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Sam Iacobellis, Rockwell exec who led ambitious Cold War-era rollout of B-1 bombers, dies at 87
When President Reagan ordered 100 B-1 bombers built as fast as possible in the early 1980s to challenge the Soviet Union, he handed one of the toughest manufacturing assignments of the Cold War to a little-known engineer, Sam Iacobellis. Iacobellis, a gregarious, charming and energetic manager,...
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Virgin Galactic restarts its flight test program for space tourism
Virgin Galactic’s new spaceship had its first flight test Thursday afternoon in Mojave, the first since an October 2014 crash that killed one of two test pilots. The test for the new SpaceShipTwo, dubbed VSS Unity at its unveiling in February, was what the Long Beach aerospace startup calls a “captive...
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Lockheed transferring production site for F-16s
The F-16 production line in Fort Worth, Texas, will move to South Carolina to make room for production of the F-35, Lockheed Martin announced this week.
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