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Salvation through soccer?
The Central African state of Chad is suffering through a steep economic decline and a grueling fight against terrorism.
6 points by CNN | Ligue 1 FC Metz France RC Lens Government Ligue 2 Official Sovereign state
Denver’s affordable housing plan is a fair start with the power to do more
Denver consistently tops "best places to live” lists, but it is getting harder and harder to afford to live here. Our city is at tipping point and we face an affordable housing crisis.
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Queens family homeless shelter's opening postponed
The opening of a controversial homeless shelter slated for Maspeth, Queens, has been postponed, officials said.
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Trump’s DC hotel in ‘full compliance’, federal agency sees no conflict of interest
The federal agency that oversees the lease on President Donald Trump’s luxury hotel in Washington, DC has ruled that he is not violating a clause barring government officials from being admitted to or benefiting from the building. Read Full Article at
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Macomb bribery suspects had money woes
Unpaid taxes, bankruptcies dot fiscal history of former Macomb officials        
-1 points by The Detroit News | Federal Bureau of Investigation Macomb County Michigan Political corruption Official Macomb Township Michigan Trustee Board of directors Bribery
Battle brews on extending T’s Pacheco Law waiver
Gov. Charlie Baker said last week that the MBTA’s Fiscal Management and Control Board should stick around well past its current 2018 expiration date — but another major reform at the T isn’t getting the same latitude.The 2015 budget that created the control board — along with the option of extending it to 2020 — also included a three-year waiver exempting the MBTA from the Pacheco Law, which gave the agency more freedom to explore private contracts for what’s currently public work.
42 points by Boston Herald | United States Senate Trade union Senate President pro tempore of the United States Senate United States Democracy Official Law
Temporary layoffs coming to Jeep plant in Toledo
Fiat Chrysler needs to retool the plant to produce next-generation Wrangler and prepare to move Cherokee to Illinois        
30 points by Detroit Free Press | Jeep Chrysler United Auto Workers Four-wheel drive Unemployment North American International Auto Show Layoff Official
Former Cleveland mail carriers sentenced in marijuana delivery scheme
Two former Cleveland mail carriers who were accused of delivering marijuana to a drug dealer while on their routes were placed on electronic monitoring Tuesday. CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Two former Cleveland mail carriers accused of delivering marijuana to a drug dealer while on their routes were placed on electronic monitoring Tuesday. Devon Blake, 25, was sentenced to eight months on electronic monitoring and three years' probation after pleading guilty to accepting bribes as a public official. Rashon Blake, 25, was sentenced to six months' electronic monitoring and three months' supervision after also pleading to a bribery charge. U.S. District Judge Patricia Gaughan sentenced the two. The duo, along with Tamika Embry, Aaron Kelly and Dartagnan Mitchell, were indicted in May on drug and bribery charges. The quintet worked with Kevin Collins for several months in 2015 to establish a method of delivering the drugs, according to charging documents. The mail carriers gave Collins their work schedules and their postal routes. Collins would then have packages with marijuana shipped to addresses on their routes on the days the carriers were scheduled to work, prosecutors said. The carriers delivered the packages to Collins instead of the addresses on the packages, and he would pay them, court documents state. The defendants are considered public officials under to federal law. They either resigned or lost their jobs. Devon Blake's sentencing memo says that he agreed to work with Collins because he needed the money to pay bills. Rashon Blake's sentencing memo says that he has never taken drugs or drank alcohol and that his crimes were an aberration in a life that otherwise involved playing music, working and volunteering. All five mail carriers have pleaded guilty to charges connected to the scheme. Kelly and Mitchell will be sentenced Thursday. Embry will be sentenced in April. Collins was sentenced Feb. 2 to eight years in federal prison. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute five drug and firearms charges. If you would like to comment on this story, please visit Wednesday's crime and courts comments section.
11 points by The Plain Dealer | Official Plea Drug Electric charge Illegal drug trade Criminal law Bribery Patricia Anne Gaughan
Senior Portuguese officials stand trial in corruption case
LISBON, Portugal (AP) - A former Portuguese interior minister and other senior government officials are standing trial in a major case centered on residence permits granted to investors from outside the European Union.
-2 points by The Philadelphia Inquirer | Portugal European Union Portuguese language Spain Europe Official language Office Official
Flint mayor, Michigan governor to discuss water bill credits
LANSING, Mich. — The mayor of Flint is planning to meet with Gov. Rick Snyder Tuesday to discuss Michigan's decision to withdraw some financial assistance that was originally offered to help the beleaguered city and its residents cope with a man-made public health crisis caused by lead-contaminated tap water.The state announced three weeks ago that it will stop paying a portion of customers' bills and also halt covering Flint's costs to use water from the Great Lakes Water Authority — a move that will save the state more than $2 million per month.
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Race is on to avoid disaster, repair Lake Oroville spillway before more rain arrives
Nearly 200,000 people, who evacuated Sunday over fears that a damaged spillway at Lake Oroville could fail and unleash a wall of water, have to stay away indefinitely while officials race to repair it before more rains arrive Thursday.
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Letter: Vote Bowes in Epsom
Vote Bowes in EpsomOn March 14, Epsom voters will have the choice of two excellent candidates for selectman. Chris Bowes and Virginia Drew have both served the town as elected officials and both are committed to serving our community. I am supporting Chris Bowes in his re-election quest because havi...
-2 points by Concord Monitor | Board of selectmen Federal government of the United States New England town New England Local government in the United States Local government in New Hampshire Official
Bill tackles public documents in the internet age
They’re not the sexiest internet finds. But lawmakers, municipal advocates and right-to-know groups all say that public meeting documents have a place on the web.Though some local government documents are posted online in some places, Right To Know New Hampshire president David Saad said they’re usu...
13 points by Concord Monitor | Official Office United States House Committee on the Judiciary Judiciary Legislator
Bills would simplify N.H. right-to-know grievances
Anyone who hits a wall with their right-to-know requests has one avenue for appeal if they believe government officials aren’t properly releasing public records: an expensive and complex legal process.Three bills drafted by a right-to-know advocacy organization that are pending in the House of Repre...
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In his words: What DA Seth Williams has said about ethics lapses
Here's what Williams has had to say over time about the ethics issues.
-2 points by The Philadelphia Inquirer | 2016 Office Official Political action committee Grand jury Report Ethics Request for Comments
LETTER: Panic on the left over Donald Trump only solidifies his support
So when I see reports of protesters in the streets and angry elected officials saying and doing childish, divisive and stupid things to oppose Mr. Trump and the right, I take it all as a solid confirmation that my beliefs are on the right side.
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Texas Senate unanimously approves ethics bill
By a unanimous vote Tuesday, the Senate passed a bill that requires elected officials to disclose their government contracts, prevents lobbyists from concealing which legislators they wine and dine, and targets corruption by revoking pensions of elected officials convicted of felonies related to their office.
8 points by The Houston Chronicle | Official United States Senate Office Legislature Legislatures Lobbying
Texas Senate unanimously approves tougher ethics rules
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - The Texas Senate has unanimously approved a bill aimed at curbing conflicts of interest with elected officials and adding new punishments for those convicted of crimes. Tuesday's vote makes the ethics overhaul the first piece of legislation to clear either chamber this session. The bill requires ...
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At least 19 killed in suicide bombing near Afghan Supreme Court building
A suicide bomber on Tuesday targeted the Supreme Court building in the Afghan capital, Kabul, killing at least 19 people, officials said.Ismail Kawasi, the public health ministry spokesman, said 41 people were also wounded in the explosion, which hit near a side door used for court employees to...
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Editor’s Note: When in doubt, don’t tweet
From the White House to small town halls, public officials are getting into trouble they could have easily avoided        
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Baby dies after falling ill in family’s apartment
A 5-month-old girl died Friday at her family’s Astoria apartment, authorities said. Malak Aitouhanni’s parents told police they frantically tried to revive the infant when she apparently fell ill around 3 a.m. The family said they called 911 but decided not to wait for an ambulance — instead jumping into a cab and rushing their...
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Openly gay mayor of Holyoke receives letter saying, ‘You are going down.’
Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse is no stranger to letters criticizing his way of doing things. Add to that tweets, Facebook messages, and phone calls to his office giving feedback — both positive and negative — on his job as an elected official. But a note that arrived at his home address this week was different: […]
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Patterson draws fire over controversial speaker
Bank withdraws support from Oakland business round table over controversial conservative speaker        
-2 points by Detroit Free Press | L. Brooks Patterson Local government Barack Obama Federal government of the United States Oakland County Michigan Federal government Official County
Patterson draws fire for speaker's anti-refugee views
Bank withdraws support from Oakland business round table over controversial conservative speaker        
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For some, Chesco farm a development battlefield
A 322-acre tract of rolling hills, which an official called the "iconic centerpiece" of his Chester County town, has been in developers' sights for decades, and it could soon sprout nearly 400 housing units under plans that Toll Bros. has proposed.
-2 points by The Philadelphia Inquirer | Chester County Pennsylvania Semi-detached Townships in Pennsylvania Town Official Single-family detached home Office
73 killed in tanker explosion in Mozambique
Mozambican media say 73 people were killed and more than 100 others were wounded in a fuel tanker explosion in the north of the country.
1 points by The Denver Post | Mozambique Semi-trailer truck Tete Province Provinces of Mozambique South Africa 2005 albums Trucks Official
73 killed in fuel tanker explosion in Mozambique, according to reports
Mozambican media say 73 people were killed and more than 100 others were wounded in a fuel tanker explosion in the north of the country. Radio Mozambique reported Thursday that medical teams were at the scene of the explosion in the town of Caphiridzange in Tete province. Dozens of charred bodies...
17 points by Los Angeles Times | Mozambique Semi-trailer truck Provinces of Mozambique Tete Province 2005 albums Trucks Official Malawi
On MSNBC, Rawlings-Blake says no 'quick' or 'easy' way to fix race relations in America
On MSNBC this afternoon, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake addressed the violent protests in Charlotte sparked by the killing of 43-year-old Keith Scott by police.  Rawlings-Blake compared the events in Charlotte to the protests and violence that followed the death of Freddie Gray in police...
-1 points by Baltimore Sun | Police Native Americans in the United States African American Constable Race Police officer Police brutality Official
Gov. Wolf calls for convicted state Rep. Acosta to resign; she vows to stay
State Rep. Leslie Acosta vowed Tuesday to remain in office and to continue her reelection campaign even as leaders of her party - including Gov. Wolf - called for her to resign over the revelation last week that she secretly had pleaded guilty to federal felony charges earlier this year.
-1 points by The Philadelphia Inquirer | Plea Felony Arraignment Alford plea Philadelphia Official Pleas Bob Brady
Live from Springfield, it’s Gov. Rauner’s Facebook Live
Gov. Bruce Rauner on Tuesday held the first of what he called regular Facebook Live chats — answering eight previewed questions.
37 points by Chicago Sun-Times | Michael Madigan Facebook Office Illinois House of Representatives Illinois Official