder-suicide after two women were found dead inside one of the rooms.
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Ask Amy: Daughter juggles relationship with two mothers
I am a 37-year-old woman who was adopted at the age of 6. My adoptive mother, "Jane," encouraged me to find my biological mom, "Kate," after Jane had recently connected with her biological family (she was also adopted). I reconnected with Kate four years ago.
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Berlinale: ‘Sworn Virgin’ Director Laura Bispuri Set For ‘Daughter of Mine’ (EXCLUSIVE)
Italian director Laura Bispuri, whose transgender-themed “Sworn Virgin” was a 2015 Berlinale competition standout, will shoot Sardinia-set motherhood drama “Daughter of Mine,” about a young girl torn between her natural mother and her adoptive one. Germany’s The Match Factory is on board as both co-producer and world sales agent. Principal photography is scheduled to start... Read more »
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Adele blasts estranged father during speech at Grammys
Adele gave her dad the cold shoulder at the Grammys.
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Cubs Bleacher Bum Ray Meyer dies; family owned Ray’s Bleachers
Ray Meyer grew up at Ray’s Bleachers, his dad’s bar at Waveland and Sheffield, running hot dog orders over to Wrigley Field when he was a kid.
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Adele says Beyoncé should have won album of the year: 'It was her time to win'
"...I'm very grateful and gracious, but my artist of my life is Beyoncé," Adele shared.         
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SEE IT: Beyoncé’s trippy Grammy performance full of birth symbols
In case you missed it, Beyoncé’s pregnant.
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West Side Helping Hand in Corpus Christi assists families
CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (AP) - Eulalio Martinez, 27, knows what it's like to grow up without mom and dad. The Corpus Christi Caller-Times ( ) reports he knows what it's like to look at aging grandparents as his parents. He knows what it's like to juggle high school homework and ...
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'Cash me outside' girl returns to 'Dr. Phil' after rehab
The internet went crazy after one cocky 13-year-old girl made some controversial comments on the set of Dr. Phil back in September.
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PHOTOS: Father-daughter dance in Franklin
Daughters and their fathers, or special father figure, shared a night of dancing at the Bessie Rowell Community Center in Franklin on Friday evening. The event, put on by the city parks and recreation department, will be followed by a mother son night on March 10.
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'I always feel like he's there with us,' son of slain Harford deputy says on the first anniversary of dad's death
Bryan and Tyler Dailey's father, Harford County Sheriff's Office Senior Deputy Patrick Dailey, may have been suddenly taken from them a year ago Friday when he was fatally shot inside an Abingdon restaurant, but the brothers say their dad is still with them every day. "I always feel like he's there...
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