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From burkinis to the Koran: Why Islam isn't like other faiths
My parents, brother and I were on vacation in Florida, and we were talking about Donald Trump. The idea of leaving America if a scary Republican wins has always been a joke among high-minded liberals who can just fly off and find a job in Toronto or Geneva. But for my family, the joke had taken...
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The week in pictures: From Hajj 2016 to Hillary Clinton
From the start of Hajj to the US presidential elections, here is the week's news in pictures.
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Saudi Arabia and Iran spar over Hajj pilgrimage
Rhetoric escalates between regional rivals Riyadh and Tehran over 2015 hajj tragedy and this year's pilgrimage.
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33 Bangladesh pilgrims die in Saudi Arabia before Hajj
Thirty-three Bangladeshis, including several women who are in Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj, have died from different ailments until now.
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Hajj 2016: Millions of Muslims start arriving in Mecca
More than 1.5 million people from across the world are expected to perform Hajj this year.
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My Hajj Reading List: Preparing for Mecca
Our correspondent shares her reading list before embarking on the annual Muslim pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia.
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Hajj Prep: Search Soul, Buy Sturdy Shoes, Pay the Dentist
Diaa Hadid, a Times correspondent, is getting ready for her first hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca. And her family and colleagues have plenty of advice.
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UK's 'most hated man' jailed for ISIS support
Notorious hate preacher Anjem Choudary, who led a flag-burning demonstration outside the US embassy on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and voiced support for jihad, has been jailed for inviting support for ISIS.
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What Muslims Do on Hajj, and Why
Our correspondent, who is in Saudi Arabia for the annual pilgrimage, explains why Muslims, dressed in white, throw stones, kiss a large black rock and have a goat sacrificed.
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As hajj nears, Saudi Arabia aims to avoid another disaster
Saudi officials prepped for the pilgrimage to Mecca with steps aimed at avoiding another disaster.       
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Syrians on haj pray for peace; Damascus says Riyadh plays politics
MECCA, Saudi Arabia (Reuters) - Syrians from territory held by opposing sides in the civil war prayed together for peace as they flew to Mecca for the haj, even as President Bashar al-Assad's government accused Saudi Arabia of politicizing the annual Muslim pilgrimage.
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UK: Anjem Choudary jailed for encouraging ISIL support
Preacher Anjem Choudary has been sentenced to five-and-a-half years in Britain for inviting support for armed group.
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RAB arrests 'Neo-JMB' couples from Dhaka and Narayanganj
Rapid Action Battalion has arrested two couples, suspected to be members of Neo-JMB, during raids at Dhaka and Narayanganj.
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U.K. Preacher Sentenced to Over Five Years in Prison
Anjem Choudary, an Islamist cleric blamed for radicalizing young Muslims, was sentenced to 5½ years in prison by a British judge following his conviction for supporting terrorism.
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Far-right mayor claims real French people are ‘European, white, Catholic’
A far-right mayor in France has made headlines for his anti-Muslim rhetoric once again, saying that being French means being “European, white, and Catholic.” Now, an anti-racism organization has announced it is taking legal action against the politician. Read Full Article at
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Iran and Saudi Arabia Squabble as Millions of Muslims Begin Pilgrimage
The two nations traded barbs over which one best represents Islam and which one ought to control the religious sites at Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia.
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Khaleda leaves for Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj with Tarique 
Khaleda Zia has left for Saudi Arabia where she will perform this year’s Hajj with her family members including eldest son Tarique Rahman.
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Mubaraz Ahmed: Why radical Islamists seek to exploit converts
When ISIS claimed of responsibility for the attack on the Palace of Westminster this week, it was another reminder of the violent and destructive nature of Islamism, or political Islam, as it is sometimes referred to.
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Letter: A house divided
A house dividedDonald Trump famously proclaimed that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and his followers would still support him. He is really testing that theory now. The person he has shot in the foot is himself. He is almost daily stepping on his own message, diminishing his credibility and...
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Muslim leaders across Britain condemn “cowardly” Parliament attack
British Muslim leaders have condemned Wednesday’s terrorist attack that hit right at the heart of London as “cowardly.” Read Full Article at
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Mel Graykin: Erring on the side of happiness
Confirmation bias: The tendency to focus on anything that confirms one’s convictions and disregards any evidence to the contrary.It’s a very common way of thinking; most of us do it. We fool ourselves that way. We get out of bed in a low mood and tell ourselves that this is going to be a bad day. Al...
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Blast in Mogadishu marketplace kills 34
The blast from a car parked near a restaurant went off when shoppers and traders were gathered inside the market.
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Blast in Somalia kills 34 in Mogadishu marketplace
MOGADISHU, Somalia — Somalia's new president visited victims wounded by the Mogadishu car bomb that on Sunday killed 34. President Mohamed Abdulahi Mohamed offered a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of those who planned the blast.The explosion hit a busy marketplace in the western part of the capital, said police Capt. Mohamed Hussein."It was a horrific and barbaric attack only aimed at killings civilians," he said from the scene of the blast.
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Elodie Reed: I learned a lot about Islam –and biases I didn’t know I had
I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous the first time I visited the Concord mosque.It was a pleasant October afternoon, a Friday, and I attended the prayer service at the Islamic Society of Greater Concord to find out what Muslims thought of the 2016 presidential election.I planned my outfit th...
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In Mosul orphanage, Islamic State groomed child soldiers
MOSUL, Iraq (Reuters) - When the boys first arrived at the Islamic State training facility in eastern Mosul they would cry and ask about their parents, who went missing when the militants rampaged through northern Iraq in 2014.
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Jakarta governor leads vote despite charges of blasphemy
'Ahok' was a victim of claims that he is anti-Muslim in the world's largest Muslim nation.       
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Jakarta governor leads vote despite false claims of blasphemy
'Ahok' was a victim of claims that he is anti-Muslim in the world's largest Muslim nation.       
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Indonesians at mass prayers urged to vote for Muslims
JAKARTA, Indonesia — Tens of thousands of Indonesians gathered at the national mosque in the capital on Saturday for mass prayers urging people to vote for a Muslim governor of the city as the country prepares for regional elections next week.The crowds overflowed from Istiqlal Mosque in the heart of Jakarta into the surrounding streets. Clerics gave sermons calling on people to protect Islam and vote for Muslim candidates.
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Mass prayers draw thousands as Indonesia readies elections
JAKARTA, Indonesia — Tens of thousands gathered at the national mosque in Jakarta for mass prayers on Saturday urging Indonesians to vote for Muslims in city and district elections being held across the country next week.The crowds overflowed from Istiqlal Mosque in the heart of the capital into the surrounding streets. Clerics gave sermons calling on people to protect Islam and to vote for Muslim candidates.Police have denied hard-line groups permission to march through the city. Jakarta police spokesman Argo Yuwono estimated the crowds at 60,000 to 70,000 people.
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Republican calls CAIR a Hamas-linked 'terrorist group'
Congressional candidate hits out at CAIR amid growing 'witch-hunt' of Muslim groups and rising Islamophobic attacks.
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In Pakistan, a shrine to murder for 'blasphemy'
As a Senate committee mulls Pakistan's blasphemy laws, thousands visit shrine to Mumtaz Qadri, killer of Salman Taseer.
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Radical Islam is spreading across Belgium, Salafists preach via TV & online media – report
Salafism is advancing in Belgium, a leaked report from the country’s coordination body for threat assessment says, adding that Wahhabi TV stations and online media operate freely while radical literature can be found in most Islamic bookshops. Read Full Article at
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Man convicted of helping plot Texas attack to be sentenced
PHOENIX (AP) - Sentencing is set Wednesday for an American-born Muslim convert convicted of supporting the Islamic State group and helping to plot a 2015 attack on a Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest in Texas. Prosecutors are seeking a life sentence for Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem, while his defense attorney has ...
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Saudi man makes bizarre attempt to set himself ablaze in front of Kaaba (VIDEO)
A Saudi man, believed to be in his 40s, was captured by police as he was pouring gasoline on himself near the most sacred site in Islam, the Kaaba, just moments before he was able to set himself ablaze in a crowd full of pilgrims. Read Full Article at
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Opinion: Terrorism claim is baloney
First, there was the "Bowling Green massacre" that wasn't.
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The Trump team's list of 78 'underreported' terrorist attacks is a bit of a mess
The full document, annotated.
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Muslim Brotherhood expands presence in Germany, seeks to establish Sharia law – security official
Islamic radicals from the Muslim Brotherhood are actively trying to gain a "monopoly" over mosques in the eastern German state of Saxony to attract more followers and increase their influence, the local security service chief has warned. Read Full Article at
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Yes, refugees have carried out attacks on American soil
Asha Abdulkadir was quoted as saying a refugee has never carried out an attack on American soil. Where are the fact-checkers?
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Somalia's al Shabaab executes four men accused of spying
MOGADISHU (Reuters) - Al Shabaab militants in Somalia publicly beheaded four men accused of spying for the country's Western-backed government, the United States and neighboring Kenya, residents in the south of the Horn of Africa country said.
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#VisitMyMosque: UK Muslims open doors to fight bigotry
More than 150 mosques invite Britons of all beliefs and none to visit and ask questions about the Islamic faith.
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Forget burkini ban: France's Muslims have bigger problems
When France enacted its ban on "ostentatious symbols" in public schools in 2004, the so-called "veil ban" was justified under the guise of a warped form of European cultural relativism. It's just the French way, you see.
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Va. mosque sees outpouring of support as state fights Trump travel ban
Demonstrators at the mosque in Sterling carried signs of support while Gov. McAuliffe vowed to continue fighting Trump’s executive order in federal court.
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Recent major extremist attacks in France
France has suffered a series of extremist attacks in the past two years. Here are some of the major assaults.
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Wrapped in support: Richards teachers mark World Hijab Day
As Joyce Cruse was heading to her classroom Wednesday morning, a student stopped her in the hall and asked if she could take the social studies teacher's picture. "Then she said, 'Thank you for doing this,'" Cruse said. What Cruse was doing that particular day was joining legions of women around...
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A look at recent major extremist attacks in France
France has been subjected to a sustained series of extremist attacks in the past 2 years. Here are some of the major assaults.
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Charlie Hebdo sets sights on Donald Trump
Donald Trump names his choices for top national security posts Nov. 18, 2016, 4:18 p.m. This is our look at President-elect Donald Trump's transition and the outgoing Obama administration. Here's what's happening in Washington right now:Trump names conservative hard-liner Jeff Sessions as his choice...
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France envoy: 'Minority' of Muslims 'testing us'
France must find "reasonable accommodation" for Islam, but "there will be mistakes, there will be backlash", says Araud.
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Christian governor of Jakarta to face trial over Islam ‘insult’ allegations
Indonesian police have said a blasphemy complaint by Muslim groups against the Christian governor of Jakarta will go to court, meaning the official could face up to five years in prison over what seems to many to be confusion rather than a crime. Read Full Article at
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Saudi Crown Prince Returns to Public Eye as Succession Looms
Mohammed bin Nayef’s recent prominence suggests he won’t be sidestepped to the throne by Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.
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Indonesia Sends Blasphemy Case Against Christian Governor to Court
Police named Indonesia’s most prominent Christian politician as a suspect in a blasphemy case, threatening a reputation for religious tolerance in the world’s biggest Muslim-majority country.
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