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Nigeria facing “a famine unlike any we have ever seen”
Nearly a quarter of a million children are severely malnourished because Boko Haram has disrupted trade and farming.
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Deaths reported in clashes between rival Boko Haram factions
Ed AdamczykMONGUNO , Nigeria, Sept. 9 (UPI) -- Several people were reported killed in sectarian battles within the Nigerian insurgent group Boko Haram, sources said
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Nigeria on brink of catastrophic famine
The whimpers from skeletally thin babies too weak to cry are a harbinger of worse things to come: A quarter of the children lucky enough to make it to this emergency feeding center are dying. They are the latest victims of Boko Haram’s Islamic insurgency.
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Nigeria facing 'a famine unlike any we have ever seen'
MAIDUGURI, Nigeria (AP) — The whimpers from skeletally thin babies too weak to cry are a harbinger of worse things to come: A quarter of the children lucky enough to make it to this emergency feeding center are dying. They are the latest victims of Boko Haram's Islamic insurgency. No ...
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Exclusive: Nigerian army faces new dangers in Boko Haram campaign
BAMA, Nigeria (Reuters) - Nigeria's military has liberated large swathes of land from Boko Haram but a ride with an army convoy, all guns firing for fear of ambush, shows how far the northeast is from normality after a brutal Islamist insurgency that has displaced millions.
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Nigeria's fight against ill-health and malnutrition
If we can put forward a state and non-state collaboration we can stop the risk of famine in the country.
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Boko Haram linked to deadly attacks in Maiduguri, Nigeria
Ed AdamczykFeb. 17 (UPI) -- At least 11 people died after suicide bombers attacked locations in Maiduguri, Nigeria, security sources and witnesses said.
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Nigerian President's Absence Intensifies Tensions
Roiled by antigovernment protests, revived insurgencies and its worst recession in three decades, Africa’s most-populous nation is now fretting about the health of Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari.
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Trump speaks with Nigeria’s president, who hasn’t been seen in weeks
LONDON — President Donald Trump spoke by phone on Monday with the president of Nigeria, whom his own countrymen have not heard from in weeks.
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Boko Haram ambush kills seven Nigerian soldiers
Ed AdamczykFeb. 13 (UPI) -- A Boko Haram ambush in northeastern Nigeria killed seven army recruits and injured 20 more, with three soldiers missing, an army officer said.
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Muhammadu Buhari's 'inconclusive' medical vacation
Buhari's unclear health situation rings alarm bells for Nigeria's future.
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Nigeria troops save woman suicide bomber, kill another
Nigerian troops on Tuesday saved the life of a young woman strapped with explosives and killed another suicide bomber        
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Muhammadu Buhari extends medical leave in UK
Nigerian president extends his medical leave in the UK as rumours swirl over his health.
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Big hopes for the New Gambia
What is next for Africa's newest democracy?
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‘Wedding Party’ Fuels Record Nigerian Box Office Despite Ailing Economy
Security fears, a lingering recession, and continuing uncertainty surrounding a stalled reform agenda have made for tough times in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation and second-largest economy. Across the country, consumers have felt the pinch as the currency has lost more than 50% of its value in the past year. But while it might hardly... Read more »
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U.S. says concerned by deaths of Nigerian Shi'ites in clash with police
LAGOS (Reuters) - The United States on Friday said it was concerned by the deaths of Nigerians in clashes between Shi'ite Muslims and police earlier this week and what it called the apparently disproportionate response of the police in the violence.
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The app that's beating traffic
On the streets of Lagos, motorcycles, cars and daredevil cyclists weave through the lanes, jostling for space to avoid getting stuck in the chaotic traffic jams.
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A silent killer: Lead poisoning in Nigeria
Villagers grind rocks to separate the gold, causing dust with lead to settle on soil and expose people to the poison.
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The women who love and loved Boko Haram
At a safe house in Nigeria, the wives of Boko Haram fighters share stories of the men they married.
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Nigeria: Troops battle Boko Haram near Malam Fatori
Nigerian and regional forces clash with Boko Haram fighters for control of Malam Fatori town in northeast Borno state.
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Nollywood: Nigeria stands out at Toronto film festival
Spreading its audience scope, the Nigerian film industry lights the screen at the Toronto International Film Festival.
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Suspected Boko Haram militants kill six in northern Nigeria ambush: army
ABUJA (Reuters) - Suspected members of the Islamist militant group Boko Haram killed six people in an attack on a commercial convoy being escorted by the army in Nigeria's northeastern state of Borno, the military said on Monday.
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Obama, Iraqi leader to strategize on fight to reclaim Mosul
NEW YORK (AP) — President Barack Obama and Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will strategize about the upcoming offensive to take back the northern city of Mosul when they meet on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly.
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One dead as religious convoy ambushed by Nigeria's Boko Haram
Ed AdamczykMAIDUGURI, Nigeria, Sept. 12 (UPI) -- The Nigerian insurgent group Boko Haram was blamed for an attack on a convoy of religious travelers in which one person was killed.
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Nigerian refugees in Niger struggle for food and water
Despite recent gains against the Boko Haram in Nigeria, many of those who fled the group are still struggling.
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Toronto: Nigerian Rookie Explores Country’s Divisions With ‘Green White Green’
Nigerian newcomer Abba Makama makes a bold and brash debut with “Green White Green,” which will have its world premiere Wednesday in Torontos City to City program. Drawing comparisons from festival artistic director Cameron Bailey to early Spike Lee, pic is a kinetic and colorful coming-of-age story about three young Nigerians from different backgrounds who... Read more »
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Angry Nigerians slam President Buhari
It was supposed to be a rallying cry for unity in a nation deep in recession crisis.
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After Boko Haram, Nigerians return home to perilous northeast: U.N.
LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Hundreds of Nigerians who fled Boko Haram in northeast Borno State have returned to devastated towns and villages in recent days after the army seized back the militant group's last remaining strongholds, said the United Nations.
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