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Navy's new stealth destroyer on its way to Baltimore to be commissioned
A stealthy new Navy destroyer left a shipyard in Maine this week and is on its way to Baltimore where it will be commissioned as the USS Zumwalt as part of the city's fleet week celebrations. The Navy calls the unusual looking ship — it is all angles to minimize its visibility to enemy radar —...
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Sailor 'sits with' Kaepernik during morning colors

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Trump faces national security test with speeches, forum
Trump is expected to unveil a plan for a major increase in defense spending        
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US military ship forced to change course after ‘harassment’ from Iranian vessel - report
An American patrol ship had to change course in the Persian Gulf after an Iranian military vessel came within 100 yards (90 meters) and did not respond to attempts to contact it, US defense officials told Reuters. Read Full Article at
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Trump's plan to defeat ISIS slammed
A retired army general is slamming Donald Trump's remarks that as President he will ask the US military to come up with a plan within one month to defeat ISIS.
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US Navy’s futuristic stealth warship visits 1st port
The U.S. Navy’s futuristic Zumwalt destroyer has arrived in Rhode Island for its first port visit since leaving the shipyard to join the fleet.
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Naval Academy to name cyber building after Grace Hopper
ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - The U.S. Naval Academy will name its future cyber building after Grace Hopper, a pioneering computer scientist and U.S. Navy rear admiral. Vice Adm. Ted Carter, the superintendent, made the announcement Thursday at the academy's "Athena Conference: Heroines of the past, present and future." It's marking ...
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Turkey expels 73 more personnel from armed forces
ISTANBUL (AP) - Turkey says it has expelled 73 more personnel from its armed forces as part of an ongoing effort to rid the military of what it says are followers of the alleged mastermind of the failed July 15 coup. The Turkish Ministry of Defense said on its official ...
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Russia could gain from backing China in South China Sea disputes
Nikolai Litovkin, Russia Beyond the Headlines Three ships and two support ships of the Pacific Fleet have left Russia to take part in the upcoming Russian-Chinese naval exercises in the South China Sea.
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Veterans assess presidential candidates fitness to be commander in chief
The race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton brings to the forefront the question of who is best fit to be the next commander-in-chief of the U.S. armed forces.
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The Latest: Stealthy destroyer sets sail to join US Navy
BATH, Maine (AP) — The Latest on the nation's largest and most expensive destroyer leaving Maine to join the U.S. Navy (all times local):
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Donald Trump promises huge boost in military spending
Republican Donald Trump vowed to boost military spending by tens of billions of dollars on Wednesday, outlining plans for major increases in the number of active troops, Navy ships and submarines, and fighter planes.
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Taiwan to build its own submarines
Taiwan will soon begin its own submarine production program for the country's navy, according to local media reports.
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US carrier sent on ‘routine’ operation in tense South China Sea
As tensions mount between the US and China over the South China Sea, the US Navy has sent an aircraft carrier on “routine operations” in the disputed waterway. The Navy announced the deployment of the USS Carl Vinson and guided-missile destroyer USS Wayne E. Meyer to the South China Sea in a statement released on...
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U.S. carrier group patrols in South China Sea: U.S. navy
(Reuters) - A United States aircraft carrier strike group has begun patrols in the South China Sea, the U.S. navy said on Saturday, amid renewed tension over the disputed waterway.
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Charged: Navy commander in bribery scandal
The Justice Department announced Thursday that it was charging a Navy commander in a bribery scandal that has engulfed 17 Navy personnel, including a one-star Navy admiral.
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‘Forced to strip & pole dance’: New details emerge of sadistic abuses at elite German military base
Female soldiers have been routinely forced to strip and pole dance as part of humiliating “recruitment tests” and “training sessions” at the notorious military base in southern Germany, according to a new internal report obtained by German media. Read Full Article at
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Boeing contracted for Harpoon, SLAM-ER spares
Ryan MaassFeb. 14 (UPI) -- Boeing has received a $12.3 million contract from the U.S. Navy to produce Harpoon and Stand-Off Land Attack Missile-Expanded Response missile spares.
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Capt. John S. 'Jack' Slaughter, Naval Academy graduate in 1937, dies
Capt. John S. "Jack" Slaughter, a retired career naval officer who at his death was the last surviving member of the Naval Academy Class of 1937, died Feb.1 at Roland Park Place of complications from a fall. He was 103. The son of John James Slaughter, a co-owner of the Oklahoma Rig and Supply...
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Two-thirds of US Navy strike fighter can’t fly – report
Nearly two-thirds of the US Navy’s F/A 18 strike fighters cannot fly, “most because there isn’t enough money to fix them,” Defense News reported, adding the fleet has been grounded because jets undergoing planned maintenance are awaiting spare parts. Read Full Article at
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Two-thirds of US Navy's fighters can't fly
Nearly two-thirds of the US Navy's F/A 18 strike fighter jets are currently unable to fly, grounded due to repair delays or because they are awaiting spare parts.
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Thousands More Troops Needed in Afghanistan, U.S. General Says
A few thousand more troops are needed to help end the stalemate in Afghanistan and Russian meddling is complicating the counterterrorism fight, U.S. Army Gen. John Nicholson told a Senate panel.
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US, Chinese aircraft in 'unsafe' encounter over S. China Sea
BEIJING (AP) - A Chinese early warning aircraft and U.S. Navy patrol plane had an "unsafe" encounter over the South China Sea this week, the U.S. Pacific Command said Friday, in the first such incident known to have taken place under President Donald Trump's administration. The interaction between a Chinese ...
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EDA completes corrosion control testing for naval vessels
Ryan MaassFeb. 7 (UPI) -- The European Defense Agency has completed testing solutions for its Corrosion Control for Navy Ships project.
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Chinese coast guard involved in most South China Sea clashes: research
HONG KONG (Reuters) - Increasingly assertive action by China's coast guard ships in the South China Sea risks destabilizing the region, according to the authors of new research tracking maritime law enforcement incidents across the vital trade route.
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Fast transport ship USNS Yuma passes acceptance trials
Richard TomkinsFeb. 7 (UPI) -- The U.S. Navy reports that the future USNS Yuma, an Expeditionary Fast Transport, has successfully completed acceptance trials in the Gulf of Mexico.
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Donald Trump wants bigger military, bigger defense budget
Donald Trump on Wednesday plans to call for more military spending and for an expansion of the nation's armed forces. Mr. Trump, the GOP presidential nominee, is scheduled to roll out the details of his plan in Philadelphia. In a preview, the Trump campaign said the New York billionaire would ...
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Terror leader targeted in Yemen raid survives, taunts U.S. in recording
Stephen FellerFeb. 6 (UPI) -- A target of the United States' raid in Yemen last month survived, if he was even at the compound at the time, and is now taunting U.S. President Donald Trump.
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Britain invests in new submarine training facility
Richard TomkinsFeb. 3 (UPI) -- A new training facility for Royal Navy submarine personnel is on the drawing boards.
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‘Become a suicide bomber!’: Trident whistleblower says artist’s spoof Navy ads are accurate
Spoof Royal Navy recruitment posters, which claim sailors on board Britain’s nuclear submarines are effectively suicide bombers, have won the approval of Trident safety and security whistleblower William McNeilly. Read Full Article at
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Russian ‘Pentagon’: RT unveils mysteries behind walls of Russia’s MoD management center (VIDEO)
RT has been afforded exclusive access to Russia’s state-of-the-art Defense Ministry Management Center which boasts a multistage check system, over 2,000 CCTV cameras, and a supercomputer capable of calculating military outcomes. Read Full Article at
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L-3 to deliver switchgear equipment for Ohio-class replacement subs
Ryan MaassNEW YORK, Nov. 18 (UPI) -- L-3 Communications has been contracted to deliver switchgear equipment to support the U.S. Navy's Ohio-class submarine replacement program.
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UK may have ‘fundamental divergence of outlook’ with Trump’s US – security expert
Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential election means the UK must seriously rethink its technological relationship with the world’s preeminent military power and consider whether its interests remain in step, a top defense scholar has warned. Read Full Article at
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Damen modifying patrol boats for Jamaica
Richard TomkinsGORINCHEM, Netherlands, Nov. 18 (UPI) -- Damen Shipyards Group of the Netherlands reports it is currently modifying two patrol boats it has sold to the Jamaica Defense Force.
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Pakistan navy 'pushed' Indian submarine clear of its waters
KARACHI (Reuters) - The Pakistani navy detected an Indian submarine off the Pakistani coast and prevented it from entering its waters, it said in a statement on Friday, prompting a denial by India as tension between the nuclear-armed rivals simmers.
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Brothers in arms: British & French militaries to share missile technology
A new joint French and British missile development scheme will revolutionize the way the countries operate together, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has said. Read Full Article at
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CACI providing ISR services to Navy
Richard TomkinsARLINGTON, Va., Nov. 17 (UPI) -- The Navy's Space and Naval Warfare Center Pacific is to receive support services from CACI International.
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Campaign helps military members get home for the holidays
LYNCHBURG, Tenn. (AP) - The Jack Daniel's Distillery is teaming with a military support group to help military service members and their families get home for the holidays. The "Operation Ride Home" campaign is in its sixth year. It helps active duty junior-enlisted military members and their families travel from ...
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British, Dutch WWII shipwrecks vanish from Pacific Ocean
Several World War II shipwrecks have vanished from the the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, prompting the British and Dutch governments to seek answers.
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Russia to send aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov to Mediterranean
Russian aircraft carrier the Admiral Kuznetsov will join the country’s naval group operating in the eastern Mediterranean, the Defense Ministry has announced. Officials say the carrier could be used to aid the anti-terrorist mission in Syria. Read Full Article at
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Russia uses force to 'recover lost glory', says Obama
During his last UN address as a US president, Barack Obama has accused Russia of trying to recover “lost glory” through the means of military power, though Russia is far behind the US both in military spending and deployments abroad. Read Full Article at
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Navy's newest destroyer to remain in Norfolk for repairs
NORFOLK, Va. (AP) - The Navy's newest destroyer will remain at Naval Station Norfolk longer than expected after crew members detected a leak on the vessel. Naval Surface Forces Pacific spokesman John Perkins says crews on the USS Zumwalt found a seawater leak in its propulsion system on Monday. Local ...
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Navy commander pleads not guilty to sexual assault charges
SAN DIEGO (AP) — A Navy commander has pleaded not guilty to attempted rape charges involving a female, off-duty sailor at her home in San Diego.
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At least 40 killed in multiple blasts in 4 govt-held Syrian cities – reports
A series of deadly explosions have rocked at least four government-held cities in Syria, including the capital, Damascus. Local media reports over 40 people have been killed and some 60 injured in the blasts. Read Full Article at
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Showboating: Royal Navy test-drives new ‘Batman’ drone boat on Thames
Military officials tested out their new prototype high-speed drone boat on the River Thames in central London on Monday afternoon in a PR stunt ahead of a major exercise. Read Full Article at
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Beijing and Moscow launch South China Sea naval drills
Eight days of military exercises come at a time of heightened tension in the contested waters.
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China, Russia launch South China Sea naval war games
BEIJING (AP) - The Chinese and Russian navies launched eight days of war games in the South China Sea on Monday, in a sign of growing cooperation between their armed forces against the backdrop of regional territorial disputes. The "Joint Sea-2016" maneuvers include ships, submarines, ship-borne helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, ...
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US Navy overhauls troubled littoral combat ship program
After a year of mechanical breakdowns plaguing its $360 million littoral combat ships, the US Navy has announced a major overhaul of the program that will include designating the first four of the ships as testing vessels and limiting their overseas deployments to emergencies.
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Russia, China to practice island defense during eight-day drill in disputed sea (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Russia and China are launching an eight-day naval exercise in the South China Sea on Monday. The drills will include anti-submarine warfare, vessel rescue, joint air defense, and taking an island with amphibious and airborne troops. Read Full Article at
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Navy Launches Largest Destroyer, With Captain Kirk at the Helm
The U.S.S. Zumwalt, a stealth ship that cost about $4.4 billion, is part of a class of destroyer ships focused on sea-to-land attacks.
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